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Westward Joy Montana Mail Order Brides #16 ❃ Westward Joy Montana Mail Order Brides #16 kindle Epub ❧ Author Linda Bridey – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A clean historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride Montana Mail Order Brides Westward Series Book 16 Rachel Crispin left Dawson in shame and heartbreak headed for Canada to live A clean historical Montana Mail PDF/EPUB Á western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride Montana Mail Order Brides Westward Series Book Rachel Crispin left Dawson Westward Joy PDF or in shame and heartbreak headed for Canada to live with her Aunt Amelia Five years later her aunt has passed away and she’s lonely and Joy Montana Mail Kindle ´ humiliated by a man who betrayed her Without her aunt life in Canada isn’t meaningful any longer and she is homesick for Dawson Her checkered Joy Montana Mail Order Brides PDF/EPUB or past there gives her pause about moving back home Then an unexpected letter arrives enticing her to come back Rachel decides she’s stayed away long enough and that it’s time to face the people she wronged and make things right After his last attempt at finding a mail order bride Will Foster isn’t having luck the second time around either None of the Joy Montana Mail Order Brides PDF/EPUB or women who have written to him piue his interest in the least and he despairs that he’ll ever find a wife When Rachel’s adoptive mother Sammi Taylor approaches him about writing to Rachel he decides to take a chance on her After all what does he have to lose Rachel arrives in Dawson but not everyone is happy to see her Will on the other hand is instantly smitten with the beautiful brunette and she shares his feelings Their romance blossoms as fall comes on but a threat from Rachel’s past puts their relationship in jeopardy Jealously anger and resentment become their enemies Can they move past these obstacles and obtain the joy they once knew.

7 thoughts on “Westward Joy Montana Mail Order Brides #16

  1. Debbie Oxier Debbie Oxier says:

    How do you write a good review without giving vital details away? There's so much to be said for these stories The characters are outstanding the plots capture and hold your attention and the historical details extremely interesting However it's the little things the author brings to her stories that make them so uniue The unusual twists and turns in the plot that I've seldom encountered in historical romance before the unexpected dialogue between characters that leaves you wondering how the author ever thought of it and the new ideas the continue to bring each book to life are just some of the things I enjoy about these stories One example is taking someone who is plagued with a mental disorder for which at this time in history there is no known treatment Surround him with loving friends give him the uniue gift of being able to uote Shakespeare or do impersonations of the townspeople and find him a girl who knows just what to do with his drawbacks and have them fall in love Voila You have the makings of a wonderful tale that will make you sorry at the end you have to put it down I hate to repeat myself but I can't say enough good things about this series Would highly recommend

  2. gary c lehn gary c lehn says:

    Great storyI found this story to be a very entertaining and a bit of a suspense The characters where a bit strange at times but they seemed to work out together in the end

  3. Brittany Brittany says:

    I was glad that Rachel finally got her story but it was kind of slow going I just wasn’t over the moon and Will kind of made me mad

  4. Cissie Cissie says:

    This is Rachel and Will's story Five years after leaving Dawson in shame for what she did to Reckless Rachel Crispin decides to return Her aunt has passed and the relationship she was involved in has ended abruptly At the encouragement of Sammi Will begins to write to Rachel He recalls her from his youth and he is looking for a mail order bride since Zoe did not work out for him Through their writing Rachel and Will begin to form a relationshipThis book is a solid tale about their relationship their challenges and their growth I didn't like it as much as the other books but I did enjoy the character development that these books continue While every book is a new story it also builds off previous books very well and I feel a part of Dawson through Linda's writingThe book also introduces us to Switch Hope and Hawk As always I can't wait to see what is next to bring me back to Dawson and read about some of my favorite characters

  5. Darlene Lunde Darlene Lunde says:

    Prayers and promissesI loved this book in the wonderful series Westward There is always a lot of fun and excitement for you to be a part of It is not always the easy way for all the characters and threats they take show a lot of fun for all I found myself knowing all the families

  6. ReadingWench ReadingWench says:

    I love Rachel and Will's story Linda Bridey gets into the characters where you feel for them They are realistic which I love

  7. Donna Donna says:

    Awesome book Best book I have ever read

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