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Tokyo's Mystery Deepens Epub Tokyo S Mystery Deepens By Michael Pronko Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Is Tokyo Unknowable Mysterious Confusing Not In These Essays The Biggest City In The World Just Became Clearer Writing About Tokyo For Over 15 Years, Essayist And Professor Michael Pronko Unlocks The Doors To Tokyo Life These 48 Essays Reveal What S Hidden Behind The Gleaming Exteriors And Unconcerned Faces In The Largest, Most Crowded City In The World.How To Sweat Politely, Survive Noise Trucks And Glance Sideways Are Some Of The Many Skills Needed To Live In Tokyo, But These Tricks Of Daily Life Also Contain Deep Meanings Pronko S Essays Muse Over The Minutest Of Details, Everything From Window Flowers To Moments Of Eye Contact To The Gestures Needed To Navigate Crowded Spaces If You Re Traveling To Tokyo, Living There Or Just Thinking Of Going, These Essays Point You Toward The Rich Byways And Fascinating Undercurrents Of Tokyo Life.Essay Topics Include Compact LifeTokyo ExhaustionThe Lunch RitualMothers And DaughtersTokyo DoubledAs In His First Collection Of Essays, Beauty And Chaos, Pronko Examines Tokyo As A City, A Culture And An Overpowering Experience Tokyo S Mystery Deepens Explores The Enigmatic Sides Of Tokyo With Humor, Delicacy And A Large Dose Of Healthy Confusion.Pronko Writes About Japanese Culture, Art, Jazz, Society, Architecture And Politics For Newsweek Japan, The Japan Times, Artscape Japan, As Well As Other Venues He Has Appeared On NHK And Nippon Television And Runs His Own Website, Jazz In Japan Www.jazzinjapan.com He Teaches American Literature And Culture At Meiji Gakuin University In Tokyo And After Class Wanders Tokyo Contemplating Its Intensity.Praise For His First Collection Of Essays, Beauty And Chaos Japanese Who Are Used To Tokyo Are Caught Off Guard By His Conclusions Derived From Careful Observation, And Are Struck Dumb Tokyo, The City We Are So Careless Of, Suddenly Starts To Become Glorious It Is A Wonder Chunichi Shimbun Newspaper Giving Up The Bias And Seeing The City With Completely Different Standards, You Will See The Unexpected, Attractive Face Of Tokyo This Book Is A Guide For Rediscovering Tokyo That Lets Us See The City With Unique New Features Nikkan Gendai Newspaper Japanese Version Available From KADOKAWA Publishers As

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    What an incredibly talented essayist to make these pieces so consistently engaging Saving the third collection for later, and will doubtless read the books again after that.

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    This is my second armchair venture into the land of the rising sun and this time around maybe due to knowing what to expect somewhat enjoyable Mind you, Tokyo still doesn t seem appealing in the slightest to me nor would it constitute a fun place to visit all the reason to read about it, of course , but this time around Pronko s essays come across a tad personable I...

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    Book ReviewTitle Tokyo s Mystery DeepensAuthor Michael PronkoGenre Non fictional Slice of Life EssayRating Review I wanted to say before I begin this review is going to be slightly longer than some of the other ones I do because this book is a collection of essays on life in Tokyo and therefore cannot be reviewed using the same process I use for the average novel.I loved this book before I even opened it because it is written about life in Japan, Tokyo in particular and it s a place I have always wanted to visit live experience I loved the introduction as Michael Pronko living in Japan still feels like a tourist at times because of the mysterious and slightly confusing nature of life in Japan And these sorts of introductions are the best because it gives you a rounded sense of the author before the essays start which is needed otherwise they can feel very clinical and detached.The books itself is split into 4 parts, the first being the Essentials of Tokyo ism This part focuses around little things that Tokyoites do like apologizing a lot I loved that chapter because it shows that foreigners can adjust to a different way of life Apologizing in the UK is mainly used for higher transgressions, for example standing on someone s foot on the train, in the UK whether we did the stepping or got stepped on we would ignore it but the Japanese are very quick to apologize in this situation t...

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    This is a sequel to Beauty and Chaos, which I reviewed last month, a collection of essays on what it s like for an American to live in Tokyo It s gonna be hard coming up with something I didn t say about the first volume, as this is sheer goodiness in the same vein Michael Pronko is one of those people who notices all the little things that most don t, like the intriguing relationship between mothers and daughters in public Considering what s in energy drinks here in the States, I sure as hell wouldn t try an energy bottle People don t lose their speaking inhibitions at the bars, but rather at the gym The author laments that train stations are now like shopping centers There s even a chapter on sweating basically, don t do it, or at least never let them see you doing it To point out how observant the author is, how many Tokyo natives would notice all the flowers Other than when the cherrie...

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    If Michael Pronko s prior Beauty and Chaos captured the exquisite essence of the urban heartbeat that is Tokyo, then this follow up essay collection, Tokyo s Mystery Deepens, is its soul, offering up pieces of Tokyo s psyche through the observations of a visitor who became immersed in its culture.Perhaps the bigger question here is how has Tokyo adapted to Pronko The answer lies within pages that reveal not only Tokyo s heart and soul, but the process whereby visitors become not just observers, but participants in the city s pulse.As chapters flow through Tokyo cultural experiences, readers receive a rare glimpse of the structure and nature of Tokyo s underlying psyche, whether it be adaptations to rainy seasons, the new culture of youth dragging shopping in wheeled bags and disrupting unspoken...

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    This is a Goodreads First Read Got off to a marvellous start a beautifully wrapped package arrived containing this book and I wanted to start reading it straightaway Having been to Japan many years ago, I was curious to know about the traditions, etc I got off to a bad start when I arrived there suffering from a very bad bout of bronchitis and knowing how the Japanese are paranoid ...

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    Received as a Goodreads giveaway.Collection of essays from Tokyo Provides a lovely insight into life in Tokyo, Most enjoyable.

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