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Unravished [BOOKS] ✬ Unravished Author i_amtheoutlaw – Buyprobolan50.co.uk SterekStiles has had it up to here with Derek Hale’s bullshitWords4867 complete SterekStiles has had it up to here with Derek Hale’s bullshitWords complete.

10 thoughts on “Unravished

  1. Otila Otila says:

    Stiles just turned 18but Derek is the one who's in for a surpriseA super hot sexy surprise just in case I needed to make that clear ;

  2. Dalia Dalia says:

    Stiles uses mountain ash in a creative way and gets thoroughly ravished It's something like thisbut in a much less innocent way eyebrow waggle

  3. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    Hot diggity DAYUMMe likeyAnyone else having really dirty thoughts about Tyler H's thumbs now?

  4. Jennifer☠Pher☠ Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    Way to fucking go Stiles Way to get you man Rawr

  5. Tara♥ {MindforBooks} Tara♥ {MindforBooks} says:

    Oh my goodness Stiles turns 18Stiles is sick of waiting for Derek to get his shit together Stiles takes matters into his own hands uite literally at one point Oh my PWP goodness

  6. * A Reader Obsessed * * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    Holy freakin amazeballs Wow You go Stiles

  7. Meags Meags says:

    Well that was officially one of the hottest things I've ever read

  8. Britta ★ Nachteule ★ Britta ★ Nachteule ★ says:

    Pretty hot DayumIt felt a bit too much told than that I felt it thoughBut it gets 1 star extra for courage since this was the first fanfic ever for its author

  9. Susan Susan says:

    Holy mother of all Sterek porn That was so HOT

  10. Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ says:

    Holy COW 17 pages andThat was I need a cold shower and a cigarette

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