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    After you finish Howl 1956 , the next Ginsberg collection you should read is Kaddish 1962 It is also the next collection of poetry Ginsberg wrote, but that is not the reason why you should read it You should read it because the personal kaddish a traditional Jewish prayer of mourning which Ginsberg offers for his mother Naomi is the most frankly biographical, most moving and greatest poem Ginsberg ever wrote, and because the book s themes the power of The Mother over creation and destruction, her gifts of both ecstatic poetry and madness to her blessed and cursed devotees completes the persona of the mythic Allen Ginsberg poet seer of the Beats, the Orpheus of a new age.Naomi Ginsberg was a mother to reckoned with An energetic young woman with a winning smile, she was dedicated to her children, her teaching, and the Communist Party She sometimes managed to combine all three her bedtime stories ended with the triumph of the workers But when Allen was very young, she changed daylight began to give her pain, and she would sit for hours in the dark Soon came the prescribed medications, the sanitarium visits, the electroshock Naomi got worse, not better She grew paranoid, convinced her mother in law was trying to kill her, certain that the Government had planted listening devices in her back Her stays in the sanitarium grew longer Eventually, she was lobotomized.Allen was in Berkeley when his mother died, full of the triumph of his recently published Howl, and he didn t make it home to New Jersey for the funeral Later, he discovered that kaddish had not been said because the minimum ritual requirement of ten males a minyan had not been present at the services Thus it was that, three years later, while listening to a record of Ray Charles playing the blues, Allen Ginsberg began to compose his kaddish for Naomi.The poem itself is unique Filled with the most intimate, embarrassing details of a family in chaos including a harrowing bus ride thirteen year old Allen took with crazy Naomi to the sanitarium it is at once the most personal of poems and the most public of prayers It is not the work of a confessional poet in the sense that Lowell, Berryman, Plath, and Sexton were confessional poets but of a new Hebrew prophet a poetic voice reaching beyond Judaism yet thoroughly Jewish who is performing a ritual obligation to his mother.The rest of the book consists of poems on a variety of subjects, but most of them touch on his personal dead, artists touched by death or madness or beyond that door right next to madness the ecstatic state There are tribute poems to particular people his recently deceased Aunt Rose, the suicide Vachel Lindsay, Appollinaire s grave in Pierre Lachaise, Vincent Van Gogh s severed ear and poems which record his reactions to various drugs laughing gas, mescaline, LSD, ayahuasca which seem to move Ginsberg the mystic closer and closer to a fuller sense of the divine Howl and Kaddish do not offer a complete picture of the poet his finest political works, like Wichita Vortex Sutra, were still come but together they reveal the essence of Ginsberg a priest of the great Dionysus, but one who still bows to Apollo, one who can summon his dirges and paeans from the dark heart of the maenads mad dance I fear, though, that this review is getting too rarified, so I will end with one of mad Naomi s down to earth conversations with her son Allen Here she tells him of a meeting she recently has had with God Yesterday I saw God What did he look like Well, in the afternoon I climbed up a ladder he has a cheap cabin in the country, like Monroe, N.Y the chicken farms in the wood He was a lonely old man with a white beard I cooked supper for him I made him a nice supper lentil soup, vegetables, bread butter milk he sat down at the table and ate, he was sad I told him, Look at all those fightings and killings down there, What s the matter Why don t you put a stop to it I try, he said That s all he could do, he looked tired He s a bachelor so long, and he likes lentil soup

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    i make my kids listen to the cd they re going to be brilliant or crazy.

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    Allen Ginsberg s Kaddish is a remarkable reimagining of The Mourner s Kaddish, said as part of the mourning rituals in Judaism in all prayer services, as well as at funerals Wikipedia The poem is dedicated to Ginsberg s mother, Naomi Ginsberg 1894 1956 in it, Ginsberg extensively details his mother s hardships, with emphasis on her ongoing struggle with mental illnessStrange now to think of you, gone without corsets eyes, while I walk on the sunny pavement of Greenwich Village downtown Manhattan, clear winter noon, and I ve been up all night, talking, talking, reading the Kaddish aloud, listening to Ray Charles blues shout blind on the phonograph the rhythm the rhythm and your memory in my head three years after And read Adonais last triumphant stanzas aloud wept, realizing how we suffer And how Death is that remedy all singers dream of, sing, remember, prophesy as in the Hebrew Anthem, or the Buddhist Book of Answers and my own imagination of a withered leaf at dawn Dreaming back thru life, Your time and mine accelerating toward Apocalypse, the final moment the flower burning in the Day and what comes after, looking back on the mind itself that saw an American city a flash away, and the great dream of Me or China, or you and a phantom Russia, or a crumpled bed that never existed like a poem in the dark escaped back to Oblivion No to say, and nothing to weep for but the Beings in the Dream, trapped in its disappearance, sighing, screaming with it, buying and selling pieces of phantom, worshipping each other, worshipping the God included in it all longing or inevitability while it lasts, a Vision anything It leaps about me, as I go out and walk the street, look back over my shoulder, Seventh Avenue, the battlements of window office buildings shouldering each other high, under a cloud, tall as the sky an instant and the sky above an old blue place or down the Avenue to the south, to as I walk toward the Lower East Side where you walked 50 years ago, little girl from Russia, eating the first poisonous tomatoes of America frightened on the dock then struggling in the crowds of Orchard Street toward what toward Newark toward candy store, first home made sodas of the century, hand churned ice cream in backroom on musty brownfloor boards Toward education marriage nervous breakdown, operation, teaching school, and learning to be mad, in a dream what is this life Kaddish, for Naomi Ginsberg, 1894 1956 pg 7 Readers familiar with Ginsberg s Howl will be please to know that many of the beatnik coterie, who appear so memorably in the Footnote to Howl , are present in the poems of Kaddish Most notably, Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac, and Gregory Corso in Laughing Gas Holy Peter holy Allen holy Solomon holy Lucien holy Kerouac holy Huncke holy Burroughs holy Cassady holy the unknown buggered and suffering beggars holy the hideous human angels Footnote to HowlGary Snyder, Jack, Zen thinkers split open existence and laugh Cry what s shock what s measure when the Mind s an irrational traffic light in Gobi follow the blinking lights of contrariety Laughing Gas, I pg 66 The universe be smashedto smithereens by the oncomingatomic explosions withEisenhower as once Presidentof a place called U.S.Gregory wrote the Bomb Russians dream of Mars when the cosmos goes andall consciousness after thefinal explosion of imaginationin the void it won t have made any difference that itall both did and did nothappen, whatever it was oncethought to be so real it will be gone Laughing Gas, III pg 66 References to Vincent van Gogh, Hart Crane, and Vladimir Mayakovsky, specifically their deaths Indeed, there is a romanticism surrounding suicide that surrounds artists and poets Interesting to see how Ginsberg uses these romantic associations to his own ends Russia manufacture feedsmillions but no drunk candream Mayakovsky s suiciderainbow over machineryand backtalk to the sun Europe Europe pg 40 I see nothing but bombsI am not interested in preventing Asia from being Asiaand the governments of Russia and Asia will rise and fall but Asia and Russia will not fallthe government of America also will fall but how can America fallI doubt if anyone will ever fall any except the governmentsfortunately all the governments will fallthe only ones which won t fall are the good onesand the good ones don t yet existBut they have to begin existing they exist in my poemsthey exist in the death of the Russian and American governmentsthey exist in the death of Hart Crane MayakovskyNow is the time for prophecy without death as a consequencethe universe will ultimately disappearHollywood will rot on the windmills of EternityHollywood whose movies stick in the throat of GodYes Hollywood will get what it deserves Death to Van Gogh s Ear pg 61 One poem in particular stood out to me The Lion for Real , which exhibits Ginsberg s affinity for the Surrealists, their fascination with the unconscious as defined by psychoanalysis, specifically Freud s language of symbols utilized in his method of dream interpretation, perhaps best demonstrated in the paintings of Salvador Dal , where the lion is known to represent sexual desire Confirmed by Ginsberg s references to psychoanalysis Called up mu old Reichian analyst , the alignment of the lion with sexual activity I ended masturbating in his jeep parked in the street moaning Lion , and allusion to the abstract painter Wassily KandinskyI came home and found a lion in my living roomRushed out on the fire escape screaming Lion Lion Two stenographers pulled their brunnette hair and banged the window shutI hurried home to Patterson and stayed two daysCalled up old Reichian analystwho d kicked me out of therapy for smoking marijuana It s happened I panted There s a Lion in my living room I m afraid any discussion would have no value he hung upI went to my old boyfriend we got drunk with his girlfriendI kissed him and announced I had a lion with a mad gleam in my eyeWe wound up fighting on the floor I bit his eyebrow he kicked me outI ended up masturbating in his jeep parked in the street moaning Lion Found Joey my novelist friend and roared at him Lion He looked at me interested and read me his spontaneous ignu high poetriesI listened for lions all I heard was Elephant Tiglon Hippogriff Unicorn AntsBut figured he really understood me when we made it in Ignaz Wisdom s bathroom.But next day he sent me a leaf from his Smoky Mountain retreat I love you little Bo Bo with your delicate golden lionsBut there being no Self and No Bars therefore the Zoo of your dear Fatherhath no lionYou said your mother was mad don t expect me to produce the Monster foryour Bridegroom Confused dazed and exalted bethought me of real lion starved in his stinkin HarlemOpened the door the room was filled with the bomb blast of his angerHe roaring hungrily at the plaster walls but nobody could hear outside thru the windowMy eye caught the edge of the red neighbor apartment building standing in deafening stillnessWe gazed at each other his implacable yellow eye in the red halo of furWaxed rhuemy on my own but he stopped roaring and bared a fanggreeting.I turned my back and cooked broccoli for supper on an iron gas stoveboilt water and took a hot bath in the old tup under the sink board.He didn t eat me, tho I regretted him starving in my presence.Next week he wasted away a sick rug full of bones wheaten hair falling outenraged and reddening eye as he lay aching huge hairy head on his pawsby the egg crate bookcase filled up with thin volumes of Plato, Buddha.Sat by his side every night averting my eyes from his hungry motheatenfacestopped eating myself he got weaker and roared at night while I had nightmaresEaten by lion in bookstore on Cosmic Campus, a lion myself starved by Professor Kandinsky dying in a lion s flophouse circus,I woke up mornings the lion still added dying on the floor TerriblePresence I cried Eat me or die It got up that afternoon walked to the door with its paw on the south wall tosteady its trembling bodyLet out a soul rending creak from the bottomless roof of his mouththundering from my floor to heaven heavier than a volcano at night in MexicoPushed the door open and said in a gravelly voice Not this time Baby but I will be back again Lion that eats my mind now for a decade knowing only your hungerNot the bliss of your satisfaction O roar of the universe how am I chosenIn this life I have heard your promise I am ready to die I have servedYour starved and ancient Presence O Lord I wait in my room at your Mercy The Lion for Real pg 53

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    It broke me.

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    In college, I was ridiculous and decided I would contrarily dislike Ginsberg never having read anything by him just because everybody else loved him Then I took a class on modern American poetry in which we read this book, and THANK GOD I read the first line Strange now to think of you, gone without corsets eyes, while I walk on the sunny pavement of Greenwich Village.and that was that I was saved from my own stupidity It s possible that this book is really of a four star title, but for me it s a clear fiver.

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    Haunting and destroying But Ginsberg teaches us how to pick the pieces up, even after one s soul, life, country crashes to the ground Poet as priest poem as prophecy hold up rather well here Maybe it doesn t say such good things about our abilities to evolve, though, when we re given over to economic forces

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    Open mouth weeping

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    Alike to Howl, Kaddish is another collection of two halves Kaddish itself is a long and meandering poem, straddling the sublime and the dull, steering a long way clear of perfection in a way that only Ginsberg could manage All of the ingredients were there great subject matter, great passion, and a burgeoning need to write it But the result is uneven It often feels like therapy for Ginsberg, revisiting his broken childhood, than something which is relatable to most other people.The poems that immediately follow Kaddish concern themselves with the ingredients of greatness, Ignu being, to me, the strongest of all of them a prolonged meditation on artistic self destruction It even credits William S Burroughs as an example of this attitude Burroughs a purest ignu his haircut is a cream his left finger pinkey chopped off for early ignu reasons metaphysical spells love spells with psychoanalystshis very junkhood an accomplishment beyond a million dollarsThe final few poems concern Ginsberg s experiences with a small selection of mind altering drugs Again, these are of uneven quality and probably meant to the audience at the time than a modern reader In the late fifties these drugs were on the far fringes of society In 2014 drugs education is compulsory even in primary schools Lysergic Acid is probably the strongest of these And the poems dealing with Ayahuasca probably the weakest Ayahuasca is still extant only on the fringes of society much so than LSD anyway but anyone who s read any Ayahuasca literature before will likely find his three poems on the subject bringing little new to the table.

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    More and , I think that Allen Ginsberg was the best of the beat generation litterateurs Others were almost as talented, such as Kerouac, John Clellon Holmes, and William Burroughs but Ginsberg was the most sincere and committed Kaddish and Other Poems 50th Anniversary Edition proves it It is a tortured valentine to his poor, mad mother who died in 1956 in an insane asylum The beats toyed with Buddhism and the other Eastern religions, but Ginsberg got the message In a poem dedicated to Gary Snyder called Laughing Gas, he writes I m disgusted It s unbelievable What a funny horribledirty joke The whole universe a shaggy dog story with a weird ending that begins againtill you get the pointOn can get weary of the other beats, but Allen Ginsberg alone is worth re reading till you get the point.

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Kaddish and Other Poems 1958-60 ➵ Kaddish and Other Poems 1958-60 Download ➾ Author Allen Ginsberg – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Great strange visionary poems by the author of Howl In the midst of the broken consciousness of mid 20th century suffering anguish of separation from my own body its natural infinity of feeling its ow Other Poems MOBI ô Great strange visionary poems by the author of Howl In the midst of the broken consciousness of mid th century suffering anguish of separation from my own body its natural infinity of feeling its own self one with all self I instinctively seeking to reconstitute that blissful union which I experience so rarely I took it to be supernatural an gave it holy Name thus made hymn laments of longing litanies of triumphancy of Self over mind illusion mechano universe of un feeling Time in which I saw my self my own Kaddish and ePUB ´ mother my very nation trapped desolate our worlds of consciousness homeless at war except for the original trembling of bliss in breast belly of every body that nakedness rejected in suits of fear that familiar defenseless living hurt self which is myself same as all others abandoned scared to own unchanging desire for each other These poems almost unconscious to confess the beatific human fact the language intuitively chosen as in trance dream the rhythms rising on breath from belly thru breast the hymn completed in tears the movement of the physical poetry and Other Poems MOBI ñ demanding receiving decades of life while chanting Kaddish the names of Death in many worlds the self seeking the Key to life found at last in our self.