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Doing Collective Biography (Conducting Educational Research) ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Doing Collective Biography (Conducting Educational Research) By Bronwyn Davies ✪ – At last a book that not only describes what collective biography is but also explains how to use it The book describes how to set up collective biography workshops in which participants examine how di At last a book that not only describes what collective biography is but also explains how to use it The book describes how to set up collective biography workshops in which participants examine how Doing Collective ePUB ´ discursive structures and power relations have both enabled and limited the conditions of possibility for their lived experience Focusing on a complicated reflexivity than is usually described in social science research collective biography inspired by Frigga Haug and refined by Davies will no doubt be used increasingly by researchers interested in the production of subjects in a postmodern world Elizabeth Adams St Pierre University of Georgia USA This book introduces the reader to collective biography an innovative research methodology for use in education and the social sciences The methodology of collective biography overcomes the theorypractice divide by putting theory to use in everyday life and using everyday life to understand and to extend theoryDoing Collective Biography provides guidelines for developing a collective biography project and demonstrates how these guidelines emerged from and were shaped by projects on such topics as subjectivity power agency reflexivity literacy gender and neoliberalism at work Each chapter gives a detailed example of collective biography in practice showing how a group of students andor scholars can work collaboratively to investigate aspects of the production of subjectivity and clearly demonstrates how poststructural theory can be elaborated and refracted through the experiences of ordinary everyday lifeThis is key reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students on Education and social science courses with a research element as well as for academics and professionals undertaking research projects.

  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Doing Collective Biography (Conducting Educational Research)
  • Bronwyn Davies
  • English
  • 15 February 2016
  • 9780335220441

About the Author: Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies is an independent scholar based in Sydney Australia She is also a Professorial Fellow at the University of MelbourneThe distinctive features of her work are her development of innovative social science research Doing Collective ePUB ´ methodologies and their relation to the conceptual work of poststructuralist philosophies Her research explores the ethico onto epistemological relations through which pa.

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  1. Steve Steve says:

    Was stretched as well as engrossed and at times excited On one level the one that stretched me it was about post structuralism's capacity to decompose the hold that certain constitutive discourses esp neo liberalist have in its challenge to the idea of a humanist subject I was also pushed to think about what unconsciously shapes our behaviour from without our situated languages contexts where I'm used to thinking in JungianHillmanian terms about the unconscious within I got excited thinking about my experiences over the past 40 years with processes related to collective biography Tavistock work Social Ecology at UWS academic collaborations and a recent collective involved in fiction writing and the potential to re experience some of this And I was engrossed by the narrative of a group of like minded women wrestling and writing about issues to do with embodiment language ethics and power while at the same time actually experiencing and making sense of their own power relations to each other and issues to do with desire and belonging I love brainy and embodiedearthed stories like this one

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