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10 thoughts on “Continental Contract The Executioner #5

  1. Edwin Edwin says:

    Kind of a James Bond vibe to this one as Bolan goes international with an unexpected visit to Paris and the French Riviera including the casino in Monte Carlo All this doesn't lend itself well to the established Executioner premise and there are a few times that Bolan acts out of character some credibility straining coincidences and than a few plot holes I still found it to be an entertaining read although it doesn't uite match up to the previous entries in the series

  2. Mike Mike says:

    Our modern day Man from La Mancha escapes from the Eastern seaboard Mafia on a Paris bound flight Also on the trip Gil Martin recognizable movie star On arriving mistaken identities puts the innocent Gil in danger Bolan tries to rescue the guy and finds that his Crime syndicate fighting has multiple frontsOne of five Executioner novels published in 1971 some of the coincidences in this one put the fiction in action adventure to the test

  3. Ken West Ken West says:

    Great read from beginning this was a thrill ride of a Executioner novel for me Loved the setting the characters the pace of the story A great Mack Bolan novel from top to bottom a favorite

  4. Jake Jake says:

    I'm deep into this series and #25 is next All the same this one gets two stars This one was kinda dumb with the 'movie star look alike' who happens to be a fan of Mack Bolan Book #3 Battle Mask is among my favorites in the series and it was strong enough to hurdle me to #6 Assault on Soho which I also thought was awesome Didn't like this one There were a couple decent action scenes to save this story from getting a '1' status The end was just stupid and then the very end was even dumber still Oh well this is pulp they can't all be great

  5. Monica Willyard Moen Monica Willyard Moen says:

    The Executioner wasn’t planning to go to France However when a reconnaissance mission in Washington DC went wrong he had to make a uick exit A jet preparing to fly to Paris was the trick He thought Paris might offer a brief reprieve some time to rest and get perspective Instead he found that the mafia had extensive networks in France and they were willing to hunt him down just as eagerly as the mafia United States When 10 young women were trafficked and sent to Africa to be sold into slavery he realized it was time to teach the spoiled playboys in southern France some hard lessons

  6. Chris Haynes Chris Haynes says:

    I finished reading this book yesterday Right after finishing I thought it was a really good book but the I thought about it I realized there were a lot of things wrong with the storyOne of the scenes that really show how old the book is is when Bolan walks into an airport walks up to an international flight podium and bribes the gate agent with 100 to get him on the plane The agent has them reopen the plane to get him on That would never happen today Another scene of the book has Bolan taping a bunch of different types of maps together to make one good map of the area No Garmin or Google Maps back in those daysAnother thing that bothered me about the book was Bolan letting Rudolfi goTWICE Why would he do that? In the previous book he shot a mob guy the instant a door was open wide enough to stick the gun through no uestions no verification of who was opening the door just blam and on to the next guy It made no sense to let Rudolfi go except to fit the narrative at the end of the bookOther things that bothered me the Paris police come to Bolan's hotel room just minutes after he killed a dozen guys right across the street and they don't check his passport because he has a naked woman in his bed and they are embarrassed for disturbing him Seriously?? Cici made several suspicious phone calls that Bolan even thought were suspicious but he doesn't even ask her about it the first time and the second time she assured him she wasn't betraying him and all he said was OK?? That makes no sense I know he spent some time in this book thinking about dying but it doesn't make sense to have such a fatalistic attitude that he wouldn't uestion her until he was satisfied with her answers The Wilson Brown part of the story line really went nowhere and Brown's sudden change of heart at the end was too convenientThe parts of the book I really liked were the Bolan character development scenes He uestions what he's doing he feels he's reaching the end of his road and is going to die soon He really just wants to take some time off and forget about everything spending time in Eden with Cici is the way he put it I thought those scenes showed Bolan's humanityI liked his second trip to Madame Celeste’s whorehouse where he started at the top and worked his way down to the street taking out everybody in his way I also really liked when he gave the mob an ultimatum that he would kill one mob boss every hour until the hookers were released It didn't take them long to give in to his demandsLike I said about the last book it doesn't pay to be a female friend of Mack Bolan In this book there are two women who feel the wrath of fate One is a British hooker in France trying to find herself and write a book who gets kidnapped and is on her way to be sold into slavery in Algiers when Bolan convinces the mob to turn her and 9 other hookers loose The other is Cici who gets shot in the stomach while she and Bolan are making out He should really come with a warning labelOverall I liked the book but I thought it was pretty weak compared to the previous 4 volumes

  7. Theophilus (Theo) Theophilus (Theo) says:

    Great excitement After you read this you might wonder what the inspiration was for all of those shoot em up video games Mack Bolan is the original action hero After his family was murdered by mafioso while he was serving the country in Vietnam Mack Bolan declares war on the Mafia He travels wherever they are to do battle His relentless vendetta take him to France mostly by accident where he lets them know there is no hiding place on Earth where they are safe from him He discovers a white slavery ring in Paris and the battle is engaged Easy to read and to the point good will triumph over evil at least through this chapter of his private and very personal war

  8. Nick Nick says:

    This Mack Bolan guy seems like kind of a nut

  9. Curtis Curtis says:

    It's very interesting to read these books again now with an adult perspective and a writer's perspective too Pendleton by book five is showing some confidence in his handling of the serialized nature of his writing The first four seemed to aspire to somewhat self contained storylines where Bolan had a clear objective he was building to by the end of each book This book on the other hand feels like a chapter in a larger storyBolan is reactive here than in previous installments Even his big blitz at the end is a response to events put in motion by his adversaries He is passing through France storywise breaking out of the Bolan targets a specific mobster formula He also seems to be learning from his mistakes His pattern of endangering the lives of innocent people culminates in the injury of Cici his main ally in this book The last few pages suggest a shift in attitude regarding the involvement of others in his war It will be interesting to see if this change sticks specifically if Bolan's character is in fact shaped by the events of each book or if he resets to allow for formulaic storytelling

  10. Viva Viva says:

    Lots of violence and a little sex pulp fiction style If this is what you want this is what you'll get This book is part of the Mack Bolan series and thank goodness that you can start with any book in the series because they have a prologue that kinda sets the stageWhen I read the other reviews a word some reviewers used is addicting I never thought about it this way but it's true I like these books and they are addicting in the fact that you want to read Spoiler synopsis Bolan escapes to France with the US government's unofficial blessing and cleans up there The US Mafia tries to get their French affiliate to do the job with dozens of hardmen flown in He befriends a couple of ladies One is a lady of the night and when the whole brothel is punished by being sent over to Africa Bolan saves them by killing one head baddie per hour until they are returned Another lady falls in love with Bolan and helps him accomplish his task in Nice

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