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  1. Story Circle Book Reviews Story Circle Book Reviews says:

    Jennifer Kim's novel, Five Stones, is an enjoyable read packed with believable characters and engaging dialogue. The story, set in current-day San Francisco, centers on the Kim Family. The five daughters—Mihae, Jihae, Soonhae, Kihae and Marhae—are all born in United States, but they are still held to the standards of their Korean heritage, particularly as it pertains to courting and marriage.

    Though Mrs. Kim loves her five daughters—each unique in her own way—her attitude toward them is clear: after graduating from college, she wants them married.

    When her daughters were children, they were like five beautiful jewels strung around her neck...As they grew older, the worries over their future, specifically the question of marriage, turned the precious jewels into rough stones. Some were smaller than others, but all of them heavy, jagged and cutting. With each passing year, the five stones around her neck grew heavier, and the pressing burden was unbearable at times.

    Mihae and Jihae, the two oldest daughters, who have utterly failed to procure a husband, acceptable or not, cannot escape their mother's determination as she sets up suhn after suhn (a blind marriage date, sometimes accompanied by the dating pair's mothers) without their approval. They protest, but the strong-willed Mrs. Kim is unrelenting.

    The middle daughter, Soonhae, has other plans for her life, and the two younger daughters are not yet of marrying age. Though Mrs. Kim's focus is on her two oldest daughters, it does not stop her from fretting about her younger daughters, hoping they will find husbands at the appropriate time, as well.

    Romance blossoms throughout the book, but several twists and turns keep the reader wondering if Mihae and Jihae will ever find true love. It is an enjoyable read, but unfortunately, this self-published book did not undergo a thorough editorial review for grammar, punctuation, and style, which is reflected in the overall rating.

    by Enid Cokinos
    for Story Circle Book Reviews
    reviewing books by, for, and about women

  2. Jennifer Kim Jennifer Kim says:

    I'm posting a review I received from It took 16 weeks to get a free review from this site, and I'd have to say it was well worth the wait. Thanks, Reader's!

    Reviewed by Nandita Keshavan for Readers' Favorite

    Five Stones is an excellent modern Korean-American version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice by Jennifer Kim. I enjoyed reading about the Kim family's story, with witty and dramatic twists of the plot and the suspense of two unexpected romances, with their celebrations and struggles. At the head of the family is a stern but loving matriarch who makes multiple attempts to ensure that of her five daughters, those who are eligible to marry will find a suitable match. The Kim family is an interesting one, with each daughter adopting distinct traits. The five daughters are like five stones around her neck till she finds suitable marriage partners for them.

    This book will appeal to readers who are interested in family matchmaking alongside secret interests with an Asia twist. Furthermore, it contains the medley of humour, suspense and heart-rending moments of Austen's work, but with a modern feel. I really appreciated the lack of pretentiousness of the characters. Though the story has twists and turns, you still get the effect that the events could happen to anyone in similar circumstances, that all the characters are believable and likeable. The plot in the book concerning the eldest daughter - Marhae - is the most interesting and the suspense, love, persistence, humility, jealousy and trust issues are riveting, and run alongside and overlap with the issues that Marhae faces. It's an engaging book which warns against false first impressions and shows the value of intuition versus believing false stereotypes. I believe it would make a great film, and would appeal to people of all ages.

  3. Joy Joy says:

    I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway.

    This is a good adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It dragged a bit with the sisters consoling one another but the reader gets just what they expect. It isn’t the destination (we know where we are going) but the journey.

    There are some cultural elements, which I always find interesting, but as the girls are American it is not a very strong element. We never expect these highly educated young women to go along with what their mother might plan for them, even if they do sometimes do things to get her to stop complaining.

    I did notice some errors, which is saying something as I am awful at spelling and grammar, but they were not too distracting and you should be able to enjoy this story just fine.

  4. Alice Alice says:

    I was fortunate enough to win this book in a giveaway. I enjoyed reading this book . Can't wait to read more books from the author . Highly recommend !!

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Five Stones [Download] ➺ Five Stones By Jennifer R. Kim – “You’ve given me a proposal that no selfrespecting woman could possibly accept”

Jihae and Donghoon first meet at her family’s Korean BBQ restaurant Jihae overhears Donghoon insulting “You’ve given me a proposal that no selfrespecting woman could possibly accept”Jihae and Donghoon first meet at her family’s Korean BBQ restaurant Jihae overhears Donghoon insulting her sister, Mihae, to Baesuk Seething with indignation, she almost spills a bowl of hot soup on his lap Later, they meet again at her church She thinks he is an arrogant bastard who thinks he is better than everyone else, and he thinks she is a golddigger who has no morals Finally, when they meet for the third time at the engineering and construction firm where she works, both are unsettled and intrigued by one another Over the course of many months, the two elder Kim sisters, Mihae and Jihae, struggle and then triumph over their mother’s plans for their future, the misunderstandings with the men they love, and the other people’s machinations to find love and happiness.