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10 thoughts on “My Husbands Other Women 3

  1. Kitani Kitani says:

    My Husband's Other Women 3My how things uickly changed Rayvon was still dumb and never wanted to own up to his mistakes I felt bad for Janice just a little but all the pain she endured with her husband was the same type she inflicted on Stacy Asia was just too grown and one move on her part caused a lot problems Poor James Meeting Misty was definitely a plus I understood Jeffery was hurting but he completely overreacted Shaniua is one of the most trifling so called friend Knight was thinking about the wrong things and thought for sure things would go back to the way they once were between him and Tracy His stupid ass was taking things too far Oh my uentin did a complete turn around Who knew him and Janice would become each other's support system Things began crumbling for Rayvon all because he never considered the conseuences for his actions He burned so many bridges and thought someone would help him I couldn't even believe he tried Stacy His ass deserved everything he got Had he been focused on his wife he wouldn't have had time for other women or the issues that came along with it Good series

  2. Megan L Tucker Megan L Tucker says:

    Good readI loved this story line from part one to part three I do feel like part three was rushed towards the end It could of been better I am going to recommend this story to others I would love to know about Jackie and maybe do a story of when Rayvon gets out of jail See him reconnect with his brothers and mother

  3. Tonia Tonia says:

    Other WomenRayvon was just dumb to mess with Asia He should of realized that she was a fast uentin and Janice getting together is a dumb move on both their parts Janice seems to fall in love with every man she sees Knight should of just wanted to be in his kids life and left Tracy alone James I'm glad he's getting his life back together

  4. Amber Amber says:

    Great readRegina did her thing with this one I loved how it kept up with the last 2 and continued the story I can't wait for part 4

  5. May May says:

    I read all 3 partsThis was the first time in many years I read a book for pleasure and it sure was good I'm waiting for part 4

  6. Marla Adams Marla Adams says:

    BravoI absolutely loved it This was a great ending to this seriesIt was definitely an attention holdernever a dull moment I was very pleased Great Job Regina

  7. Victoria Victoria says:

    Loved it would have liked it to be a real ending But funny and good

  8. Latoya Latoya says:

    Other womenSometimes when you want what someone else has its hard to see the truth This b book makes you think about how you look at life and the outcome on life

  9. Rose Hunt Rose Hunt says:

    Great readThis was a great series Everyone got what they deserved in the end Swanson is a great writer and I will be reading of her titles

  10. Steph Steph says:

    I love this series I can't wait till see what's in stored i knew Ray was gonna mess up Janice and her new potential boo can't wait she lowkey deserves it

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My Husbands Other Women 3 [Download] ➾ My Husbands Other Women 3 ➹ Regina Swanson – Ephesians 525 says husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church Rayvon Laws either never read the bible or has no clue of the definition of love Rayvon has proved that once a cheater alway Ephesians says husbands love your wives just Other Women PDF Í as Christ loved the church Rayvon Laws either never read the bible or has no clue of the definition of love Rayvon has proved that once a cheater always a cheater As Part unfolds the women in Rayvon's life realize that every dog has his day But which of his other women finally brings him to his knees Janice has put her heart and soul into making her marriage last After realizing that her efforts will never be enough to hold My Husbands eBook ß onto someone who was never hers to begin with will she be able to find peace and forgiveness in a man she once despised Stacy has been used to letting her sister handle anyone that wronged her But when the tables are turned she must find the courage needed to step into the unfamiliar role of protector At the end of it all who will be left scrambling to have the scales of justice tipped in their favor.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 168 pages
  • My Husbands Other Women 3
  • Regina Swanson
  • English
  • 06 May 2016