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Afterlife with Archie Book 1 [Download] ➵ Afterlife with Archie Book 1 By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa – This is how the end of the world begins Archie and the gang go where they've never been before to the grave and back A horrific accident sets off a series of grim events and Sabrina the Teenage Witch This is how the Archie Book Kindle Ô end of the world begins Archie Afterlife with Epub / and the gang go where they've never been before to the with Archie Book Kindle Ö grave and back A horrific accident sets off a series of grim events and Sabrina the Teenage Witch must try to repair the unspeakable evil her spell has unleashed Gasp in horror as Riverdale faces an impending zombie Arch pocalypse in this spine tingling ongoing series but be warned kiddies this one's not for the faint of heart For TEEN readersCollects Afterlife with Archie .

  • ebook
  • 158 pages
  • Afterlife with Archie Book 1
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
  • English
  • 15 August 2014

10 thoughts on “Afterlife with Archie Book 1

  1. Anne Anne says:

    I was honestly not interested in some sort of schlocky Zombies in Riverdale story When I first heard of this one it just sounded like some corny cash grab that was trying to ride the coattails of The Walking Deadand the other 10 bjillion zombies stories out there But surprisingly Afterlife managed to make it worthwhile for me to read one story about the living dead The first thing they did right was to utilize Riverdale's paranormal neighbor Sabrina as the catalyst of the infestationJughead's beloved pet Hot Dog is gets hit by a car and dies Overcome with grief he turns to Sabrina and begs her to bring him back Her aunts tell both of them no some things are just not done But after thinking about how she would feel if it were her Salem Sabrina decides to sneak out of the house and help Jughead anyway Of course her aunts were right and it does not end well And this is how the zombie plague starts very coolSabrina ends up getting banished for her crime so she isn't as far as I know aware of what happenedyet I'm assuming we'll find out of her story in volume 2Ok and just so you don't think I'm spoiling the plot for you all of the above happens in the first few pagesThe rest of the story is about the core group of Archie's friends and family realizing what happened and then trying to surviveMaybe even freakier than the horde of zombies the Blossom's show up and make a cringy appearance as the perviest related residents in RiverdaleEwwww shudderThere were several stand out moments in Afterlife that really sucker punched me in the Feels I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read this yet so don't click the spoiler tag if you haven'tview spoilerArchie and his father? Brutal But honestly the scene with his dog was just heartbreaking The way he sacrificed himself for Archie? Fuuuuck hide spoiler

  2. Sesana Sesana says:

    This is a zombie book with a definite explanation for the presence of zombies and it's one that makes sense Jughead's beloved dog Hot Dog gets hit by a car Jughead isn't entirely stupid and takes his dog to Sabrina she's a teenage witch you know but it's too late Hot Dog is dead But not gone not once Sabrina lets her sympathy for Jughead outweigh her common sense So in best Pet Sematary tradition Hot Dog comes back And yes sometimes dead is betterSo far so good And from there it becomes exactly as anybody who has than one zombie apocalypse under their belts would expect No there's nothing terribly innovative here but there doesn't need to be The execution is fantastic There's good startles atmosphere galore plenty of violence and even the sense of loss that separates the decent zombie stories from the really good ones I can't evaluate this as an Archie book though because I know next to nothing about Archie I didn't even know that Jughead had a dog before I read this I borrowed it from a friend who is an Archie fan who really loved it and she answered some of my uestions about who some of the minor characters were Would I have been lost otherwise? Not at all The characters were clear enough to me that I could at least understand who they were and why they were acting the way they were I do think that if I had known all these things beforehand I might have enjoyed this book even But I really liked it anyways so no great loss thereThe art is really fantastic It's not standard Archie style which is a great thing Zombies in standard Archie style would be unconvincing and possibly grotesue in a way I don't really need to see in my zombies The characters are recognizable though which is good And it's than just nice to look at Moody clear to read fantastic on nearly every page I think it's the art that really pulls the book together I never would have read this if my friend hadn't insisted And that would have been a shame Even just reading this as a zombie book it's a good one And I am interested in seeing where it goes I doubt this will be my gateway drug into Archie comics but who knows?

  3. Jan Philipzig Jan Philipzig says:

    I was a bit worried coming in that the Archie versus zombies premise might be nothing but a one note joke with the usual postmodern tongue in cheek undertones but it turned out to be lots of fun I was surprised by the ambitious storytelling that neither Archie comics nor contemporary horror stories are known for and impressed with Roberto Aguirre Sacasa's and Francesco Francavilla's ability to effortlessly juggle romance horror and comedy elements Turns out a bloody little zombie apocalypse was exactly what Archie's sheltered and sueaky clean suburban world needed

  4. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    When Hotdog is hit by a car Jughead goes to Sabrina for help Unfortunately things go pear shaped and Sabrina unleashes a zombie plague on RiverdaleThe Archie horror line has been on my radar for awhile The Archie store was having a big sale so I finally took the plungeMuch like Gwenpool Afterlife with Archie was born out of a variant cover Roberto Aguirre Sacasa crafted a tale based on Francesco Francavilla's single cover image and it was off to the racesThe story is pretty much your standard zombie outbreak tale woven around Archie's usual suspects RAS combines the two like chocolate and peanut butter making me feel like this should have been done decades agoOfficially the Dan DeCarlo Archie house style is my favorite for the Archie characters but this is one gorgeous book I've been a fan of Francovilla since his Black Beetle series and his Batman issues but this is on a whole other level The black and red color palette does a lot to enhance the mood Hell after this and Sabrina I'd say the Archie folks really know how to color a book My only gripe is that this is the first five issues of Afterlife with Archie and the second trade isn't out yetAfterlife with Archie is one hell of a good read Four out of five flesh eating Jugheads

  5. Calista Calista says:

    Zombies in Riverdale This is another genre story within the Archie universe that doesn't seem to really affect the main storyline going on So it's fun and we get to see the characters in different situationsI could see this being a dream that hot dog has that's Jughead's dog when he gets indigestion from eating hot dogs Hot dog in the story gets run over by a car and Jughead is in despair He has Sabrina the witch bring his dog back to life but the conseuence is that it's a zombie dog and the dog can turn people into zombies as well So now this whole thing begins to spread through Riverdale when Jughead shows up at the school danceA small gang of kids survive the night and end up at Lodge manor for safety until a zombie mob shows up to overwhelm them It was actually a very well done story and fun I need to read the next issue now It sure did take them long enough to tell the story This story was published in 2014 and the next 5 issues took 4 years to publish That is pretty slow I like that Archie comics does these story that are out of the main storyline and very different It is fun to mix things up and see the kids in a new situation where events are different but have no lasting effects Like Pop's burned down in this one but it's not really gone but in this story I guess it's like different universe's or realities in the MCU or DC universe Everyone has a universe now

  6. Brandon Brandon says:

    When Jughead’s dog Hot Dog is struck by a car and dies he turns to Sabrina Spellman for help Being a witch and all she can surely bring Hot Dog back from the dead and save ol’ Jughead a world of hurt Unfortunately for Jughead beings that have expired are not eligible for any of the regular Spellman family get well soon spellsDespite being forbidden by her Aunts Sabrina’s guilt heavily outweighs any potential punishment Taking matters into her own hands she grabs the nearest Necronomicon like you do and casts a spell to bring Hot Dog back to life In doing so Hot Dog rises from the grave but not exactly aliveI couldn’t tell you the last time I read an Archie book Sure I heard the odd news story about the series which was usually followed by “they’re still printing that?” something about Archie finally picking between Veronica and Betty or that Riverdale has introduced its first gay character or hell they just recently killed off the ol’ redhead himself while he was saving the life of said gay characterThe thing that stands out the most within Afterlife with Archie are the tremendous visuals provided by Francesco Francavilla The pages are filled with plentiful shades of orange creating that vintage Halloween feel Not only that but to use a worn out and beaten cliche this ain’t your daddy’s Archie comics Gore litters each page and the excellent pacing provides a neverending sense of dreadThe writing ain’t half bad either Roberto Aguirre Sacasa is no slouch when it comes to laying it on thick Not only did I feel sympathy for the citizens of Riverdale Archie is hit with some heavy decision making within split second moments that will certainly influence the series going forwardVolume Two is currently in the works and I can’t wait to get my hands on it Consider me an Archie fanAlso posted Every Read Thing

  7. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Francesco Francavilla’s variant cover for Life with Archie #23 depicted zombified versions of Archie’s pals shuffling towards him and led the way to this spinoff series Afterlife with Archie Escape from Riverdale After a car accident involving Jughead’s pet Hot Dog and a spell from Sabrina the teenage witch goes awry the zombie apocalypse comes to Riverdale on the night of the Halloween dance Archie and his friends must battle loved ones who have turned and somehow escape from their beloved town but who will survive? I don’t really understand what’s so great about this book it’s your standard zombie story that’s been done a thousand times already Zombies slowly begin infecting and people the uninfected go on the run they hole up someplace safe until the zombies overwhelm them and they have to flee Some live some fall that’s it It’s even filled with stock scenes you see in every zombie story where people think a zombie is a costume until shock it’s real I’ve never read an Archie comic before but I know a little bit about the series It’s pure Americana malt shops dances and Archie is some kid who’s always got to choose between two interchangeable girls called Betty and Veronica And why is Archie the main character anyway he’s so boring His sweater with an “A” on it had personality than he did Actually all of the cast are boring so I don’t see the appeal of the series or how it’s lasted as long as it has Unless the audience is made up entirely of hipsters who love to roll their eyes at Archie’s antics while styling their moustaches?Maybe the book is better for established readers of that series seeing the novelty horror factor introduced and seeing their beloved characters fighting for their lives? All I know is I didn’t care about any of the characters and I really needed to given that the story is so generic It’s great that Archie’s become a leading progressive comic with a gay student character and there are a couple of closeted lesbians in this book too but what’s up with that ginger haired brothersister pair? Because incest is strongly hinted at which was really unexpected though maybe this is just in the Afterlife book and not a part of the main series? Either way very risue Francesco Francavilla’s art is wonderfully suited to the horror There’s a good use of black and orange perfect for the Halloween setting and the zombies look unsettling and gory He definitely makes the comic for me Perhaps if you know the characters already you’ll get out of it but for me Afterlife with Archie was just another zombie comic with screaming teens running about getting chomped There’s nothing original or memorable about it and I was very bored for most of the book What’ll happen next to the bland cast as they set out into the zombie infested countryside? I don’t care to find out but someone let me know if Archie’s sweater gets with one of the girls

  8. Chelsea & Chelsea & says:

    Well it took me ages to read this 35 stars The art in this book is gorgeous Totally sets the mood with the colors the blocking and even the font I totally got an old school horror movie vibe from it I just wish it held my interest throughout the entire reading This book skips between a lot of different stories Archie's here in name only for uite some time and I can't tell if that helped or hindered my enjoyment of this book I liked the stories about the two cheerleaders that were sneaking around with each other and I liked when Betty and Veronica shared parts of themselves and weren't fighting over Archie The part where Archie goes home was really really good The intro with Jughead was good enough but I didn't feel any real connection to his story The reason I've never been super inclined to read Archie stories outside of Zdarsky's run is that I hate reading about Betty and Veronica fighting each other over Archie I mean at some point you think the writers would realize how tired that plot is Here there's a fucking zombie apocalypse going on outside and they're arguing over which costume Archie liked the most It's so stupid and juvenile I wish I cared for the butler that's inherited his position with the Lodge family but I don't I wish I cared about Hiram Lodge and how he built his mansion but I don't I wish I cared about the other high schoolers in this series including the brother and sister ? that saw the apocalypse as a sign it was a okay to bone you know what I don't wish that actually There were meh elements in this book than I expected and that's why I can't give it a higher rating Even though it looks fantastic 35 stars It's a recommend if you like zombie stories and the immaturity of the Archie stories doesn't bore you

  9. Rachel (TheShadesofOrange) Rachel (TheShadesofOrange) says:

    45 StarsMaybe it's strange to write this but this Archie story is one of my favourite horror graphic novels Given the franchise volume is surprisingly dark and gruesome I loved the artwork style with the deep purple and orange colours It fit the tone of story so well This graphic novel might sound campy but it's actually very serious and well written with some emotional character moments Set during a Halloween dance this would make the perfect spooky October read

  10. Cameron Chaney Cameron Chaney says:

    More of this please Just keep it coming Aguirre Sacasa Keep it coming

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