A Texas Cowboy or Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a

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  1. Ron Ron says:

    At the age of 28 when he wrote his memoir Charles Siringo had already been a cowboy for 15 years Born in 1855 on the Gulf Coast of Texas Siringo worked in one job after another across the Midwest and Southwest ranging from St Louis to New Mexico Still a teenager he settled on cowboying at the time of the great cattle drives and was apparently very good at it though no luckier than most at making a living from it He worked for many years for the LX ranch in the Texas Panhandle for a while rounding up cattle that had drifted away or were stolen This occupation put him in New Mexico at the time of Billy the Kid who was four years his junior He never met Billy but knew men who did and his imagination seems to have been fired by the stories they told about the pursuit and eventual shooting of this young outlaw Though by his own account Siringo never shot a man himself he was a dead aim with a six shooterHis memoir was written as he admits in his preface to make money and lots of it It's not great literature beginning with his earliest childhood memories and recounting the events of his life with no particular sense of compelling storytelling It's just one darn thing after another But a reader with some patience will be rewarded in the latter part of the book as his adventures begin adding up to something like a real narrative working for the LX as a range detective and he begins emerging as of a coherent protagonist in his own storyAnd it's not all about the work of cowboying herding and rounding up cattle and taking them to market There are some close scrapes and some fearless derring do And there are also matters of the heart as the young cowboy falls in love with a string of sweethearts he meets along the way finally marrying one he meets in Kansas and ending his career as a cowboy I'm happy to recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the Wild West cowboys ranching in the days of the open ranges and social history of the late 19th century The 1950 edition is worth having for the wonderful introduction by Texas folklorist J Frank Dobie

  2. Julesmarie Julesmarie says:

    I can only echo other reviewers and say that while this might not be uality literature bits of it were great fun to read The best parts reminded me a lot of the tall tales I loved growing up with everything exaggerated into pure sillinessOther parts were like a list of events or actions and they lost all of the energy of the rest of the bookStill fascinating to get a glimpse however embroidered into what life was like back then Favorite uote A little circumstance happened which made me a better boy and no doubt a better man than I should have been had it never happened

  3. Avis Black Avis Black says:

    This is an utterly exasperating book It has been called a classic and the uintessential book of cowboy life Unfortunately Siringo's youthful life is an endless round of getting drunk fighting spending money until he's broke and desperate and losing his job The cycle repeats over and over and it grows very tiresome Though the writing is competent I got sick of the book and uit reading it Even his section on Billy the Kid failed to impress As for 'authentic portrayal of cowboy life' I'd like to think they were occasionally smarter than this

  4. Luke Luke says:

    A Texas Cowboy written by Charles A Siringo A Texas Cowboy is an autobiography it talks about life as a cowboy and a kid in the 1860’s He does some pretty bizarre things as a kid being an adventures little guy As he starts to mature you see his his goals and ideas change He ends up finding work as a rancher and tells his tales of living out in the desert rangaling cattle It is uite an interesting tale for anyone into cowboys You get to learn about the work part of being a cowboy and not the guns ablazing type of cowboy If you enjoy history this is a great book about normal life in the 1800’s it does get a little bland at some points because his life wasn’t SUPER exciting at every moment but for the most part its a real good story

  5. Geoff Sebesta Geoff Sebesta says:

    First off sorta racist Sorta crazy racist Sorta crazy racist even by the standards of its day which were crazy racistAlso this guy strikes me as the least reliable narrator I've ever read Not sure I believe one single thing he saysThat said it was interesting as hell The guy had one hell of an interesting childhood

  6. Bella Flynn Bella Flynn says:

    Pretty tough book to get through In parts i feel like I'm reading a long list of things that occurred Thats not to say its not enjoyable for someone who loves Western Culture which i certainly do I will say i think its a slow burning book that needs a lot of time to face Not for you average reader think its a little too dry

  7. Ted Barton Ted Barton says:

    Forgotten HistoryFor those interested in the history of the West this uick read is worth the time Very interesting to be able to read what is basically a first hand account those times an places

  8. Peary Perry Peary Perry says:

    he starts off in an honest way by telling us he wants to make money with this bookfair enoughthis old boy had a tough lifeshould get a PHD from the school of hard knocks easy read and entertaining

  9. Derrick Jeter Derrick Jeter says:

    A good old fashion true tales of cowboying when cowboying was in its heyday Love the language

  10. Mark Grove Mark Grove says:

    Excellent Outstanding first hand account of cowboy life on the Western Plains in the mid 19th century All thumbs up Recommended

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A Texas Cowboy or Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony [Ebook] ➧ A Texas Cowboy or Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony ➭ Charles A. Siringo – Buyprobolan50.co.uk ABOUT THE AUTHOR Charlie Siringo was born in Matagorda County Texas to an Irish immigrant mother and an Italian immigrant father from Piedmont He attended public school until reaching the age of 15 wh ABOUT THE Cowboy or PDF ↠ AUTHOR Charlie Siringo was born in Matagorda County Texas to an Irish immigrant mother and an Italian immigrant father from Piedmont He attended public school until reaching the age of when he started working on local ranches as a cowboy In March April and May A Texas Epub / Siringo was in Dodge City Kansas during an alleged confrontation between Clay Allison and Wyatt Earp Earp was a Deputy Marshal at the time Earp later claimed after Allison's death in that he and Bat Masterson had forced Allison to back down from an impending confrontation Siringo Texas Cowboy or eBook ↠ however later gave a written account of Texas Cowboy or Fifteen Years PDF \ that incident which contradicted Earp's claim stating that Earp never came into contact with Allison and that two businessmen cattleman Dick McNulty and the owner of the Long Branch Saloon Chalkley Beeson in Dodge City actually defused the situation After taking part Texas Cowboy or Fifteen Years PDF \ in several cattle drives Siringo stopped herding to settle down get married and opened a merchant business in Caldwell Kansas He began writing a book entitled A Texas Cowboy; Or Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony A year later it was published to wide acclaim and became one of the first true looks into life as a cowboy written by someone who had actually lived the life This pre publication has been converted from its original format for the Kindle and may contain an occasional defect from the original publication or from the conversion.