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Bear Seeking Bride (Bear Canyon Brides, #1) ✽ [EPUB] ✵ Bear Seeking Bride (Bear Canyon Brides, #1) By Ruby Shae ❧ – In the shifter town of Bear Canyon the men outnumber the women three to one Grizzly bear Travis Mallory is tired of desperate shifter females and gold digging shifter obsessed humans He wants to marry In the shifter town of Bear Canyon the men outnumber the women three to one Grizzly bear Travis Mallory is tired of Bear Seeking PDF or desperate shifter females and gold digging shifter obsessed humans He wants to marry and start a family but most of all he wants someone to love him for him not for what he can do for them Curvy Sabrina Parker is tired of dating Now thirty years old she wants to get married and start a family but she knows it won’t happen unless she breaks out of her comfort zone She wants to meet someone who can love her and all of her curves for the rest of her life Desperate to try something new Travis places an ad for a Mail Order Bride The conditions listed are simple but absolute and he only receives one response Despite her friend’s objections Sabrina feels compelled to answer Travis’ ad and a short time later he invites her to Bear Canyon to see if they’re compatible Can two strangers find love in a modern day shifter town.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 59 pages
  • Bear Seeking Bride (Bear Canyon Brides, #1)
  • Ruby Shae
  • English
  • 04 May 2015

About the Author: Ruby Shae

USA TODAY Bestselling AuthorI write sizzling sexy shifter romance Until I find my own tall muscle bound alpha shifterI’ll keep writing about Bear Seeking PDF or them Visit my website to learn about my books and meSign up for my Newsletter and stay up to date on all of my book news.

10 thoughts on “Bear Seeking Bride (Bear Canyon Brides, #1)

  1. Bookloverme Bookloverme says:

    A short mail order bride story A good start for this series but I wish there's an epilogueThe story was about Travis bear shifter 33 and Sabrina human 30Travis and his two brothers Trent and Tyler own a construction company They live in a town Bear Canyon where most of them are bear shiftersHe wanted to settle down Get married have babies and have someone who will really love him He's tired of gold diggers who only wanted him for his money He placed an ad for mail order bride and Sabrina saw it and decided to answer the adShe's a hair stylist and she wanted the same thing as Travis He suggested she visit Bear Canyon to get to know each other then decide if they're compatibleThey spent time together and his brothers liked her too It's a good story but I want to know about their future SAFETYview spoilerNo cheatingNo love triangleNo OM drama There's a light OW drama The ow showed up They dated a few times almost a year ago She wanted to get back together even though they were never together She also said she'll marry him He rejected her but Sabrina misunderstood She only heard a part of their conversation But it was solved right awayNo abuseNo push and pullNo separationBoth non virgins She'd been on plenty of dates and has an expiration date but she stayed with the last man she was with hoping he'd give her a ring until she caught him in bed with another woman She just remembered it She wasn't hurt just her ego Travis dated a few shifters in town and a few humans in the city Nothing was mentioned when's the last time they had sexNo condom used but she's on the pill hide spoiler

  2. CC CC says:

    Very sweet short story Typical mail order bride but for a shifter book it was pretty tame on the steam level I will certainly read the next one thoughIt was free on Kindle UnlimitedSafety Gang safe

  3. blog~ blog~ says:

    Bear Seeking Bride Travis Bear Canyon Brides #1 by author Ruby ShaeMy Rating 35 StarsThis story features sexy bear shifter Travis Mallory and Sabrina Parker Travis is wealthy and co owns a successful construction business with his brothers Trent and Tyler who are also bear shifters Travis is the middle brother He is lonely and has been for a while Of course he is rich and gorgeous and basically could have any woman in the shifter town Bear Canyon Unfortunately there are 3 times as many males than females so the pickings are slim And anyone he has tried to go out with is only interested in one thing His money and his body Also the only humans living in the shifter town are already mated to other GrizzliesSo what can Travis do? Simple He places an add in the classifieds seeking a curvy human woman to be his bride Sabrina sees the add and decides to answer it She too has been lonely Since Sabrina has nothing to lose this is an opportunity she will take a chance on Sabrina is a curvy heroine larger than the average sized woman Perfect for Travis What I loved about Sabrina's character was her confidence She wasn't like many of the BBW heroines we read about who are insecure and self depreciating She was happy with her body I hate heroines that put themselves down every other page Sabrina was confident kind and not afraid to take chances There is no suspense but just a tiny bit of angst added to the story by Travis' brother Trent and an ex girlfriend I loved Travis' brothers Tyler and Trent And yes even though Trent was uite grumpy and rude to Sabrina I still loved him Trent obviously had good reasons for his bad attitude Of course we will have to wait for his book for that reveal Tyler is sweet and sexy and I can't wait to read his story Sabrina's best friends Dawn and Caroline were likable secondary characters and it will be fun to watch them find their HEA As a matter of fact Tyler and Dawn's book is next

  4. Tara (bizzeereading) Tara (bizzeereading) says:

    Perfect length for a sexy romance I enjoyed it very much Confident hero and heroine looking for the love of their lives I got a good sense of who they were and even the description of the town Despite the warm weather I could live in that little town Great read

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    MehIt was mildly entertaining My issues with this book were that there wasn't all that much going on and the relationship between Travis and Sabrina was a little too perfect There was hardly any conflict it was mostly just about how amazing Travis and Sabrina's unrealistic fairy tale romance was If the characters had a little of a struggle getting to know one another it would have been a bit realistic Well as realistic as a were bear romance can get anyway The one and only time there was any conflict warning spoilers was when a woman whom use to date Travis gets jealous that he's moved on and decides to go throw herself at him while he's at work Now realistically a woman who would have the audacity to do something like that would most likely be a pretty selfish person whom does this sort of thing with very little remorse Why would someone as selfish and haughty as that suddenly turn around and apologize just because they were given a well that's not very nice ??? They wouldn't If someone were self absorbed enough to think they could sweet talk a man into dumping his current girlfriend for them they wouldn't really give a single f about said girlfriend's feelings The whole scene came off a bit forced like the author realized she should put at least some kind of conflict in this book instead of nothing but the two main characters copulating and making goo goo eyes at one another but then decided she didn't really want to go there I personally need a bit than that

  6. Lori Lori says:

    Disappointed don't botherToo much of the same oldsame old There were opportunities to do so much yet none were taken There had to have been a strict limit on number of words allowed because this is pretty much an outline with the guts removed due to limitations

  7. Siomara Siomara says:

    Loved itI really enjoyed it I kind of wish it would have been a little longer but I loved Travis and Sabrina Can't wait for Trent and Tyler's stories

  8. C.J. C.J. says:

    A nice sweet story with minimal drama

  9. Notorious Book Tease Notorious Book Tease says:

    Cute Shifter RomanceThis a short novella length shifter romance I enjoyed it but the heroine got a little annoying even with how short the book is She is a tall curvy woman who in one breath talks about how she accepts her body but always assumes the worst about what the hero says Most of the conflict is created because she assumes stuff and doesn’t seek clarification The drama with her stalker seemed a little OTT Overall it was a cute read with instant love some sexy scenes and a HEA

  10. Danielle Gypsy Soul Danielle Gypsy Soul says:

    25 Stars Nothing new or exciting in this book It was pretty instant although no destined mate in this book I just never really felt like we got much depth with either character

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