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  1. Rose Rose says:

    I read this entire biography in one night one sitting that probably tells you how much I was captivated by the read since it clocked in at about 475 pages on the galley read To make a confession I knew Joe Dallesandro by name by indirect reference because of his inspiration for Megan Hart's Collide and also in terms of his latter film work I'm 30 years old at the time I'm writing this review so I'm uite a few generations younger than when many of Dallesandro's early films were released but I had very little idea about the extent of his history This was an eye opening read for me Eye opening in ways than one See what I did there?There's a combination of his respective history in film in TV as a model and his overarching biography along with a beautiful array of photographs on the sets of his various projects and from Dallesandro's own contributions I think Michael Ferguson did an outstanding job compiling Dallesandro's history experiences and influence as well as a nice filmography at the end of the work tracing Dallesandro's acting history to the present day You can tell this biography was well researched intimate to details and a narrative worth returning to for reference It even features a foreword from Dallesandro himselfA recommended readOverall score 45 starsNote I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher Open Road Media

  2. Kevin Kevin says:

    This is an updated version of Ferguson's 1998 book Little Joe Superstar The Films of Joe Dallesandro If you only know Dallesandro from the Andy WarholPaul Morrissey films FLESH TRASH HEAT FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN BLOOD FOR DRACULA then you're im for a treat as Ferguson expertly discusses his entire film output than 40 films including Blake Edwards's SUNSET Coppola's THE COTTON CLUB Steven Soderbergh's THE LIMEY Louis Malle's BLACK MOON John Waters's CRY BABY and his numerous TV performances including MIAMI VICE WISEGUY and MATLOCK Ferguson has done his research and even the most throw away film is given its due Prepare to start stocking up on a lots of films from Netflix while you read this Films of book He's very persuasiveBut the best part of this book is Joe Dallesandro's participationFerguson has not only extensively interviewed the actor but has even sat down and watched some of the fims with him Joe's memories of each film gives the book a broader feel almost like a biography rather than just a survey of his films It feels as if Joe is periodically leaning over your shoulder to give you his behind the scenes memories of making each filmwhether the memories are pleasant or not If you're a Joe Dallesandro fan you will not want to miss this photo filled salute to him and his work

  3. Angela Mallak Angela Mallak says:

    An eye opening captivating read that kept me up all night reading

  4. Wenzel Roessler Wenzel Roessler says:

    Well researched and engaging  The author does an amazing job of writing and having the reader engaged in the material  The author adding his personal life and insights only adds to the tale 

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Joe Dallesandro ❮Reading❯ ➽ Joe Dallesandro Author Michael Ferguson – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The story of Warhol’s greatest superstar The renowned photographer Francesco Scavullo has called Joe Dallesandro “one of the ten most photogenic men in the world” Springing to fame at the beginn The story of Warhol’s greatest superstar The renowned photographer Francesco Scavullo has called Joe Dallesandro “one of the ten most photogenic men in the world” Springing to fame at the beginning of the sexual revolution in films such as Flesh Trash and Heat Dallesandro with the help of his mentor Paul Morrissey and pop artist Andy Warhol became a male sex symbol in the film world unlike any before him His casual nakedness and characteristic cool in the Warhol Factory’s irreverent now classic films earned attention that crossed gender lines and liberated the male nude as an object of beauty in the cinema In this biofilmography an update and revision of Little Joe Superstar Michael Ferguson explores not only Dallesandro’s Warhol years but his troubled childhood on the streets of New York in juvenile detention as physiue model and on the run Ferguson examines all of Dallesandro’s films the eight made with Warhol and Morrissey including the X rated Frankenstein and Dracula the post Factory career in both art world and low budget films abroad and his works as character actor upon his return to America Including new interviews with Dallesandro photographs from the actor’s personal collection and an extensive biographical section Joe Dallesandro is the ultimate guide to an underground film icon who according to Andy Warhol “everyone was in love with”  .