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The Taxidermist's Daughter ❴Reading❵ ➸ The Taxidermist's Daughter Author Kate Mosse – The clock strikes twelve Beneath the wind and the remorseless tolling of the bell no one can hear the scream1912 A Sussex churchyard Villagers gather on the night when the ghosts of those who will not The clock strikes twelve Beneath the wind and the remorseless tolling of the bell no one can hear the scream A Sussex churchyard Villagers gather on the night when the ghosts of those who will not survive the coming year are thought to walk And in the shadows a woman lies deadAs the flood waters rise Connie Gifford is marooned in a decaying house with her increasingly The Taxidermist's Kindle - tormented father He drinks to escape the past but an accident has robbed her of her most significant childhood memories Until the disturbance at the church awakens fragments of those vanished years.

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  1. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    ''The ghosts of all whom death shall doom within the coming year in pale procession walk the gloom amid the silence drear'' James Montgomery 'The Vigil of StMark' 1813Our story starts in Sussex in 1912 It is the night before StMark's day a night of spirits and shadows when the living hide themselves to see the souls of the dead parading in the church yard ''This is no place for the dead'' But the souls are not dead yet They are the images of those who will die during the coming year Or so the villagers believe for in Kate Mosses' extraordinary tale the living and the dead are separated by a misty thread Who has died and who has not? Who caused the death of the girl during the Vigil of StMark? Who is responsible for the missing men? How bleak can lives become once the sins of the past return to ask for retribution?The centre of the story lies in Fishbourne where Connie a gifted young woman tries to keep the work of her father alive since he is in no position to do so Harry a young painter finds his path meeting her own in an attempt to find the answer to secrets that go back in time to a harrowing night ten years ago Who'll dig his grave? I said the Owl with my pick and my shovel I'll dig his grave'' Death is always present The black clouds of the gathering storms the dangerous ground of the Marshes the black colour of the birds frozen in time by the art of taxidermy The words Blood Skin Bone are haunting the narration and its themes It is a story about death and revenge about the actions of the past and its conseuences The Taxidermist's Daughter is one of the most atmospheric books I have ever read a gothic historical thriller that has leapt out of a nightmare The way Mosse unfolds her tale is fascinating her themes are depicted in an allegorical manner full of images of the threatening nature of the Marshlands The landscape is the jewel of the story followed by the two protagonists Connie and Harry are the young minds who struggle to escape the past and forge their own future As for the rest of the characters? Well to say anything about them would be a huge spoiler in itself You'll have to read the book to understandThe hightest compliment I can give is this I was able to guess most of the continuation of the story though the end is extraordinary but I never felt that the plot was predictable This is how writers show how gifted they are and how much they respect their readers Kate Mosse provides us with all the hints the clues the thoughts and the motives and we take on the role of the Inspector We are called to solve the mystery hint by hint building the wall brick by brickAs I was taking baby steps towards the end I was afraid It is a rare thing for me to feel frightened of the conclusion of a book but here we share a shocking reading experience I couldn't help being deeply influenced It is the kind of story that you will look forward to read further the kind of book that twists in your mind during the day An exuisite creation one of the best books I've ever readAnd that's how simple it is ''Old sins have long shadows''

  2. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Constantia Connie was twelve years old when she had a terrible accident falling down the stairs and hitting her head on the marble tiles She doesn't remember the accident nor anything in her life that happened before that has just been told she almost died Now 22 and unmarried she lives with her father a once renowned Taxidermist in Fishbourne Marshes in a dilapidated mansion called Blackthorn House It is 1912 in Sussex and a young woman's body is found dead This will set long thought buried events into motion because what Connie saw which caused her to fall has cast reverberations down through the years and now come to fruitionSo incredibly atmospheric the marshes the birds yes jackdaws rooks crows magpies which all have several meanings Loved the character of Connie the small glimpses into her forgotten memory that come to light Loved the young boy who tries to help So many great characters which help lighten the pervasive darkness of the story Who is the dead girl? And what do the returning memories of Connie signify How dangerous is her remembering? The details of the art of a taxidermist comes into play both as uotes and the practice itselfThis is the second book in as many weeks I have read featuring birds I loved the plural of hummingbirds being called a charm but my new favorite may just be the storytelling of rooks

  3. ♛Tash ♛Tash says:

    Dear book I sorta liked you but didn't You gave me gardening feels like I enjoyed but won't do you again in the next five years or so I don't know I'm a bit conflicted perhaps I'll write a coherent review soon but for now let me give you an

  4. Blair Blair says:

    Review originally published at Learn This PhraseI really don't like having to give negative reviews They can be uite fun to write but that doesn't make up for the time wasted reading a disappointing book especially if like me you have a constantly expanding to read list of several hundred potentially better others Unfortunately The Taxidermist's Daughter turned out to be another addition to 2014's growing batch of much anticipated but ultimately mediocre new novels Funnily enough The Independent's review of this book compares it to three other books from this year which I would categorise in exactly the same wayConnie Gifford is the titular taxidermist's daughter though it would be accurate to say she is the taxidermist Her father has long been an incapable drunk and Connie having learnt his trade secretly keeps the family business going Not that there's much call for it in the early twentieth century taxidermy has fallen out of fashion and with her father's 'world famous' museum gone Connie struggles to make ends meet She also struggles with her own condition an accident when she was twelve wiped her memory and she is only now beginning to remember flashes of her 'vanished years' There's also the mystery of a murdered woman found in the river next to the Giffords' house and the links this crime may have to Something Terrible a group of local men including possibly Connie's father did ten years agoConnie is okay but she is never truly established as a character who actually has any real personality beyond a passion for taxidermy and vaguely a caring nature The male characters meanwhile are so numerous and so utterly indistinct from one another that I couldn't tell them apart at all Mosse has set the story in the West Sussex village of Fishbourne apparently a place of personal significance to her and it is evoked well full of a Daphne du Maurier esue stormy darkness despite the fact that the story takes place in spring The most atmospheric scenes are set in a rain lashed cottage; these sections though very effective are frustratingly few The Taxidermist's Daughter is very like Diane Setterfield's Bellman Black the gothic gloom it's 1912 but everything feels very Victorian the use of bird motifs but most of all the dull turgid story lumbering towards a largely uninteresting conclusion And like Bellman Black I'm giving the book a medium rating because it was simply okay by no means terrible simply underwhelming and forgettable While it all started promisingly and did start to pick up again after I was halfway through too much of it was simply tedious I didn't care what the men of Fishbourne had done ten years earlier partly because the characters were uninteresting partly because I knew from the start it would be something deliberately 'shocking' but also unbelievable as something these people would really take part in Spoiler it was Interviews with the author suggest the theme of taxidermy stems from a childhood fascination with the art but it often feels as if it has been chosen simply because it's suitably gruesome and archaic I've read one book from Mosse's Languedoc trilogy Sepulchre found it average and haven't bothered with any of the others in that series However I really enjoyed her ghost story The Winter Ghosts and last year she published a collection The Mistletoe Bride Other Haunting Tales which while forgettable in terms of content created a number of wonderfully atmospheric wintery settings I can still remember uite vividly I'd uite like to read it again for that reason alone With all its gothic trappings I hoped The Taxidermist's Daughter might be of an ethereal ghost story than drab historical fiction but sadly not Competently written with some intriguing scenes it never uite gets off the ground and in the end it is no than the sum of its parts

  5. Joanne Harris Joanne Harris says:

    I've been waiting for Kate to write an out and out Gothic thriller for years This is it; dark clever but also immensely readable giving the lie to the critics' belief that intelligent fiction can't also be fun And it's a love letter to the Fens described here with a sure and delicate touch in sound scent and colour

  6. Beverly Beverly says:

    Spooky and chilling The Taxidermist's Daughter is a terrific Gothic novel just right for this Halloween

  7. Susan Johnson Susan Johnson says:

    There are some books that are just magical and this is one of them The author has done a magnificent job in creating a gothic novel with a strong sense of place and wonderful story telling This book is so different from anything else I have read by this author and it is just spell binding I was nervous about picking up a book that features taxidermy but it is done in such an interesting way that it posed no problems for me I never came around to the concept that dead stuffed birds can be a thing of beauty and a piece of art but I do appreciate the people who do I did not know they had taxidermy museums and displayed them in decorative fashion in their houses but you learn something every day The story is captivating and involves a horrible mystery that happened ten years Connie the taxidermist's daughter was injured in a fall at the age of 12 and has no memory of times before that As sinister men gather by her house and a dead body is found it becomes imperative that she try to remember As she struggles with her father to help her refresh her mind he turns to alcohol to avoid the discussion The story weaves and tangles and it becomes clear that the mystery is so much worse than what Connie could ever managed As the drenching rains come down things move fast to a very startling conclusion that I could not see coming Yet there is a light touch at the very end that makes me smile It is so readable that I almost wept in despair when it was over I just didn't want to let go and say good bye to these characters Now that's a sign of a good book

  8. Diana • Book of Secrets Diana • Book of Secrets says:

    Jackdaws magpies crows and I love birds from the Corvidae family and they were the perfect Gothic inspiration for Kate Mosse's gruesome historical novel THE TAXIDERMIST'S DAUGHTER This dark mystery centers around Connie the daughter of a taxidermist she too is one and her uest to solve the mystery of a young woman's murder The story hooked me right away with its Poe esue atmosphere Chilling The mystery itself was puzzling twisty and complex Taxidermy give me the creeps as did this book so really it was a fitting backdrop to the story Nice blend of murder mystery and old fashioned GothicDisclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

  9. Ria Ria says:

    Blackthorns are everywhere They are haunting me ‘TAXIDERMY OR THE ART OF COLLECTING PREPARING AND MOURNING OBJECTS OF NATURAL HISTORY’ I liked the Taxidermy facts that were thrown in there Lit shitI bought this shit because it was cheap I didn’t really know what it was about Only knew it was a gothic thrillermystery Kinda hoped they would taxidermy humans and not animals I blame the movie Taxidermia for this but we can’t always get what we want I think I love this The thing is I forgot to keep notes and it took me a month to finish this because I’m hella busy and lazyI kinda wanna give this 5stars but It took so long to finish this that I don’t remember if I love it or not I suuuck

  10. Puck Puck says:

    Who'll dig his grave? I said the Owl with my pick and my shovel I'll dig his grave'' It’s the night before St Mark’s day 1912 on this dark night the people of Fishbourne come together in the church yard to watch the souls of the future dead On this night they will see who will die during this upcoming year On this night a young woman is murdered Is her death an accidental slip of a knife? Or a dark omen for what’s yet to come to let the people of the town know that their days are numbered? Because in The Taxidermist’s Daughter the line between the dead and the living is thin Connie and her father are taxidermists they preserve the bodies of birds by stuffing them and displaying them in a lifelike state Once they were famous but after disaster stuck and their name ruined and Connie’s past literally erased the Gifford family now practice their trade in silence and shame However with the discovery of the dead woman a haunting past is dug up that will not only shake the Gifford’s to their core but many other families as well ”This is not a story of revenge though it will be seen as that Dismissed as that But no not revengeThis is a story of justice”Set amidst the misty Marshlands of Sussex this gothic historical thriller is an atmospheric pearl Kate Mosse’s descriptions of the landscape are vivid and true the harsh winter storms the rising water of the lake the sense of doom slowly creeping under our characters’ skinSt Mark’s night foretells that the lives of some people will come to an end and this end comes with a vengeance Although I had the mystery figured out halfway that didn’t take away any of my reading pleasure and feeling of fright which shows how gifted this author is The story of the murder and its history is slowly revealed but still the build up to the macabre finale was so well done that I got literal chillsI did have some trouble with the many side characters and the insta love but after reading only thrillers and creepy novels with dry writing and little scenery descriptions this book was like a breath of fresh ear I loved following Connie and her friend Harry on their search for answers and Kate Mosse’s dark mystery was twisty and complex until the end I want to thank my dear friend Amalia for recommending this to me and I will certainly recommend this book to others looking for a misty and creepy mystery to read during the cold winter days

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