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MARTIN HEWITT (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 4140) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ MARTIN HEWITT (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 4140) ❤ Author Arthur Morrison – This volume contains the complete collection comprising 25 cases or short stories in four collections of the famous detective Martin Hewitt who one critic described as low key realistic lower class an This volume contains the complete collection comprising cases or short stories in four collections of the famous detective Martin Hewitt who one critic described as low key realistic lower class answer to Sherlock Holmes Written by Arthur Morrison an English writer and journalist known for his realistic novels and stories about working class life in London's East End and for his detective stories there is no case difficult enough for Marin Hewitt investigator The collections of stories are Martin Hewitt Investigator Chronicles Of Martin Hewitt Adventures Of Martin Hewitt The Red Triangle Further Chronicles Of Martin Hewitt.

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    A critic once described Private Detective Martin Hewitt as the poor man's Sherlock Holmes I hope that he didn't mean to imply that Arthur Morrison was an inferior writer or that his detective is less brilliant or less memorable than Holmes If he did I disagreeActually there are two forgotten men here Martin Hewitt and his creator Arthur Morrison and that's a real shame Morrison was a journalist and writer and a man of wide interests and knowledge His Martin Hewitt is a shrewd hard working detective who pulls off some fine work But whereas Sherlock Holmes was as flamboyant as his creator Arthur Conan Doyle Martin Hewitt is conspicuous by not BEING conspicuous He's described as a very ordinary gentleman a man who blends into his surroundings Holmes is always the center of attention Hewitt goes out of his way not to attract anyA former law clerk who had success investigating cases for his employer he has set up a modest business and achieved a modest amount of fame He's like Holmes in two respects Both work alone and use casual employees when necessary but accept no cases than they can handle personally And both have a friend who obligingly writes up their cases for the public In Hewitt's case it's the journalist Brett who sometimes takes part in the detecting and sometimes writes of cases that Hewitt has told him aboutThe stories were published in magazines and gathered into four books that appeared between 1894 and 1903 My favorite is THE CASE OF LAKER ABSCONDED because it shows Hewitt at his best shrewd creative dogged and kindly My least favorite is THE UINTON JEWEL AFFAIR because it has WAY too much of the dialogue beloved by turn of the century writers All of the stories are charming peeks into Edwardian life and Hewitt himself is a wonderfully likable man While Sherlock Holmes dazzles his clients with brilliance Hewitt uietly reassures them with his homey comfortable personality Of course he sometimes lords it over his friend Brett about his superior talents of observation and reasoning but he's nowhere NEAR as obnoxious as Holmes If I had been Dr Watson the corpse would have been Sherlock Holmes and there would have been no mystery as to whodunitThese are great stories Arthur Conan Doyle created a memorable character and to the point he was a tireless self promoter He deserved his success and his legacy It's a shame that Arthur Morrison was as modest and unambitious as his creation Martin Hewitt because it meant that his work faded into oblivion until it was restored to us by the miracle of e publishing If you love old mysteries or if you are interested in the Edwardian daily life you shouldn't miss these

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