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Saving Grace Shifter Chronicles #1 ❰Ebook❯ ➩ Saving Grace Shifter Chronicles #1 Author Anita Cox – Already struggling with her royal status Lycan Princess Grace McGovern faces the challenge of accepting a mate The very sexy Roman LaRossa is already infatuated with Grace He’s also her pack’s Bet Already struggling with her royal status Shifter Chronicles ePUB ´ Lycan Princess Grace McGovern faces the challenge of accepting a mate The very sexy Roman LaRossa is already infatuated with Grace He’s also her pack’s Beta As Grace’s was raised in the human world she is determined to bring Lycan women’s rights up to speed Jagger Alpha of the Scottsboro pack has plans for Grace and her royal blood Can Grace succeed in her goals or will the Scottsboro pack win by kidnapping her and using her to breed her royal blood into their Saving Grace ePUB ´ pack until there’s nothing left of her.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 237 pages
  • Saving Grace Shifter Chronicles #1
  • Anita Cox
  • English
  • 22 February 2015

About the Author: Anita Cox

Anita has been writing general fiction Shifter Chronicles ePUB ´ under her given name for nearly a decade In she strapped on a new name for a new genre and dove head first into writing eroticaAnita Cox's erotic debut series Dirty White Candy was picked up by Liuid Silver Books in but this wasn't her beginning Under her given name she has written crime fiction some with paranormal elements paranormal rom.

8 thoughts on “Saving Grace Shifter Chronicles #1

  1. booklover4life booklover4life says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewRating 25 StarsThis was a very unusual shifter romance book While most shifter books have a clear alpha male who runs the pack this book took a bit of a detour from the norm Rather than focus so much on the men and their roles within the pack it focused on strong women's roles and was nothing like you would expect to read This is the first book in the series though there is a preuel which was released in an anthology prior to this book's release though it has since been released on its own This book focuses on the relationship between Roman and Grace and the secrets that are uncovered about Grace's past and their race's history Grace is unlike any other shifter because she has powers no one else has due to her royal bloodI did like that this book showed strong powerful women who weren't afraid to take charge of their lives and who weren't afraid to stand up for one another It wasn't about the men in this story it was all about the females Each of the women in this book sought to expand people's minds when it came to the typical stereotypes that women are categorized into There were no weak women in this book and that was a nice change of paceI believe that this book should not be read without first reading the preuel The story starts out rather abruptly with knowledge that you are missing due to it being in the preuel The author tries to convey the information to the reader but I was left a bit confused and feel that my reading enjoyment would have been heightened if I had read the first book beforehand The relationship between Roman and Grace developed at a pretty good pace considering I didn't have the background knowledge of what they had previously gone through It wasn't something where they were experiencing insta love as is the case with many books and although they were meant to be mates it took some time for them to get to that place where it felt right for both of them I definitely appreciated that approachWhile this book is a series I really feel as though it would be better suited as a serial Some of the book was rather drawn out while some of it happened extremely uickly There were some things that happened about halfway through the book that I felt should have ended the story and the rest of the book should have been another book because it took the story in a completely new direction from what the synopsis led you to believeThis book introduced a lot of characters and there were many scenes that didn't involve the two main characters at all I find that books of this nature can confuse the readers as it almost seems unnecessary I kind of feel like if there is enough information about a character that you need to write many scenes involving them and their story line then maybe they should have their own novella Otherwise I feel like it can take away from the main story This book is listed under the erotic PNR genre but I don't really feel like there was a whole lot of love story in here There was some suspense but it kind of felt that the overall theme was about women's empowerment and overcoming gender stereotypes There were a few sex scenes in this book but unfortunately I didn't find them to be very stimulating There were also some really bizarre sex scenes that completely turned me off When I received this book I was told that it was a FM book with a menage scene I can handle menage reads as there are some that I've read which are truly fantastic; however this scene was extremely weird and it seemed completely unnecessary There were also some FF scenes which I do not enjoy and there was no mention of that in the synopsis that I received While I feel like the author did some tremendous things in her writing in terms of women's rights and taking a different approach on a shifter book I just was not able to get in to this book as I would have liked to I was excited to receive this book because it sounded really interesting but it took a different turn that I just couldn't really enjoy I was also told that this was the final edited copy that was already published yet there were a lot of editing issues in this book Those issues also took away from my enjoyment Some examples of the editing issues include spelling a character's name wrong spellinggrammar issues including switching tenses mid sentence formatting issues use of words or phrases that don't actually exist etc While I hate to write reviews for books that I don't really enjoy for whatever reason I feel that it is only fair to be critical in my review My reviews are never meant to put down an author simply to point out some issues that I feel need to be addressed in order to make for a better book and a enjoyable read As this is an established author editing issues do take away from my overall rating and affect whether or not I feel I can recommend a book As such at this point in time I cannot recommend this book

  2. Debbie Debbie says:

    Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That RockGrace is a Lycan princess But she didnt know this just a few short weeks ago Now she has to deal with a possible mate a frined going off to college and an obnoxious youngster Also the threat of being stolen and shipped to a puppy farm is high Can Grace and Roman overcome all this and fulfill a long held prophecy?My first thought when I began reading this was is there a book BEFORE this one that I should have read? I looked and can't see one I think there should be though to deal with Grace finding out who she really is or importantly WHAT she is And dealing with her relationship beginnings with RomanA slightly different take on the wolf theme it deals mostly with Grace learning about being a wolf a Lycan Princess and next to the throne and the ineuality of werewolves as a pack It deals with the old held views that women females shifters are nothing than baby pup making machines And it deals with the aftermath of that Grace is a strong character and has opinions on everything not least for the better of her pack her people And I liked her I did She has some inner goddess that we all should have only her goddess is a wolfIve filed under paranormal as well as werewolves as many other beings besides wolves appear The usual riff raff vampires pixies dwarves but alos something not often seen centaurs And a centaur is the focus of book 2 and I do hope I get to read that too as I think it may well be an amusing read4 solid stars simply because I felt I needed that inforamtion from before

  3. Tracy Ehlers Tracy Ehlers says:

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is my first time reading anything by Ms CoxStarting this book I had a feeling that I was missing something Yes there is a preuel That being said I enjoyed everything about this book The storyline was uniue and well written and I couldn't put it down Yes it's a book that will give you a book hangover but well worth itMs Cox has created a world full of wild wonderful and fantastic magical creatures Centaurs Pixies and Vampires to name but a few combined with a fantastic storyline full of adventure suspense and surprising twists and not forgetting humour and steaminess to make this book an overall awesome readI won't go into plot or spoilers I would just recommend you read it During the course of this story I came to love many characters and I want to read Looking forward to reading book #2Recommend to all fans of Paranormal and Erotic FansNote this book is recommended for Mature readers due to Adult contentReviewed for Paranormal Magic and Mischief Blog

  4. Rhonda Jones Rhonda Jones says:

    I Loved Loved Loved This BookThe heroine Grace is such a strong woman She is going to do what is right no matter who it may offend In her world most women are meek or suppressed Grace is determined to change her world and right all the wrongs That is if she lives long enough or can keep herself from being subjugated and made into breeding stock In this book the world of supernatural creatures expands and we readers are introduced to some fascinating characters I hope there will be another book out soon I want to read about the world and characters that live in this author's mind

  5. Boundless Book Reviews Boundless Book Reviews says:

    This series has official been added to the list of one of my favorite paranormal romanceeroticas This is right up there with the Immortals after Dark I am loving it that muchGrace is such a strong female yet still vulnerable likable and humble despite her immense power Then there is Roman oh Roman Here is just a taste of a conversation showing Roman's love for GraceGrace there isn't anything I wouldn't do for A dress is hardly the display of gratitude I wold like to giveGratitude for whatHe smiled then kissed the tip of he nose For finally making me wholeI was gushing when I read that part I Love himThe only time I even had the slightest pause in just loving everything about this world and this story was the whole growing the magical Penis for the threesome That was just weird The scene was hot however I just found the entire thing strange I can't wait to read Resurrection especially after all the has been hinted and described about Centaurs I also really hope we get to see of the characters we already got to know and love Especially Nala and ColinSarahttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomhttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviews

  6. T. T. says:

    After reading the preuel Pursuing Grace I was going to skip this series but book two was on sale? at for 99 cents so what the heck As with the preuel there was a clear lack of world building and the author tried to mash so many things types of supernaturals and unrelated events together that once again there was a lack of clarity with the supernatural world building Some items I'd uestioned in the preuel were explained but other things were simply assumed to be true so the reader misses out This was a 35 read for me rounded down because the story skipped around and in a few cases made no sense especially the two FFM sex scenes huh? The plot outline was good but the too many scenes as well as the ending were too convenient Once again the author bypassed too many opportunities to add complexity and depth to the characters and story a shame as her imagination is wonderful and her overall plot is intriguing

  7. Angela Angela says:

    I received this book in exchange for Review on behalf of A Kiss Down Under Book Blog Anita Cox continues to blow me away with her writing style and story line So many books have the Alpha male that takes over but this book is a detour from the normal Grace exhibited a strength in the Preuel to this book and she continues to develop in a way that proves she is not a TSTL female heroine She sees wrongs that don't sit well and she fights to correct them regardless of the threat to herself Her pack and people are her main concern and she puts herself on the line to save them Her soon to be mate Roman learns to support her strong willed ways and has to accept her for who she is even though she is breaking down social systems that have been in place for hundreds of years This book was another page turner Anita does a wonderful job of blending the paranormal romance strong women and adding in some steamy sex scenes

  8. Karen Karen says:

    ueen GraceWhile this is book one in the series there is a currently free preuel Pursuing Grace that lays the groundwork for the series It's not totally necessary to read it firstbut it is beneficial as alot transpires in that story That said Saving Grace is a darker book for a mature audience than the preuel It features strong women in leadership roles but their path to ascension isn't an easy one It also puts a little different spin on the paranormal legend and sets an ideological course that may prove difficult for the characters to achieve especially given the description for book two Overall it's a good read from a talented author

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