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Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden ❮Reading❯ ➷ Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden ➯ Author Nathalie Léger – First published in France in 2012 to critical and popular acclaim this is the first book about the remarkable American actress and filmmaker Barbara Loden Loden’s 1970 film Wanda is a masterpiece of First published in France la vie PDF/EPUB ¿ in to critical and popular acclaim this is the first book about the remarkable American actress and filmmaker Barbara Loden Loden’s film Wanda is a masterpiece of early cinema vérité an anti Bonnie and Clyde road movie about a young woman adrift Supplément à PDF \ in rust belt Pennsylvania in the early s who embarks on a crime spree with a small time crookHow to paint a life describe a personality Inspired by the film a researcher seeks to piece together a portrait of its creator In her soul searching homage to the former à la vie PDF/EPUB ¶ pin up girl famously married to Hollywood giant Elia Kazan the biographer’s evocative powers are put to the test New insights into Loden’s sketchy biography remain scarce and the words of Marguerite Duras Georges Perec Jean Luc Godard Sylvia Plath Kate Chopin Herman Melville Samuel Beckett and WG Sebald à la vie de Barbara Epub / come to the narrator’s rescue As remembered scenes from Wanda alternate with the droll journal of a flailing research project personal memories surface and à la vie de Barbara Epub / with them uncomfortable insights into the inner life of a singular woman who is also somehow every woman.

  • Paperback
  • 121 pages
  • Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden
  • Nathalie Léger
  • English
  • 10 April 2016
  • 9780993009303

About the Author: Nathalie Léger

Nathalie Léger is an la vie PDF/EPUB ¿ award winning French author living in Paris as well as an editor an archivist and a curator Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden won the prestigious Prix du livre Inter voted for by readers across France Other works include L’Exposition a Supplément à PDF \ semi fictionalised essay about the enigmatic Countess of Castiglione the most photographed woman in late th century Par.

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  1. Lynne King Lynne King says:

    On 21 February 1971 Barbara told the Sunday News “I was nothing I had no friends No talent I was like a shadow I didn’t learn a thing in school I still can’t count I hated movies as a child people on the screen were perfect and it made me feel inferior’ Later on in the Post “I used to hide behind doors I spent my childhood hiding behind my grandmother’s stove I was very lonely’ Later still in Positive “I’ve gone through my while life like I was autistic convinced I was worth nothing I didn’t know who I was I was all over the place I had no pride” And yet as Léger stated I also discover that she liked “Journey to the End of the Night” by Céline “Nana” by Zola “Breathless “by Godard Maupassant’s short stories and Andy Warhol’s filmsThe author was completely unknown to me as was Barbara Loden the subject of this book and yet as soon as I read the blurb and saw that Loden apart from being a stage and film actress was also the second wife of Hollywood giant Elia Kazan I knew that I would absolutely devour and love this book That indeed turned out to be the case I have a weakness for the films of the “Golden Age” of Hollywood and I have this wonderful French book of Hollywood actors and actresses including Ava Gardener Gary Cooper Humphrey Bogart etcI was however confused first of all why Léger had chosen Loden to write about Léger admitted that for her “Suite for Barbara Loden” began as a notice “It seemed simple enough All I had to do was write a short entry for a film encyclopaedia” And that did not suffice as after much research it ended up like thisImagine Loden born in 1932 a former pin up girl who had known Mickey Mantle in those days the fifties in fact when he was the most famous baseball player in the New York Yankees team after Joe DiMaggio There’s a very amusing episode when Léger tracks him down in the States and meets him at the Houdini Museum She was also somewhat bemused to find that he had been reading ProustLoden then managed to get small parts in films nearly making great films with actors like Burt Lancaster but then they always fell by the wayside When Elia Kazan was faced with her on a set he had only one thing on his mind He subseuently married LodenLoden was a uniue individual in that she really didn’t know who she was and finally decided to direct and star in her own independent film “Wanda” in 1970 when she was thirty eight In reality she was playing herselfYou can imagine how difficult that must have been to find financial backing She ended up with a rather low budget This makes me think of Clint Eastwood who was born two years before Loden and who also directed and starred in his own films At that time it must have been hard for a woman to make an entrance in the film industry as a director and she has to be admired for thatLoden’s film “Wanda” brought her a certain amount of fame but she was never really accepted in the film world and died of cancer in 1980 She was still married to Kazan when she died She consulted many doctors prior to her death and one even said that her problem was brought about because she didn’t cry enough As she lay dying all she said was Shit shit shit then she spat out some tiny stones – it’s the liver the nurse said – and diedWhat is so perfect about this book is that Léger shines in her efforts and determination to trace the rather hidden life of Loden Nevertheless there were many papers that she was unable to gain access to and it was through a novel she managed to get closer but not that much in the 1967 novel that Kazan published called “The Arrangements” It proved to be very difficult but she has indeed produced the most remarkable book here a mere 120 pages but the depth of the book is unuestionable and I won’t go into too much detail about the film “Wanda” In a way it is based on Loden herself a very private individual who found that she could relate to the real Alma Malone on whom the film is based who ended up in prison for twenty years in Marysville Ohio Loden tried to meet her but the governor wouldn’t allow it There are indeed shades of Marilyn Monroe here In the film briefly Wanda meets Mr Dennis and they plan a bank robbery and it all goes horribly wrongI was so fascinated by the content of the film that I’ve ordered the DVD of “Wanda” and I cannot wait to see itFor a definitive review of this book do read Proustitute’s excellent review on the link below good to read another perfect book It has made my day here in France where we have a holiday for All Saints’ Day It couldn’t be appropriate I’m sitting here on my terrace overlooking the Pyrenees it is sunny there is a clear sky and well it couldn’t be better

  2. Paul Fulcher Paul Fulcher says:

    Valeria Luiselli's wonderful Lost Children Archive references many works of literature but one reference in particular struck meAmong these I find a small white book—the galleys of a novel by Nathalie Léger called Untitled for Barbara Loden It looks a little out of place there sueezed and silent so I take it out and head back to the roomI turn on my bedside lamp and stay up late reading the novel by Nathalie Léger underlining parts of sentences “violence yes but the acceptable face of violence the kind of banal cruelty enacted within the familythe hum of ordinary life”“the story of a woman who has lost something important but does not know exactly what”“a woman on the run or in hiding concealing her pain and her refusal putting on an act in order to break free” I’m reading the same book in bed when the boy wakes up before sunrise the next morning His sister and father are still asleep I have hardly slept all night He makes an effort to seem like he’s been awake for a long time or like he’d never fallen asleep and we’d been having an intermittent conversation all the while Wrenching himself up in a loud clear voice he asks what I’m reading A French book I whisper What’s it about?Nothing really It’s about a woman who’s looking for somethingLooking for what?I don’t know yet; she doesn’t know yetThat galley which the author herself read was the as then untitled English translation of Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden by Nathalie Léger brilliantly translated by Natasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon as Suite for Barbara Loden and published in the UK by a new publisher Les Fugitives founded by ManonAttentive Netflix fans also splotted the book strategically placed in a scene of Russian Dolls this year It seemed simple enough All I had to do was write a short entry for a film ­encyclopedia No need to put your heart and soul into it the editor had said on the phone Nathalie Léger had been asked to write this brief entry about the film Wanda made by Barbara Loden in 1970 her only film as a director Loden also playing the eponymous title roleBut her heart and soul couldn't resist getting involved the result was this short but powerful novel essay and autofiction The book is part a detailed scene by scene appreciation of the film for example the opening Seen from a distance a woman etched against the darkness Whether it is a woman in fact is hard to tell we’re so far away Framed by mountains of rubble a tiny white figure barely than a dot against the dark expanse slowly and steadily picks its way through this huge mass of ­debris a vast towering slag heap intersected with great mounds of excavated rock stony depressions muddy tracks waiting to be ploughed up by the trucks In a wide angle shot we follow this minute ethereal figure as it makes its way intently along the forbidding horizon At times the dust absorbs and dissolves the figure as it doggedly moves on lit up for a moment now just a vague smudge now almost transparent like a backlit hole in the picture a blind spot on the decimated landscape Yes it is a womanbut also a tribute to Loden herself and her life and the story of Léger's investigations into the largely forgotten life of Loden and the film as well as her own personal perspectivesThe movie as Léger discovers in her investigations is based on a real life story which had grabbed Loden's attention of a woman with little purpose in her life trapped into a bank robbery which goes horribly wrong In simple terms the film could be described as a anti Bonnie and Clyde movie in both style and substance and indeed the dissonance goes further than what appears on the screenLoden was first acclaimed as an actress for her Tony award winning performance as Maggie a rather lightly fictionalised version of Marilyn Monroe in a production of Arthur Miller Monroe's ex husband's After the Fall at film director Elia Kazan's A Streetcar Named Desire On the Waterfront Repertory Company Her understudy for the role was the then unknown Faye DunawayElia Kazan later wrote a novel The Arrangement with significant elements from his own life and one of the characters Gwen Hunt borrowing various elements some that she regarded as violations of her privacy from Loden's lifeBut when the book was turned into a film in 1969 the part of Gwen Hunt was given not to Loden but to Faye Dunaway off the back of her starring role in Bonnie ClydeKazan and Loden's relationship was obviously a troubled one as he himself later documented in his autobiography which is at times rather belittling of Loden's talents and Léger sees strong echoes of this in Wanda in Loden's film and performance a film she has said was based on her own experiences as well as on the true crime storyThere is so much to this book watch the film then read the book45 stars

  3. Jenny (Reading Envy) Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    The first time I got a copy of this book I thought ugh no The second time I got a copy of it I was confusedWhat do people see in this?How can a book about a film be interesting at all?I decided to push through during Women in Translation month a bit of a completist for my Dorothy Publishing Project pile The author embarks on a research project of Barbara Loden we are told it is to write an encyclopedia entry but since many reviews call this autofiction I'm not sure that's true Regardless this reads like essay memoir research journal The focus is on the actress who made a film one time and what the statement is about women feminism the value of a life etc etc I found it to go far deeper than I expected and it stayed with me I finished it a week ago and marked a bunch of pages and there aren't many to start with and wasn't ready to wrap my head around itI'm going to go watch the film Barbara Loden made Wanda and come back to this review

  4. Proustitute Proustitute says:

    My review of this was published in Music Literature here

  5. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Rating 5 of fiveMy review of SUITE FOR BARBARA LODEN is live today at Mel Bosworth's Small Press Book Review Another wonderful wonderful book published by Dorothy a Publishing Project The sooner you acuaint yourself with this extraordinary publishing house the happier your brains will be

  6. Agnese Agnese says:

    This was AMAZING A mesmerizing little gem of a book I only wish it were longer

  7. June June says:

    A brilliant essayistic novel that follows the author’s obsession with actress Barbara Loden and her film Wanda Loden who said that she made the film “as a way of confirming my existence” nonetheless remains poignantly elusive a shadow This is the second gem published by the Dorothy Project I’ve read

  8. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    You can read my review here'm speechless It's not only the best book I've read this year it's one of the best I've ever read I have finally found a book that speaks completely to me and my own feelings I'm beyond moved I'm transformed

  9. Miriam Bridenne Miriam Bridenne says:

    “The iconic woman of the 70’s is nothing but a woman wondering what she will do with her so called liberty She wonders what kind of lie she will be forced to invent in order to hide at ease from men so that she will – finally – be left alone” Nathalie LégerIn this eerie and enchanting novel Nathalie Léger invites us to an intimate exploration of the life and work of Barbara Loden With much subtlety she reveals the delicate and insightful portrait of three women struggling to keep their balance as they find themselves caught between their own aspirations and the ones that are forced on them between their desires fears and renunciationsIn Supplément à la vie no specific reference to the age of the narrator is made All we know about this discreet person is that she is an author commissioned to write a short text on Barbara Loden an actress mostly remembered as the director of a uniue – but nevertheless splendid – movie Wanda Prior to becoming Elias Kazan’s wife Barbara Loden was his longtime companion and she was his inspiration for the novel – and eponymous film – The Arrangement Our narrator falls under the spell of the many similarities between the existence of Loden and the life of the woman after whom Wanda was written Engrossed by their mirroring destinies our heroin gets lost in her research a research that leads her on across the United States to the path of her own mother’s past Nathalie Léger is blessed with a real gift for capturing telling moments and she moves as a camera into the history and struggles of these women Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden is an absorbing novel that goes straight under your skin Its heroines take possession of you They occupy your soul like haunting silhouettes both fragile and strong adrift and silently stubborn undeniably and forever beautiful

  10. Jill Jill says:

    I had never heard of Barbara Loden but I kept coming across this title and it's hard to resist a book about a woman with a complex history whose life was cut short at 48A newspaper article in the 60s states that a woman assisting in a bank robbery is sentenced to 20 years in prison and thanks the judge after her sentencing Barbara Loden is fascinated by what kind of life this woman must have had to thank the judge for a 20 year sentence and creates her movie Wanda about this imagined existence She wrote directed and starred in the movie and won Best Foreign Film at the Venice Film Festival in 1970 I have not seen her film Wanda yet and I feel as though you have to watch the movie to fully appreciate the book because it is referenced so often Nathalie Leger becomes eually obsessed with Loden herself when asked to write a short introduction for a film encyclopedia and the result is this book I found the reflections on the lives of Wanda and Barbara Loden interesting but there seemed to be a lot of filler in the book especially the second half It's disappointing that Loden's son refused to share his mother's papers with the author because I am sure it would have been a fascinating journey A brief interesting book which may have been better if it were edited to the length of a New Yorker article

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