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John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides [BOOKS] ✯ John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides ✹ John G. Paton – The autobiography of John G Paton contains everything necessary to make it a missionary classic Born into a Christian family near Dumfries in 1824 Paton's early years were marked by a struggle against The autobiography of John G Paton Paton: Missionary PDF/EPUB ê contains everything necessary to make it a missionary classic Born into a Christian family near Dumfries in Paton's early years were marked by a struggle against poverty He was self John G. MOBI :º educated and the training ground for his life's work was the slums of Glasgow where he laboured with success as a city missionary With 'the wail of the perishing heathen in the South Seas' continually sounding in his G. Paton: Missionary PDF º ears he prepared himself to serve overseas and was ordained as a missionary to the New Hebrides in This gorup of thirty mountainous islands so named by Captain Cook with its unhealthy climate was then inhabited by G. Paton: Missionary to the eBook ô savages and cannibals The first attempt to introduce Christianity to them resulted in John Williams and James Harris being clubbed to death of his wife and child within months of their arrival Against the savagery and the superstition despite the trials and the tragedies Paton persevered and witnessed the triumph of the gospel in two of these South Sea islands His life is almost without parallel in missionary annals and his account of it is moving and gripping This book published in has been reformatted for the Kindle and may contain an occasional defect from the original publication or from the reformatting.

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  1. Natalie Vellacott Natalie Vellacott says:

    On landing we found the people to be literally naked and painted savagesAt first they came in crowds to look at us and at everything we did or had We knew nothing of their language; we could not speak a single word to them nor they to us This is the original three part auto biography of John Paton missionary to the cannibals of the New Hebrides Paton describes his early life growing up in a relatively poor Christian family with many brothers and sisters His father's devotional life had a huge impact on him I was immediately impressed with Paton's dedication to his missionary calling which he received at a relatively young age He was offered a stable position with a long term contract but turned it down on the basis that a few years down the line he needed to be free to go overseas His greatest desire was to be used by God and he surrendered himself completelyPaton's heart was drawn to the New Hebrides Vanuatu and this remained his ministry focus throughout his lifetime despite having finally arrived there losing his wife and child within three months He began on the extremely hostile island of TannaThe striking thing about his story is that he is in danger of death day in and day out due to the culture of the natives on the islands Even when it seemed he may have won the favour of one or another person the tide could uickly change or they may just have been looking for an opportunity to kill and eat him A killing stone thrown by one of the savages grazed poor old Abraham's cheeka club was also raised to follow the blow of the killing stone but God baffled the aim They encircled us in a deadly ring and one kept urging another to strike the first blow or fire the first shot My heart rose up to the Lord JesusI realised that I was immortal till my Master's work with me was done The role of the white traders was fascinating but heartbreaking as it devastated the work of the missionaries and in many ways was deliberate Paton faced a constant battle to maintain his support at home due to rumours and misunderstandings about his ministry He had to leave the field at times to uell various unfair reports about him and the divisions between different denominations in the various supporting countries were a sad indictment Still he tried to just get on with the job returning to the Island of Aniwa when forced to leave Tanna I find it incredible that he was criticised by some for leaving Tanna and I can see why this would've been a huge discouragement to him in the circumstances as he had remained there until the last possible second Deciding that God didn't want him to be reckless with his life he reluctantly left only to be criticised by those sitting in cozy armchairs Aniwa was successful in ministry terms and it wasn't long before they saw conversions The old chief led them in prayer a strange dark groping prayer with streaks of Heathenism colouring every thought and sentence; but still a heart breaking prayer as the cry of a soul once cannibal but now being thrilled through and through with the first conscious pulsations of the Christ Spirit throbbing into the words 'Father Father; our FatherI thought the first two thirds of the biography were excellent They read like fiction apart from belief in the power of God and could easily form the basis for a movie The telling of the experiences on both Tanna and Aniwa are very readable I think maybe the author should've stopped there He documents his trips home for fundraising activities and although at first that was also interesting I became a little tired of reading about various donations the amounts and the donors and the suabbling in the churches that basically fills the third part of his biography which is a shame That said I would still highly recommend this book as I believe it is uniue in terms of the daily dangers faced with an honest depiction of personal struggles including bouts of depression and gives a true insight into the experiences of pioneer missionaries in primitive areas

  2. Knowlton Murphy Knowlton Murphy says:

    One of the best books I have ever read This is the account if a man who put his faith in God and was not out to shame As he concludes in his farewell note at the end he lived for one great idea the salvation of theost with many collateral struggles as a logical result like fighting against the slave trade I cannot wait to read this again My heart is full

  3. Jen Vanderwey Jen Vanderwey says:

    I will never forget reading about his dear father A simple faithful man who loved the prayer closet and deeply loved his children The part where the father says goodbye to his son is incredible He hugs him and weeps knowing he will probably never see him again then he hikes on following behind his son he climbs up to a high place to watch him depart until he can no longer see him The story covers John Paton preparing for New Hebrides and the incredible and often terrifying experiences and desperate loss he endures there Later after Paton’s time with the New Hebrides people he goes to Australia Although his life there isn’t as perilous it is highly significant and instrumental for the kingdom Unforgettable Convicting Epic I can not imagine a single soul giving it less than five stars

  4. Johanna Johanna says:

    This was one of the most amazing books I have ever read I can't imagine reading it and not being strongly impressed by the truth and wonder of God's providence Besides being very encouraging I found this book to be very rebukingin a good way It shows how little most of us Christians in America today know about true suffering for Christ John Paton's stories of his missionary experience in the New Hebrides are an amazing recount of God's awesome workings and providences it is full of inspiring tales of Christian heroism for the cross of Christ and over all is a wonderful glory to God

  5. Jason Jason says:

    What a great autobiography Can't say enough A man goes to preach the gospel to the cannibals on one of the islands in the South Pacific in the 1800's just 19 years after two other missionaries were eaten for trying to do the same He is alone and threatened every day but trusts in the Lord for help

  6. Mary O& Mary O& says:

    This is a man to be honored He went to great sacrifice to reach and win the cannibals of the New Hebrides islands for Jesus Christ No sacrifice was too great and now over 100 years later he's with God enjoying the eternal rewards of a life well lived for His service

  7. Tim Hamer Tim Hamer says:

    I must never complain about the trials of life on mission after reading this bookwow

  8. Alysa Alysa says:

    Note I read the 5th edition of volume 1 published about 1890 and ending with Paton's departure from TannaI should note first that I am an anthropologist and that I do fieldwork on the islands of Vanuatu previously New Hebrides including some of the islands where JG Paton served as a missionary I read this book to gain a better understanding of the early colonial history of the archipelago especially the role of missionaries in the development of the islands to their present stateDespite the fact that the subtitle of the book is 'Missionary to the New Hebrides' Paton spends uite a large chunk of the book describing his work before he ever left Scotland I understand giving background to how he ended up in the South Pacific but I wasn't sure the literary purpose of spending so many pages describing work before the time of the title A thought Perhaps he was trying to draw parallels between the 'barbaric' city dwellers of Scotland and the 'savage' islanders of the New Hebrides? Once his story brought him to the South Pacific it was interesting to read about places I've visited 150 years later and hear the stories of names I've seen on buildings and roads It was also interesting to draw parallels between the cultures of the New Hebrides of Paton's era and of the Vanuatu I've experienced noteably Paton describes the Tannese as being strongly reliant upon spiritual guidelines while now Tanna is the stronghold for a local cargo cult called the John Frum Movement—perhaps this is a strong societal preference for joining with those who provide potential for greatest social benefit and resource gainPaton's writing style is very engaging making it easy to read through his memoirs I found that the book was much pleasurable to read than I initially expected

  9. Deb Brammer Deb Brammer says:

    The Kindle edition I read of this included only John Paton's life before the mission field in Scotland and his experiences on Tanna an island in the New Hebrides now known as Vanuatu Written in the nineteenth century this autobiography did not have the engaging writing style you would expect of a book written today but it contained the details of a very courageous missionary on a extremely challenging field His life was often in danger and his possessions were constantly stolen by the cannibals who lived there Within months of arriving on Tanna John's wife and newborn son died He had a few native teachers who were a great help to him and several chiefs who defended him but even some of them betrayed him at times He didn't dare leave his home for than a few days or all of his possessions would be stolen or destroyed He didn't dare leave the island for fear he wouldn't be allowed back or his house would be destroyed and his ministry fall apart He only seemed to be on Tanna for around four years but these were years of constant danger and challenge John stayed faithful to the task until forced to leave When he returned to the New Hebrides he and his second wife worked on the island of Aniwa with better results Apparently the entire island was convertedThis was the amazing testimony of an early missionary who refused to give up and stayed faithful to God during the most trying circumstances Though he saw few converts on Tanna he planted the seed which came to fruition when subseuent missionaries labored there We who are missionaries today have to realize how little we really give up on many fields and we can be challenged by the faithfulness of early missionaries like John Paton

  10. Crazycalvinist O& Crazycalvinist O& says:

    This volume is an a multi volume originally published in 3 separate volumes I have just finished the first part volume one and its uite a remarkable story of God preserving His own and of someone living with utter dependance for every day alive on God's keeping him from being killed and eaten alive by heathen canibalsIt reads a litle like an adventure story except it is true yet almost seems beyond belief it is so incredible what he survived and how the Lord kept him alive and comparatively unharmed when his life should have been taken over and over again

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