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In Mozart's Shadow His Sister's Story [BOOKS] ✭ In Mozart's Shadow His Sister's Story ✯ Carolyn Meyer – Nannerl Mozart was a musical prodigy who seemed to have a brilliant future But once her younger brother Wolfgang began composing symphonies at the age of five her career and talents were utterly ecli Nannerl Mozart was a musical prodigy who Shadow His Kindle Ð seemed to have a brilliant future But once her younger brother Wolfgang began composing symphonies at the age of five her career and talents were utterly eclipsed Here at last is Nannerl's In Mozart's PDF \ heart wrenching tale It's the story of her undying passion for music; her relationship with her miracle boy brother; and her life as the other Mozart the one forgotten by history The acclaimed Carolyn Meyer has written a Mozart's Shadow His PDF/EPUB ¿ powerful historical novel about a little known but gifted musician who never stopped dreaming  Includes an author's note.

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  1. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Harmony for TeensReadToocomWe all know about Wolfgang Mozart the wonderfully talented musician but what many of us don't know is that his older sister Nannerl was also incredibly talented She was in the beginning thought of as her brother's euivalent They played together in concerts sometimes in front of royalty making money for their family But soon she was overshadowed by her brother but that didn't stop her from playing She wanted than anything to go to a prestigious music school but her father would not allow it and forced her to stay in boring Salzburg with her mother IN MOZART'S SHADOW follows Nannerl from the time she and her brother begin playing throughout her entire life To be honest the book dragged a bit at the beginning but after the first fifty pages or so I felt myself being dragged into the world of Nannerl and her family Her story is both heartbreaking and easy to relate to Though she lived in a completely different time and led a much different life I could feel myself understanding her actions and cheering her on The writing was great and the voice was true to the characters who were all very realistic I'd recommend this to anyone who likes reading historical fiction or who admires the Mozart family

  2. Annette Annette says:

    Maria Anna Mozart 1751 1829 nicknamed Nannerl was the older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart She wasn’t a prodigy child as her brother but she was a very talented musician She was noted as an excellent harpsichord player and fortepianistHer story carries a triple sadness She didn’t get the same chance as her brother did only because she was a girl Later she was denied to marry a man she loved And the heart breaking drift between two siblings who once were inseparableThis story starts with her at the age of 4 when she already displays musical talent She is trained by her father Leopold Mozart a violinist and composer Four years later at the same age of 4 her brother displays also a musical talent Not only that he is also recognized as a prodigy childWhen Nannerl is 10 and Wolfgang 6 they travel to the royal courts of Europe First they leave Salzburg Austria for Bavaria Germany and Vienna Later they go on a grand tour throughout the Europe for 35 years waiting for invitations to the royal courts and to be recognizedWolfgang is sent to Venice to continue his musical education and Nannerl is left behind for the first time It’s a double disappointment for her as she also dreamed of improving her musical skills in VeniceNannerl has her first suitor She likes him but she doesn’t love him Her first love is music If she says yes that will be the end of her career for which she still hopesHer father is not happy with Nannerl for not having a husband He tells her to be realistic She takes pupils to bring in some incomeWhen her friend’s father passes away that gives Nannerl something to think about Who will support her when her father is gone?I struggled with rating this book I was between 3 or 4 stars This story is mostly concentrated on their tours which at some point is monotonous as it seems as reading the same thing over and over again At the same time books written about Mozart usually start with him already in Vienna only briefly mentioning his childhood So it is interesting to get in depth a biographical story of them both Therefore at the end I rated the book at 4 starsAlso keep in mind that this book is for YA The prose is fairly simple

  3. Emily Farrar Emily Farrar says:

    I enjoyed reading it I think Nannerl was a really cool selfless girl and I feel sorry for her Everything she ever wanted for instance Armand she didn't get At least her father never told her she couldn't play he praised her often even if he never spent time on her career

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Young Nannerl Mozart like her younger brother Wolfgang Mozart has been a talented musician since the time she was a small child And it is from a young age that she is forced by an unloving and overbearing father to continuously give up her hopes and dreams for the sake of her brother As a little girl she was allowed to perform by her father who wanted to show off his children as child prodigies but even then she knew he preferred her brotherWhen she is too old to be a child prodigy any longer Nannerl must suffer and sacrifice even due to the demands of her father who is determined to put all his efforts into promoting his son’s career Because she is a girl and because of her father she is prevented from studying pursuing a position at court or marrying the man of her choosing Though she loves her brother she becomes increasingly distant from him due to his career and her own unhappiness at the loss of all her dreamsIn Mozart’s Shadow is another excellent historical novel from the talented Carolyn Meyer Once again she takes a young woman from the pages of history and brings her to life with all her feelings hopes and dreams Nannerl Mozart was a talented young woman forced to sacrifice so much for her family and hopefully this and other books about her will give her some of the fame she rightfully deserved in her own lifetime but was prevented from achieving because of her gender and the demands of her family

  5. Erin Erin says:

    I cannot believe I read the whole thing It felt like a recitation than a novel I'd had high hopes for it and I was interested in the subject matter the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's older sister Nannerl butit was pretty boring Flat The most interesting part was when she was about 28 or 29 and fell in love with an older man whom her father refused to let her marry Yes her father was a wretchedly domineering man and totally wrong about well most everything In fact her father was an excellent example of how NOT to parent although he at least did love her her brother The most interesting thing about the book was actually not IN the book but in my head as I pondered the effect for good or for ill bad parenting had on Mozart's legacy of musicI spent most of this book praying that Nannerl would rebel against her father Didn't happen of course She pleaded with him a few times about being allowed to train in Italy as a musician she was an outstanding pianist about being allowed to travel with him Wolferl and about being allowed to marry Armand d'Ippold etc but she never defied him Mozart did rebel and was eventually allowed to marry the woman he chose But no one else ever defied Leopold Mozart or bothered telling him the truth Not that he would listen anyway I wonder if he was truly this autocratic in real life or if it's just Carolyn Meyer's vision of him?This book is categorized as YA fiction but I'm not certain many teenagers would like it It wouldn't be among my top recommendations at any rate Not enough dialogue character development or even plot I'm sure the chronology was pretty accurate but the 30 or so years of Nannerl's life that it covers are almost entirely depressing

  6. Anna Anna says:

    All I want to say Mrs Meyers did a fantastic job of writing Mozart's sister's story but the unlucky one is Mozart himself in this story he's a rude and proud and even vain man while she is a kind and ever trying to please her father After she finds out she isn't needed she doesn't sulk about her lost talent in utter misery Throughout the story she is TRYING to please her unwilling father it's hard to please your father who only loves your brother who is selfish and rude And when her mother is taken away from her and her chance to be married is also gone what can the poor girl do now? marry herself to the most disagreeable man and his children In hopes she will find true happiness she findsunhappiness It's easy for him say I can please father and you can't she is twenty and still single do you know how hard it is to find a agreeable husband and marry him All the time she in search of a husband Mozart is having the easy life he has already chosen a wife for himself and won't do what their father says until he agrees to the marriage How selfish can you get? Nannrel is stuck with a horrible husband and even worse step children her only love is her music and her son who she barely gets to see as often as she wants then when she thought all hope is lost Their father dies too Now she is stuck with a family she can't stand only one of her daughters loves her and her son doesn't even see her very often to remember Now that's a miserable life for you then suddenly Mozart dies leaving her alone yes this does have a happy ending like fairy tales but not like you think it will end

  7. BAYA Librarian BAYA Librarian says:

    Young musicians and historical fiction lovers will enjoy this accurate and therefore freuently depressing tale of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's older sister Nannerl A talented and hardworking musician Nannerl was like her brother exploited by their father Leopold as he paraded his genius children through the courts of Europe winning acclaim applause and occasionally money But Wolfgang's charm and extraordinary composing talent become Leopold's focus and the fact that Nannerl was female in the 1700s made Leopold's emphasis on his son a societal given The book is too long and detailed but the Mozart children's love of music and their joy in sharing it with each other come through loud and clear as does Nannerl's love for her little brother despite her understandable jealousy The cover means well a color photo showing a glum bewigged young woman in period costume standing in theyes shadow But it's painfully obvious Tell your young musicians to ignore it and dive in

  8. E.S. E.S. says:

    This was a sad story It was slow to start and I wasn't sure how I felt about Meyer's writing style but it grew on me Leopold Mozart was a very frustrating father using his children as a means to make money and denying Anna Marie's chances at both a happy marriage and a career as a keyboardist I was rooting for her and Armand I know little about Anna Marie's history so if I had this book would not have been surprising but NOPE her father just HAD to refuse Anna Marie's only marriage seemedcontent though not at first but it was clearly not a marriage made for love It was sad to see Anna Marie and Wolfgang slowly lose contact and even sad to watch as her brother became a famous and successful composer and musician and traveled freuently while she stayed back and took care of her father After reading this I think I am inclined to check out Meyer's other historical fiction novels

  9. Amy Rosa Amy Rosa says:

    This book was wonderfully written Even though it is fiction it could easily pass as a memoir of Nannerl Mozart's life The reader feels every emotion that she is going through frustration hurt sadness love loss etc I randomly came across this book and thought wow Mozart had a sister? Who was she? So I decided I needed to find out and I'm extremely glad I chose this book

  10. Paige Paige says:

    I am so glad that my genius brothers are not like Mozartdoesn't sound like it is worth it

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