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    There s an assumption when reading a Facts on File book that one will get a whirlwind tour of the nation in focus, with an emphasis on the last two centuries, and maybe a millenium or two of placing the region in larger contexts In the case of Saudi Arabia, one would expect a story beginning largely in the 18th century with the rise of Abd al Wahhab, and the relation of extreme conservative brands of Islam with the Saudi state.Wynbrandt provides a good dealthan that This brief b...

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    One of the best history books of Saudi Arabia It s condensed, informative, and chronological.

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A Brief History of Saudi Arabia EPUB A Brief History Of Saudi Arabia Author James Wynbrandt Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk An Important Ally In The Middle East, Saudi Arabia Is A Mysterious Land To Most Americans, Who May Know It Only As The Place Where Islam Originated And Islamic Fundamentalism Is A Powerful Force In Recent Years, The Relationship Between The Governments Of The United States And Saudi Arabia Has Come Under Increasing Pressure, And Among The General Public In The United States There Is A Need And Desire For A Greater Understanding Of This Country A Language Barrier And The Closed Nature Of The Saudi Arabian Society Have Done Little To Invite Or Ease Open Inquiry To All But Trained Academics And Linguists A Brief History Of Saudi Arabia Redresses The Lack Of Suitable References To This Unique And Important Country And Offers A Balanced, Informed Perspective On Its Long History.