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Third Chances (Parker Brothers #1) [Download] ➵ Third Chances (Parker Brothers #1) Author E. Davies – Ian McMiller dumped by his jerk of an ex and forced to entertain spoiled billionaires at an exclusive club to pay his rent is reluctant to do everything the club manager wants him to do On a break fro Ian McMiller dumped by his jerk of an ex and forced to entertain spoiled billionaires at an exclusive club to pay his rent is reluctant to do everything the club manager wants him to do On a break from the wild and unrestrained atmosphere in there he discovers a cat in the alley beside the club and hopes to rescue her by smuggling her into his apartment Things take a turn for the worse as a billionaire he thought he could convince himself to like turns out to have a much uglier side Just as he's giving up hope of getting out of this mess his savior appears Gorgeous reclusive billionaire Felix Parker is brokenhearted over his latest romantic entanglement and ready to give his brother a bruising for what he's done to him when he finds out that this cute young host has been taken advantage of by him too He immediately tries to take care of Ian the cat and his brother but he soon discovers that he can only pick two out of three As a natural worrier with a lot of responsibilities Ian's the only one who makes him feel lighthearted and carefree but can he afford to follow his heart This is a stand alone novel with a HEA ending and NO cliffhanger.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 209 pages
  • Third Chances (Parker Brothers #1)
  • E. Davies
  • English
  • 13 August 2015

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10 thoughts on “Third Chances (Parker Brothers #1)

  1. Raj Raj says:

    I assume Felix is the guy with the 'fuck em attitude'smoking the fat cigar gracing the coverIf so he is totally opposite of the character portrayed by him in the bookThe man on the face of the book looks like he would drown a kitten instead of rescuing oneI guess looks can be deceivingIt is said in the book he got his riches from a lottery win than multiplied that with canny business sense into billionsThat is hardly in keeping with a scene that has him stressing to such a degree that he gets lost in a video game resulting in him forgetting to pick up his 'escort' boyfriend from a gentlemen's club barely apologizesI wonder how he achieved his billions with such reckless absent mindednessAnd lastly the cover guy looks positively devilishly dominant yet 'allows' his 'pretty boy' to continue working at the male hooker club without a hint of protest 75% into the bookThe book could have burned yet barely achieved ignitionI enjoyed the coverWarningThe word billionaire was repeated a hundred plus times in the novelIt was especially jarring during the sex scenes

  2. ~Melissa~ ~Melissa~ says:

    This book was provided free by the author in exchange for an honest reviewWhile I did enjoy this book I found it confusing as well We are basically thrown into the book with Ian having angry break up sex from his soon to be ex Ryder Then we meet Felix while his boyfriend Dan again soon to be ex is frantically running around packing all of his stuff for a modeling gig in Europe Ian now has to find a job to make rent ends up finding a job as a 'host' at The Key which is a club caters to wealthy men He is to entertain the clients with the hopes that he will be invited out Felix meets Ian there one night and it seems to be at least lust from first sight Throw in weird happenings with Felix's brother Felix being a computer nerd and Ian's ex's return into the mix Could have used some character development for all the players I would also have liked to know about Felix's brother Silas and his situation Scenes with Felix and Ian once they were together were hot and sweet Thank you for the chance to read and review this book

  3. Candice Candice says:

    15 sex on page with people other than MC's overuse of the word billionaire MC's only met briefly before 30% mark rich people terrorizing a stray cat richie rich with a gaming habit and a stupid older brother stars

  4. Liza Liza says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe story was entertaining and kept me reading Ian is a server and a rent boy and Felix in a billionaire Both have just gotten out of bad relationships and are still willing to give love another chance It was low angst no big misunderstandings nice heat The perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon

  5. Jaimed Jaimed says:

    HmmI looked the story I just wish that we got time with our leading couple after the party I'm sure there will be in Silas' book but it leaves this a happy for now ending in my opinion

  6. Sonja Helies Sonja Helies says:

    Third time’s the charmI loved the characters of Ian and Felix Ian under the thumbs of his now ex boyfriend blossoms under the love and care of Felix Their relationship is little turbulent but in the end third time’s the charm and love reigns

  7. Denise GremoryKohta Denise GremoryKohta says:

    I love how both main characters weren't exactly alpha male nor submissive Made for a realistic story I'd like to see a story about Oz Harry andor Silas

  8. Julie Taylor Julie Taylor says:

    SweetA sweet and hot HEA sort that is a lovely read The guys are great and I will read the next in the series

  9. Barbara J. Smith Barbara J. Smith says:

    FantasticAnother awesome story Can't await to read the next one I love your characters so down to earth Keep writing the book great ones

  10. Len Evans Jr Len Evans Jr says:

    This book was definitely an enjoyable read Though not the very best I have found reading most of the author's other books For some reason it did not grab me like most of his books do I really liked Ian and Felix a lot On to read book 2 in the series next

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