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Finding Kate ❴Reading❵ ➸ Finding Kate Author Julie Pollitt – A Sweet Christian Romance Kate Polson loves fashion Chicago city life and her ex boyfriend Trevor—so she thinks Since Trevor left the big city and returned to his hometown of Wintervale Colorado Kat A Sweet Christian Romance Kate Polson loves fashion Chicago city life and her ex boyfriend Trevor—so she thinks Since Trevor left the big city and returned to his hometown of Wintervale Colorado Kate can’t get him out of her mind So when he asked her to come to Wintervale and help revive an old newspaper she couldn’t refuse It would give her a chance to win him over and convince him to return to Chicago with her The mountainous dry wilderness surrounding small town Wintervale boasts the opposite of everything Kate loves If her plan succeeds Trevor will be on the plane to Chicago with Kate in the fall When she arrives in Wintervale and meets another man her world is turned upside down Will Stonen loves his serene life as a park ranger at Mesa Verde National Park until feisty Kate rumbles into town and rattles his uiet existence But as Will watches his dearest friend die of cancer he struggles to find God’s peace in the midst of his tumultuous life Just when Kate believes she is getting through to Will and a spark of love ignites she realizes Will can’t offer the love she so desperately wants Will Kate learn to trust God’s timing Can Will learn the power of trust before it’s too late for Kate’s love.

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  1. Timeless Christian Romance Reviews Timeless Christian Romance Reviews says:

    JD's Review 4 starsI am providing FINDING KATE with a four star rating for the author’s well written style Julie Pollitt is obviously talented and overall I enjoyed reading this work The characterization of Emma and Will were complete and identifiable Unfortunately Kate and Trevor fell short for me as far as not being thoroughly developed—I spent too much time trying to figure out what was missing in them as individuals And I do wish Kate did not waffle so easily or appear as needy as she did but I understand the subjectivity of that opinion The setting was vivid and successful at drawing me in to each scene the point of view stayed on track throughout the book I liked the use of Emma as the buffer between Kate and Will which was a believable aspect of the plotAs for the story itself I’m afraid to say that FINDING KATE failed to intrigue this reader I felt the plot was lackluster generic predictable and safely written That said I would like to give Julie Pollitt another read to see if I can be taken in by a great storyJan's Review 3 starsI love stories about women who have spunk emotion drive and even blatant flaws Kate of Finding Kate is a highly diverse character who holds her own in this story However I didn’t feel the author brought this character to her full potential Nor did I feel she brought the plot to the fullness I hoped to read The sweet romance lacked some other flavors and I ran out of patience with the back and forth in Kate’s affectionsMost of the story was entertaining and well thought out but the lack of maturity in writing style held me up I continued to feel on the verge of some depth in the plot or getting to the richness of a character but then a series of he saidshe said clichés dropped description or lack of true emotion left me hangingI think the author has potential to be a great writer but will have to step up her prose to make me want to read from her

  2. LadyCalico LadyCalico says:

    I've learned never to buy a book with a cartoon cover that usually indicates the worst of the chick lit genre Sadly the author of this book did not use a cartoon cover to warn the reader; she should have What can I say about a Christian protagonist's preoccupation with materialism and destroying another woman's relationship nothing good Don't you always immediately relate to the high maintenance narcissistic Christian home wreckersNOT The characters were flat and poorly developed as was this story Like a woman who is seeing a former beau who broke up with her and moved far away for the first time in ages would assume that he is coming to visit her to propose that very night seriously Like Emma telling good old nature loving country boy Will that a spoiled city girl who suanders tons of money on designer clothes doesn't like animals shows no sense than God gave an earthworm sorry earthworms comparing Kate to you is indeed an insult is aggressively and amorally pursuing his friend who's engaged to another girl and can't cook is perfect for him well okay in all fairness Emma did have a brain tumor You might ask if there is a literary term for works of fiction that lack authenticity and realism; yes it's called bad fiction I gave the book two stars because the second half was a tad better once the leopard magically changed her spots upon falling in love with a zebra To any self absorbed fashionista Christian narcissist who finds herself having to replace her Pradas with clothing appropriate for the country this farm girl has one messagerubber boots don't go in the barn without them

  3. Pascale Pascale says:

    Who knew that a city girl would find love in the country? Bound and determined to win the love of her life and bring him back to the city with her Kate moves to the country for the summer to restart a country newspaper hoping she and the man she loves will reconcile and get married She is shocked to find him engaged to someone else but still hopeful to win him back until someone else catches her eye a man who is the complete opposite to her Trevor Then she begins to wonder if Trevor really is the man for her after all This is a lovely story of faith with a remarkable secondary character who helps everyone through their uncertainties The plot moves along at a good pace and the characters are well developed especially considering that this is a novella The storyline has good pacing as it doesn't feel rushed and the ending is satisfying I enjoyed it and I would recommend it I read this as part of a 10 book set

  4. Holly Bennett Holly Bennett says:

    Many times I felt like I had stepped into the middle of a scene without all the informationback storyplot At the beginning I felt like something was amiss about Kate's previous relationship with Trevor While the back cover leads you to believe they have a relational history the book does notuntil you get closer to the end Then it's like they were friends Also the end is rushed I don't understand an author's reason for having two people who aren't in a relationship end up engaged Yes the sparksinterest is there but all of a sudden they are getting married? Read with the knowledge there are plot holes aplenty and a rushed ending Also I've found I don't personally enjoy a weak willed? Minded? heroine

  5. Dianne Sidebottom Dianne Sidebottom says:

    haven't read this authors books before but read this in a collection in Volume 3 of Forget Me Not Romances Kate came to help at a newspaper n get her romance back on track with Trevor However in meeting Trevor again he was engaged so this put a little dampener on renewing relationships Will however seemed to comeshowup whenever she was in trouble n so she showed an interest in him but he was worried she was going back to Chicago once the paper was going well I liked this scenario n story telling well

  6. April April says:

    This audiobook was provided by the author narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook BlastThis novel made me shake my head trying to figure why the protagonist would be uoting Bible scriptures and then shortly after try breaking up a relationship between another couple because she is so sure she will marry him after all she chased him from Chicago She did grow as a person after a while

  7. Heidi Kelsch Heidi Kelsch says:

    I found this book to be a cute little romance story Not my typical type of read but the story was enjoyable nonetheless I felt like the end was resolved a bit too uickly and could've been drawn out to create anticipation and excitement for the reader but overall the story was still nice and sweet

  8. Mrs. Lopez Mrs. Lopez says:

    I didn't want to stop reading this book The descriptions were off the charts Wow I'm sure I was cringing as I read through some of the different scenes Very very very well done The characters were fairly well developed and while it was a shorter book it was still great

  9. Donna Donna says:

    Good book

  10. Andrea Britton Andrea Britton says:

    This was a free book that I had found I enjoyed this cute fast paced romance The characters are cute and they story flows

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