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Caught Up in the Touch (Falcon Football, #2) ❮KINDLE❯ ➚ Caught Up in the Touch (Falcon Football, #2) ❦ Author Laura Trentham – This book is published under the original series name The new editions are published under the series name Sweet Home Alabama On the surface Logan Wilde is all good old boy charm and humor Even though This book is published under in the PDF Î the original series name The new editions are published under the series name Sweet Home Alabama On the surface Logan Wilde is all good old boy charm and humor Even though he’s cleaned up his act and turned into an upstanding business owner he can't seem to outrun his hell raising reputation When a straightlaced executive with long legs and Caught Up MOBI :º high heels rolls into town to lure him to the big city he’s tempted to get a little wild—and bring her along on the rideThree rules govern Jessica Montgomery’s life—stay calm stay professional stay in control Her dream job of CFO of the family business is within reach—if she can convince one sexy stubborn Alabama restaurateur that his dream job is managing their flagship restaurant in Up in the ePUB ✓ AtlantaDesperate to convince Logan to sign on the dotted line Jessica is forced out of her comfort zone and into Logan’s world of serene forests high school football and a close knit small town While she can’t uite close the deal a new offer is on the table that includes steamy nights in Logan’s bed and other places and the possibility of a lasting love—if Jessica is brave enough to chase a new dreamWarning Contains explosive chemistry lots of laughs and a leap into the crazy unknown Opposites attract when a former bad boy with a heart of gold meets a straightlaced woman with passion to spare in this sexy addition to the small town Sweet Home Alabama series.

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  1. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    45 don't we all have some crazy in us? StarsI discovered Laura Trentham’s wonderful writing style when I read the first book in the Falcons Football Series earlier this year and since finishing Slow and Steady Rush I have been waiting impatiently for Logan Wilde to get his story in Caught Up in the Touch and boy was it worth the waitYou take care of business I’ll wait for youLogan Wilde figured a little in book one being the local bar and restaurant owner Darcy’s cousin and one of the Falcon Football coaches but as the story wasn’t centered around him it was just a scratch on the surface of what this man is all about One of the things I like about this authors work is that she takes the love story between her characters and weaves so much else through it the town and people of Falcon Alabama figure prominently again in this one as well as the Schools Football team This installment in the series like its predecessor focuses on the couple but also expands the series as a wholeYou don’t have to give me all your secrets right now darlin’ But when you do I’ll handle them with care I promiseJessica Montgomery is from out of town and to say her initial meeting with Logan doesn’t really go to plan would be an understatement I loved the confidence of this woman but it was just the first layer of her character and Laura gave her really great depth with her past and the familial issues that she introduced as the story progressed but what I really liked was that although they were integral they were only a small part of the story as a whole and not the dominant theme it kept the angst and drama at an even level and didn’t detract from the relationship building between her and Logan And these two together hot sexy and pretty damn funny at points Can you die from sexual frustration?I don’t know but I heard tell you can go blind from too much masturbating Thanks to you I already need glassesI am falling in love with this series I don’t say this often but they are books I know I would happily go back and read again and again I think it is because that although there is a lot going on in them you feel like you are a part of it a part of the town and not just a casual observer on the side lines of the field Melting Into You; Alec and Lilliana’s book is due November this year and if the sizzling chemistry you get a little hint of between them in this book is anything to go buy I think we are looking at another winner come release dayARC provided via Netgalley and it was an absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review

  2. Mandy Mandy says:

    Jessica works for her father's restaurant management company and has dreams of being the CFO Her father sends her to Falcon Alabama he demands that if she wants to CFO position she needs to get restaurant owner Logan Wilde to sign on with them From their very first meeting nothing goes as planned for Jessica Logan has a reputation for being wild from his high school years He got himself into a lot of trouble back then and people in their small town don't forget He's a different man now he owns a successful restaurant and is an assistant coach of the football team He's happy with his life and has no plans to leave Falcon My favorite thing about this book was Logan Wilde I love heroes like Logan he's sexy and strong but he's also got a sensitive and vulnerable side He's like the perfect man he's patient sweet good with kids high school kids anyways and he can cook This book had some amazing sexual tension and chemistry between these characters from the very first time they met I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone Each book is about a different couple and I can't wait for the next book in this series ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  3. Jessica Alcazar Jessica Alcazar says:

    When I finished reading Slow and Steady Rush back in March I could not wait for Logan's story and here it is Jessica Montgomery is on a mission She has to get restaurant owner Logan Wilde to sign on with her father's restaurant management Company She always wanted the CFO position in her father's Company and this is what she has to do to get itLogan Wilde is what you would call the town sweetheart if you can call a guy that lol his youth bad boy shenanigans are no longer he's grown into uite the charming man He coaches football for the local HS he cooks he's charming kind good looking and all around nice guyJessica Montgomery is the power suit in this story On the outside she's all business from how she dresses to how she presents herself But on the inside there's a whole other person A person perfect for our hometown boy LoganWhen the two first meet it doesn't go as planned So unplanned that Jessica doesn't even figure out who Logan actually is until later Let the games begin LOLLaura Trentham did an excellent job of writing a small town romance story It was simple and easy without too much drama Yes both Logan and Jessica have things to work thru and there are 'society' issues that are presented as part of the story but none of it took away from putting a smile on my face thru the whole story ARC provided by St Martin's Press via NetGallet for an honest review

  4. Irene Irene says:

    45 starsLoved Caught Up in the Touch This was such a good read it ticked all the boxes for meI stayed up all night reading just couldn't put it downLoved both Jessica and Logan they each brought so much into this beautiful and heartfelt romanceThe chemistry between Logan and Jessica was off the chartsI'm really enjoying the Falcon Football series Caught Up in the Touch is the second installment and while each book can be read as a standalone I highly recommend you read them all Soooo looking forward to the next book Melting Into You Alec and Lilliana's story promises to make my kindle sizzle with their sexual tension Thank you to St Martin's Press via Netgalley for the advance copy

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    ARC received for reviewYep did it again Started a series in the middle Logan aka Mountain Man was simply yummy and the boy can cook What's not to love Did uite buy Jessica's life after leaving Daddy She's too type A to sit around reading romance books all day Loved the library old lady spies I can't wait for the next book cause I know sparks are going to fly if it's who I think it is

  6. Katie(babs) Katie(babs) says:

    Caught Up in the Touch Falcon Football #2 by Laura Trentham is a pretty typical contemporary romance with a main couple you root for The hero and heroine have endearing and uniue personalities but the story has a been there done that feel to it Readers of small town romance will probably enjoy this one including a hero who loves to cook and who the heroine nicknames “Mountain Man”Jessica for all intensive purposes is a shrewd business woman Her power suits and high heels are her costume as she works for her cold and at times boorish father who also gives her personal jabs that does a number on her self esteem But Jessica hides her feelings because she wants to rise to the top of her father’s company She has the experience and is dedicated to her work But her father dangles that carrot constantly over her head Montgomery Sr is surrounded by “yes men” and is never told no But Logan Wilde has done that Senior wants Logan to come work for him and operate a flagship restaurant In order for Jessica to get what she wants her father sends to her Logan’s backwater town in Alabama to convince Logan to work for the Montgomery name by any means necessaryJessica treats this as a mission Logan is a hometown boy through and through When he was a teen he was a a bit of a rebel but after joining the army and being much considerate to his loving grandma he matured and left behind his rebellious ways He’s opened a restaurant in his home town where he does all the cooking He’s also the coach for the high school football team Logan loves his life and doesn’t want anything But then Jessica comes roaring into it When she first meets him she has no clue who he is Logan had a rough morning and is scruffy think hot beard dirty and exhausted He doesn’t tell Jessica who he is She thinks he’s just a member of Logan’s staff She nicknames him Mountain Man in her head because he’s so tall large and bearded rowl When she has car problems he lends her a helping hand including a place to stay for the time she’s there a new BB run by a friend Eventually she figures out her Mountain Man is Logan and that’s where the fun starts for both of themJessica tries her hardest to convince Logan to take her father’s very generous offer Logan refuses to be convinced but he likes having Jessica around She’s “Jessie” to him and he’s very turned on by her long legs and her high heels She also not skittish about hanging out with him in the woods when he wants to get away even in those high heels she loves wearing They bond flirt and then their attraction blooms to the point that Jessica wants to chuck it all away and stay with Logan in his backwater town But here are big obstacles for these two Jessica’s father wants to win and has a card underneath his sleeve regarding Logan’s father Plus there might be a steroid problems among Logan’s players on the football team he has to deal with Plus can Jessica give up everything she’s worked so hard for?Caught Up in the Touch is a simple love story with nice characters Even with the subplot of drug and steroid use in high school sports and Logan’s family issues as well as Jessica’s tempestuous relationship with her father there aren’t many grand gestures here or explosive action Logan and Jessica have good chemistry together but they take their time before they act on their attraction lots of kissing before the sex But the “I love you’s” come on too fast to be believable But overall I did enjoy Caught Up in the Touch The ending is too pat and predictable but it has a HEA which after all worksCaught Up in the Touch is a solid romance with likable characters A pretty okay read to spend a few hours lost in

  7. Cocktails and Books Cocktails and Books says:

    This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksWhat if what you have worked your whole life for a goal just to discover that maybe it wasn’t really what you wanted? In a roundabout way that’s what happens to Jessica Montgomery in Caught Up in the TouchJessica is 29 and has spent her life trying to measure up to the expectations of her father who is also her boss He sends her to Falcon to woo Logan Wilde to work for their company Things don’t go as planned and Jessica ends up changing her entire lifeJessica and Logan are both great characters; they both have struggled with themselves in the past and have come out stronger I loved their interactions with each other and how they went from slightly adversarial to friends to a couple One of my favorite themes in the book is one of acceptance and support You see it in the relationship between Logan and Jessica but also in the relationships of some of the secondary charactersCaught Up in the Touch is the second book in the Falcon Football series but it didn’t feel like it For starters it takes place roughly 2 years after the first book and while the main characters from the first book make appearances their story doesn’t impact that of Logan and Jessica This is an incredibly well written book that is both fun and heartfelt; I am looking forward to coming back to Falcon to see what happens next Reviewer information can be found under the Tags section of the post on our site

  8. bookaholic ge bookaholic ge says:

    Jessica Montgomery has big dreams and one of them is to be the CFO of her families company Fortunately her big chance has finally come unfortunately to get the job she needs to get Logan Wilde to commit to her families companyLogan Wildes' life is finally coming together His restaurant is a success the football team he coaches is getting back into the towns good graces and now a sexy stranger comes into town and shakes up his life Will Jessica convince Logan to leave his small town and go to the big city or will Jessica get drawn into Logans small town life and find out exactly what small towns really have to offer? Read and find outI received this book as an ARC from Net Galley for my honest reviewThis is the 2nd book that I have read from Laura Trentham and I really enjoyed every second of it I always respect the fact that Laura Trentham always touches on subjects that other authors shy away from My hat really goes off to her on how she hits on these sensitive subjects without making the book dark and boringI loved Jessica and Logan as a couple and from the beginning you know that some of the things revealed during the story are going to ruin there relationship but does Trentham stop there?Nope there are twists and turns that will blow your mind While reading this book I laughed and I cried and I loved every second of it I can not wait for the next book Please continue to bring on the heat because the romance world needs an Author not afraid to bring on something daring and different Great job

  9. CL CL says:

    I could not stop reading this one Logan and Jessica made me fall completely in love with them

  10. Genevieve Bg Genevieve Bg says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Caught Up in the Touch is the follow up of Slow and Steady Rush and is the second book in the Falcon Football series The story follows Alabama chef Logan Wilde a reformed bad boy assistant coach to the local football team and a southern gentleman and Jessica Montgomery a hard at work businesswoman daughter of the boss and southern lady Logan had a lot of problems growing up before going to juvie camp Jessica has a sexist father read here a big ae father who undermines her at every turn and tells her that if she ever wants to be CFO of the family corporation she has to convince Logan to sign to be the chef of one of the family's restaurant After a rather rocky start Jessica and Logan begin a steamy frienship leading on to much After two chapters I wanted to hit Jessica's father I know it's a character but what an a and I was hoping that she would stand up for herself I knew it would get better I hoped anyway and I forged on This book was fantastic The characters had some hard and amazing backstory they had backbone and grit Even if the story took place on a very short stretch of time I didn't feel like I was short changed on the story and characters development side of thing I loved Logan and Jessica they were so real so touching Now that I said all that I'm gonna call my dad and tell him how much I love him and that he is absolutely the best dad ever yep it's that kind of book

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