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Star Wars ➟ Star Wars free download ➤ Author Tom Veitch – Danger stalks the Rebels in the form of the massive World Devastators dark side machines that destroy everything in their path Their current target is the planet Calamari which will be destroyed unles Danger stalks the Rebels in the form of the massive World Devastators dark side machines that destroy everything in their path Their current target is the planet Calamari which will be destroyed unless Lando Calrissian and the Rebel forces can reach it in time Meanwhile Luke meets the face behind the Force storm a familiar face while Leia feels Luke being torn away.

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  1. Nicolo Nicolo says:

    The artist Cam Kennedy adopts a realistic line for the licensed likenesses of the main Star Wars original trilogy but the coloring technology at the time gives it an stylized hue Still that wasn't enough of a detriment to experience the gut punch panel of Luke Skywalker giving in to the darker impulses hinted in the first issue as he kneels in submission to the clone emperor Truly a WTF moment

  2. Malcolm Cox Malcolm Cox says:

    The story that the awful Disney trilogy should have done oh wait they did but mangled it horribly Luke's development as a Jedi is greatly explored here where he makes some significant realisations about the Force It was also great seeing Leia's developing Jedi powers as well Han also makes some critical developments regarding his ever increasing involvement with the ForceThe story is well paced with a good feeling of impending doom making for some good tension particularly when events delay the characters from thwarting that doomUnfortunately this great story uses some dated story telling techniues common to comics of the era which can be forgiven However I cannot forgive the abysmal artwork which is pretty eye searingly horrendous all the way through from the badly rendered characters to the vomit inducing colour pallet If ever there was a Star Wars story that needed a modernising face lift Dark Empire is the one to have it it's got a great story hidden behind a garbage visage

  3. RoseTea RoseTea says:

    The dead speak This can almost be considered an alternate version of The Rise of Skywalker

  4. Robert Robert says:

    Never a Star Wars geek my son is so into it that I am finally getting onboardHe's been reading many of the current comic books While at the LCBS a little bit ago I asked if there were any older series that we may like Our girl found this series and said it might be up our alleyComics in the early 1990s were different than they are today I am not a huge fan of the narrator's tone Some of the art doesn't appeal to me yet others of it is very good Inconsistent I suppose is how I will describe itNot being totally up on my Star Wars history I employed my nine year old to help Emperor Palpatine was only referred to as Emperor in the comic In the four page backstory at the end I learned about how he cloned himself over and over and that has taken its toll on his fleshAnyhow Palpatine is the energy source Luke felt Palpatine is set on destroying Luke who still feels like he is present because of his free will Meanwhile Leia and Han are seeking alone time to get busy By the end Han has Chewie fire up the Falcon so they can save the day

  5. Chris Orme Chris Orme says:

    49100 2018 Reading ChallengeAn interesting read all be it kind of pointless with the coming of the new trilogy of movies This is an alternate reality extended universe now Still had some cool parts though Getting to see Leia kick some ass as a Jedi was fun

  6. Will Will says:

    Ten out of 10I loved this I have always loved these comics they're amazing and why does it have a minimum 20 words

  7. Mark Baller Mark Baller says:

    another one just like the other one but fun

  8. Rob Rob says:

    This is a Good read and it helps to fill in some important gaps I must say that the comics from dark horse were very excellent much better than the audio presentation

  9. Alex Alex says:

    Fast paste

  10. Kathie Kathie says:

    Again I listened to the audio performance which was well done considering it had the graphic novel for a script

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