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  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    Snow White and Russian Red by Dorota Maslowska is the first and award winning novel by this young Polish author It is tersely written stylish and darkly humorous about troubled drug addled marginalized post Communist Polish youths The story starts out with the main character being dumped by his girlfriend and his search for the next girl next hit of speed and his continued commentary about the state of Poland The book is well written but the characters were so unlikeable and their lives pointless and uninteresting that I had a hard time connecting with them in any way I uickly grew tired of the casual sex rampant drug use and shallow friendships Not bad just not my cup of tea

  2. Adrian Adrian says:

    So this has been called the Polish Trainspotting by other people and I must admit I agree Remember when you first read Trainspotting? How you couldn't understand why someone would write a book like this but couldn't put it down? This is the same a stream of scratchy prose with no chapters and hardly any punctuation becomes one of the funniest and yet most horrible books you will have read Basically I absolutely loved this the first book to make me laugh out loud on the train in a very long time

  3. Lavinia Zamfir Lavinia Zamfir says:

    Don't read this one if you don't know what drugs do to your brain I can hardly say I liked reading this book and I love books that involve drugs Too much trips too much chaos for me Good job for portraying the post communist country though This one was not for me even though I do appreciate it

  4. Lukasz Pruski Lukasz Pruski says:

    I just wanted to write a little in my native language this one time just to see whether I still am able to The English version of the review a different one is below the Polish version Miesiac temu przeczytalem Snow White and Russian Red Doroty Maslowskiej angielskie tlumaczenie powiesci Wojna polsko ruska pod flaga bialo czerwona i zachwycony jej wspaniala proza ocenilem ksiazke na cztery i trzy czwarte gwiazdki Teraz przeczytawszy ksiazke po polsku musze zmienic zdanie Jest to absolutnie fantastyczna ksiazka Wiem ze to zabrzmi jak swietokradztwo a moze obrazoburstwo ale powiesc Maslowskiej jest dla mnie porownywalna z Lalka Prusa Przedwiosniem Zeromskiego czy Ferdydurke Gombrowicza Teraz calkiem sie wychyle ale porownam te powiesc tez do Pana Tadeusza Podobna sila przekazu i podobnej skali talent pisarskiWojna polsko ruska portretuje rzeczywistosc Polski 2002 roku nowo wolnej Polski sytuacje ludzi kompletnie otumanionych przez telewizje i reklamy ludzi szamoczacych sie w tej nowo nabytej wolnosci Dorota Maslowska ma absolutny sluch pisarski jej wyczucie jezyka jest fenomenalne Jezyk powiesci jest prawdziwy dosadny bardzo wulgarny bo przeciez tak kurwa wielu Polakow mowi A do tego jest to histerycznie smieszna ksiazka Zasmiewalem sie nad prawie kazda stronica Wezmy chociazby zdanie A w miedzyczasie osraly ja wazki Czy tez Wiesz mnie od urodzenia bolalo w piersiach czulem niepokoj Wreszcie jednego dnia zajrzalem sobie do gardla a tam podwojne dno Ze wszystkich ksiazek ktore czytalem w zyciu a bylo ich wiele chyba tylko Wstep do imagineskopii Sledzia Otrembusa Podgrobelskiego wywolal u mnie wiecej smiechuZamieszczam ponizej moja angielsko jezyczna recenzje z angielskiego tlumaczenia a tutaj jeden z moich ulubionych fragmentow oryginalnej wersji polskiej Cale me zycie staje mi przed oczami takie jakie bylo Przedszkole gdzie dwiedzialem sie ze wszystkim nam chodzi o pokoj na swiecie o biale golebie z bristolu 3000 zlotych za blok a potem raptem 3500 zlotych mus tak zwanego lezakowania siku w majtki epidemia prochnicy klub wiewiorki brutalna fluoryzacja uzebienia Potem przypominam sobie podstawowke zla wychowawczynia zle nauczycielki w kozakach kurwiszonach szatnie obuwie zamienne i izbe pamieci pokoj pokoj golebie pokoju z bristolu frunace na nitce bawelnopodobnej przez hol pierwsze kontakty homo w szatni wuef Ja tez przez to wszystko przeszedlem mimo ze pani Maslowska jest mlodsza od mojej corkiPoza tym odszczekuje krytyke zakonczenia z Masloska z mojej angielskiej recenzji Jest ono swietne; w pewnym sensie przypomina mi najlepsze utwory Stanislawa Lema A wiec albo moj angielski nie jest wystaczajacy albo tlumaczenie nie jest tak znowu wspaniale jak uwazalem Dlugopis z napisem Zdzislaw Sztorm przypomina mi symbol Trystero z wspanialej noweli Thomasa Pynchona The Crying of Lot 49 Co za klasa Szesc gwiazdek za genialny warsztat literacki cztery za tresc Czyli piec gwiazdekFor years my wife has been telling me about this young born in 1983 Polish writer Dorota Maslowska and about her book Snow White and Russian Red 2002 the original Polish title sounds much better Wojna polsko ruska pod flaga bialo czerwona which roughly means A Polish Russian war under the white and red flag I have been reluctant to read it; after all what can one expect from a nineteen year old author? While it is obvious that at nineteen one can be a great mathematician poet chess player and the like it seems impossible to write a great novel at that age At nineteen one can have the knowledge of structures but not the structure of knowledge which takes years and years of living to emerge For example I myself at nineteen was a total idiot like almost all of my friends and acuaintances boys much than girls sorry for the sexist stereotyping; of course I knew about music games sports films TV etc but I knew nothing about the matters that count I knew nothing about lifeNow that I have read the book in English translation because someone has borrowed the Polish original from us and never bothered to return it I am totally blown away by it There is much depth in the novel and the writing is utterly magnificent The entire ending is a literary tour de force; it is poetic hypnotic brilliant Like wow manThe novel which some critics rightly compare to Catcher in the Rye Trainspotting Naked Lunch is about gray depressing small town life of young people the author's contemporaries in the times of systemic change in Poland from the so called Communism to free market economy The narrator is a young man called Nails Silny in the Polish original who has just been dumped by his girlfriend Nails and everybody else in the novel are constantly on speed They live from day to day without any aim in a country where as they say there is no future They look up to the West and down on the RusskiesWhen I was 19 life was so much easier We knew who the bad guys were the government the press radio and TV They were always lying to us the good Polish people In 2002 Poland things are not so easy; it is hard to know who the bad people are Nails claims to be a leftist anarchist but he really does not know what it means and is mainly interested in satisfying the needs of this one special part of his bodySnow White and Russian Red is a biting satire on xenophobia and fake patriotism Either you are a Pole or you're not a Pole Either you are Polish or you're Russki And to put it bluntly either you're a person or you're a prick Patriotism is measured by respect of the flag It is a very funny novel as well I burst out laughing about every other page The translation by Benjamin Paloff is totally wonderful I will soon read the original and amend this review if need be but I cannot believe the original Polish version could be any better The uarter of a star that I am taking off is for the author's failed device in my opinion of putting herself Dorota Masloska in the final parts of the bookHere's a passage that reminds me of some of the great works in world literature; it could have been written by William Faulkner or James Joyce but it was written by 19 year old Dorota Maslowska barely out of high school in Wejherowo PolandIndeed we're girls talking about death swinging a leg eating nuts though there's no talk of those who are absent They're scarcely bruises and scratches that we did to ourselves riding on a bike but they look like floodwaters on our legs like purple seas and we're talking fiercely about death And we imagine our funeral at which we're present we stand there with flowers eavesdrop on the conversations and cry than everybody we keep our moms at hand we throw earth at the empty casket because that way death doesn't really concern us we are different we'll die some other day or won't die at all We're dead serious we smoke cigarettes taking drags in such a way that an echo resounds in the whole house and we flick the ash into an empty watercolor boxFour and three uarter stars five stars for the translation

  5. Eva D. Eva D. says:

    Crazy trippy insane Maslowska ventrilouizes the hypermasculine protagonist Nails to unfold a nightmarish account of Anti Russki day in a small town in Poland As nationalism and xenophobia are blown out of proportion tradition and interpersonal relationships become hopelessly fraught and doomed Reality fragments itself and it is impossible to figure out what on earth is going on Awesome read Definitely pick it up if you like Yerofeev's Moscow to the End of the Line

  6. patrick o& patrick o& says:

    I had to read this book in Gary Thompson's Central European Lit classIt's a decent work of fiction but if you aren't hooked on amphetamines you won't relate to the characters as much It's also translated from Polish so a lot of the dialogue is hard to followIt's a lot like the movie Trainspotting starring Obi wan Kenobi except takes place in Poland Here is the part where I make reference to the fact that the characters are living in a post Soviet world and that is why their situation has aroused itself but I'm really really lazy

  7. Justine Justine says:

    Incredible A style that seems to be all over the place but somehow put on the page so well that it isn't annoying An enlightening look at the difference between reality and illusion Definitely really interesting A few other people have mentioned issues with the translation though it's hard I think that the way it was done seems to work The novel follows teenagers that are constantly on drugs fluid language just wouldn't cut it

  8. Oriana Oriana says:

    Supercool crazy disjointed story about Polish cokeheads I read it twice in a row

  9. Weronika Zimna Weronika Zimna says:

    I really liked the idea and her way of writing BUT it's such a difficult and tiring read

  10. Nerita Nerita says:

    This was weird and not a very pleasant experience Looked like 'Trainspotting' a little bit but it was trying too hard to be 'Trainspotting'

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