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The Tale The Tale Brings Together In One Collection Four Stories By The Celebrated Author Of Heart Of Darkness Set Onboard A Ship During An Unnamed War, The Title Story Is A Harrowing Account Of Guilt And Responsibility, Showing Conrad At His Most Accomplished As A Master Of Psychological Penetration Accompanying This Is Another Study Of The Brutal Turns Of Fortune Visited On The Unwary By War The Warrior S Soul Takes Place During Napoleon S Invasion Of Russia, And Traces The Interweaving Relationship Between A Beautiful Woman And The Two Men Who Love Her Prince Roman , Meanwhile, Is One Of Conrad S Earliest Stories, And The Only Piece In His Entire Oeuvre That Touches On His Homeland, Poland The Collection Concludes With The Black Mate , A Witty And Light Hearted Illustration Of Life Aboard Ship Spanning Joseph Conrad S Entire Literary Career, These Four Stories Touch On Some Of His Major Interests War, Imperialism, Life At Sea Showing Him At His Most Intimate And Ambitious.

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    3.5 starsI came across this four story paperback only one left at a booth in our Book Expo 2017 held last October from 18th 29th in Bangkok Since the title The Tale has simply been taken from its third story, the book itself did not interest me at first sight Having a look in the contents, I was relieved I hadn t read the stories before this is their first publication data p iv The Warrior s Soul first published in Land Water, 1917 Prince Roman first published in Oxford and Cambridge Review, 1911 The Tale first published in Strand Magazine, 1917 The Black Mate first published in London Magazine, 1908Surprisingly, there is no synopsis of each story in the wikipedia so the following paraphrase front the front flap and my reading Prince Roman would be the guide 1 The Warrior s Soul explores the triangle relationship between a beautiful woman and two men during Napoleon s invasion of Russia, 2 Prince Roman reveals a story of a noble Polish prince who for some reason decides to fight for his homeland as a common officer, 3 The Tale reveals a distressing account of guilt and responsibility on a ship in an unnamed war, and 4 The Black Mate is a seemingly humorous and enjoyable r...

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    Following the threads in life, I discovered this short story through the lyrics of Ben Howard s song Conrad Climb outOut to where you seeThe curl of the worldWe re aloneJust like you saidCold, cold worldLife lastsOnly one thing left to rollLast year to learnYou were the boat that breachedIn a tale of Conrad sWe will never be the change to the weather and the seaAnd you knew thatYou were the boat ...

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    Sounds like Conrad, anyway, but his home is the novel.

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    Conradisso a dark shadow falls upon my keyboard elusive a dense fog is forming outside my window such a mysterySometimes, I just want to know what the hell is going on

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    She knew his passion for truth, his horror of deceit, his humanity I saw a push and pull in placing judgment over a person based on 1 the facts provided 2 how we see them and 3 how they make us see them This short story tackled the three I believe and what s horrifying with this tale based on the decisions and consequences bound to them is not knowing what the truth of the matter is Were the actions d...

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    recommended reading.

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