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The Kiss That Saved Her ❮Reading❯ ➷ The Kiss That Saved Her Author E.M. McCarthy – THE KISS THAT SAVED HER She knew of Duke William’s reputation and she wanted him know that she was not about to play his game “I understand that it is their kingdom’s custom to marry their cousi THE KISS THAT SAVED HER She knew of That Saved MOBI ó Duke William’s reputation and she wanted him know that she was not The Kiss eBook ï about to play his game “I understand that it is their kingdom’s custom to marry their cousins” William tested her “I Kiss That Saved PDF/EPUB ì am sure that the Prince of Ott will be a wonderful husband if he marries again Will you be” Joanna shouldn’t have said it; it revealed too much and she regretted it “I must apologize to you my gracious host it is an unfair unkind and far too familiar uestion” “No do not apologize It is what I find so refreshing about you Joanna—you speak so plainly about what is on your mind I plan to be an excellent husband when I marry but you will not know” Princess Joanna is expected to marry to protect her kingdom from the threat of war but she loves David a common man She will only marry if she loves her husband Her dearest friend Prince Samuel has loved her since he met her Rumors swirl about Prince Samuel’s relationship with a princess whose country has had a major discovery of gold Will there be a change of heart Is there really such a thing as love at first sight Copy available at.

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  1. Amanda Marie Amanda Marie says:

    The overall plot was good It is a retelling of Snow White However the story doesn’t stop with Snow White Joanna waking up That is only about 40% in with the ebook The story goes on to recount Joanna’s first year or so after she returns to the palace as the princessJoanna is a princess who flees when her stepmother tries to kill her She hides out with a group of men I almost want to call them misfits They live in a cave and agree to take Joanna in even though they don’t know anything about herJoanna falls in love with a young man her own age David and ends up marrying him But then the ueen finds Joanna She feeds Joanna a poisoned apple David comes to save the day and kills the ueen He however dies because the ueen managed to stuff some of the poisoned apple down his throat before she died After Joanna is awoken she is crowned as ueen There is some political stuff with neighboring countrieskingdoms and Joanna has to try to resolve all of this Then there is Prince Samuel and Duke William Duke William seems to be a bit shallow He is not very consistent First attacking Joanna’s kingdom and then apparently having feelings for her but not really because he calls it a gamePrince Samuel I like a lot He slowly lets his feelings grow and doesn’t always know how to act on them In all he is a sweet characterI like the way marriage is portrayed in this book It isn't something for convenience Marriage means something and Joanna knows thatI really liked the way this book was written The dialogue made each character distinct enough that I could tell them apart It was a good retelling of Snow WhiteI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest reviewThis review first appeared at CatholicAmandacom

  2. C.L. C.L. says:

    Flawless dialogue—that’s what stands out the most in this book It’s so convincing that I could hear the characters’ voices in my head The author also nailed the characterization particularly with Joanna and Duke William Even though William is an antagonist he still has remarkably redeeming ualities that add to his complexity as a character and make him feel like a real personThe plot is full of different kinds of suspense whether it be physical as in the first chapter when the hunter is debating whether to shoot Joanna or suffer the wrath of the ueen or emotional like when Duke William is taunting Joanna The micro tension and the internal and external conflicts kept me turning the pages The book effortlessly glides to the satisfying climax and resolutionThe uality I found most moving about this book however is its view of marriage Joanna is determined to marry for love and to choose a husband who will stick by her and take their marriage seriously I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance particularly in the style of Jane Austen and to anyone looking for a wholesome book with an uplifting message

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