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  1. Stephen Stephen says:

    enjoyed this fast paced adventure thriller the latest in the Templar series with doc holliday as the action goes from UK to france states and indiaPakistan where different players are after the death sea scroll an easy read too and uick to read

  2. Matt Matt says:

    Christopher returns with a ninth novel in his Templar series that remains on perma tepid if not drifting towards cool Lieutenant Colonel John “Doc” Holliday vows to find a long lost Dead Sea Scroll that could have great implications for Christianity as a whole During his search Holliday also discovers a link between the Catholic Church and a number of art forgeries directly tied to the Nazis putting these two unlikely groups in bed together With this highly controversial information Holliday embarks on his journey teaming up with Interpol agent Peter Lazarus to solve both mysteries and live to tell about his harrowing tale With curious intensity Christopher tells a story that has long divorced itself from the Templar theme but still rocks Christianity's foundationAs I have written of past Templar series novels penned by Paul Christopher the wind has surely left the author's sails and he is seeking only to propel himself forward with mediocre publications The story while sound lacks depth or content to push it towards being a great novel Christopher has left Templar ueries behind in the dust and while he continues to push new and exciting mysteries his dedication to the plot and thorough development of characters leaves the larger product lacking the needed content to make it worth the reader's time Should a reader wish to embark on this Templar journey I can only recommend binge reading the entire series so as to remember content from one novel to the next as they become less memorable as the novels pile upAs you did with your last series Mr Christopher you left these books to wander out to pasture For that I can only ask why you do not stop writing them and begin something new where you might find new inspiration and not tasteless drivelLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at

  3. John John says:

    He sucked me in again I see a new book by Paul Christopher and think it has to be better than the last one right? This one features a cast of 100's most of whom are either irrelevant or will soon be dead and an increasingly unrealistic travel schedule that our superhero main character is somehow able to live through WITH ONLY ONE EYE The worst part is that I got to the end and was already looking up when the next one is due out Damn you Paul Christopher

  4. Bernadette Fox Bernadette Fox says:

    I have enjoyed a lot of booksmovies recently involving art stolen during WWII This book intrigued me although I did find the addition of so many new characters to be confusing at times Overall I enjoyed following the story line of the main character

  5. Martin Woods Martin Woods says:

    Poor Note to me nothing else from this author

  6. Speesh Speesh says:

    It does all get a bit frantic really as secret and not so secret group after secret and not so secret group chase our hero and his new Interpol friend all over Europe and eventually to Afghanistan Which as you know for writers of world spanning thrillers is like Lee Child's No Name Middle of Nowhere US towns anything goes Normal rules need not apply This the last in the series does seem to be going all out on the flashy trashy 'Thriller' staples Shadowy groups assassins people knowing where you are without ever having appeared in the book before etc Nothing says unfeeling uncaring because I'm richer than you miserable bastards could ever hope to be and therefore don't deign to conform to your society's norms as a member of a secret sect global power behind everything and all and have tastes in this and that that make you plebs say EWW because you don't have taste but you presume it must be because you don't have the kind of money I do that you can't appreciate such shite than someone 'popping' something in their mouth Usually a  'morsel' of something that is supposed to have taken and age to prepare by specially flown in world's leading chefs but you know will taste like shite 'Popping' watch out for it It's one of the biggest cliches in the Thriller Book 'Popping' usually occurs while the person doing the 'popping' is having a meeting with someone who is telling them in gruesome detail about something horrible they have done or will do to someone who is a minor but important to the moving on of the plot The sort of thing you and I wouldn't want to hear while wolfing a pizza maybeThe only book blog on the web Speesh Reads

  7. Sandhya S Sandhya S says:

    My biggest gripe was that the author thinks the Indian and Pakistani borders are very fluid like that in Europe perhaps? You can’t take a train from Ahmedabad in India to uetta in Pakistan without crossing one of the if not the most fenced border in the world the only train service between India and Pakistan is between New Delhi and Lahore by the way Also southern Mumbai does not have any hinterland the only place you go is the Arabian Sea You don’t and can’t have Pakistani policemen on a train to Mumbai and certainly no Pakistani men in a plane in an area which is a rural hinterland of Mumbai Very disappointed with this book though I loved the previous books in this series

  8. Dave Dave says:

    I fine finale to the series or is it? This was an improvement on the previous 2 books but I felt a few of the plot twists were just a bit too convenient to be believable I can’t see much mileage in these characters but the door looks like it has been left open for Personally if any were written I would probably read them just for the sake of completeness but I’d happy if this was the end of the series as I feel it’s run it’s course

  9. Gary Spiros Gary Spiros says:

    uick moving action and suspense that takes you around the world uick moving action and suspense that takes you around the world Enjoyed the close calls and detailed artifacts of Paul’s writing style The story kept a nice pace keeping the pages turning Yes I recommend the Secret of the Templar to anyone who enjoyed Dan Brown’s Devinci Code

  10. Dick Rowland Dick Rowland says:

    This culminates the storyAfter nine books the story is clear I have enjoyed all of these books and the characters that are used in them Some characters have not made it and that has interrupted the story line You always want the good guys to triumph I hope the author will develop new sagas to enjoy

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Secret of the Templars Templar #9 ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Secret of the Templars Templar #9 By Paul Christopher ✑ – After his niece and her fiance are brutally murdered Holliday vows to avenge their deaths and finish their work by finding a long lost Dead Sea Scroll But in doing so he stumbles upon a conspiracy lin After his niece and the Templars MOBI í her fiance are brutally murdered Holliday vows to avenge their deaths and finish their work by finding a long lost Dead Sea Scroll But in doing so he stumbles upon a conspiracy linking the Catholic Church to an illicit art forgery operation involving the NazisHunted by those determined to hide Secret of ePUB ´ the truth Holliday and Interpol agent Peter Lazarus embark on a desperate race from the vaults of the Vatican to the deserts of Pakistan to unravel a mystery born in the final days of the Third Reich and to recover the scroll contents of which could destroy the very foundations of the Christian faith.