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9 thoughts on “Fashion Goes to the Dogs

  1. Eileen Eileen says:

    Puppies and knitting good funI love dogs I love knitting I love murder mysterious These books by Peggy Gaffney contain all of the above and are fun reads What I don't love is the lack of copy editing The grammar punctuation and use of the wrong words at times drivers me round the bend Can I become a volunteer copy editor for some folks and help put a stop to the dumbing down of America? Please?

  2. Randy Cousineau Randy Cousineau says:

    Love this bookas an avid dog loverpomerian I enjoy reading about the dog worldadding romance mystery together and an enjoyable time occurs Hope others reader find the same occursenjoyLove this bookas an avid dog lover PomerianI enjoyed reading both the romance and mystery with the wonderful relationship created between with owner and their pet families

  3. Linda Obermoeller Linda Obermoeller says:

    I am an avid reader of books about dogs and their owners and thought I would be a new fan of the Killoy mystery series I am not I enjoyed the sections about dog shows and fashion but felt it was too long Interesting characters kept me reading until I was finished but doubt I will read any in this series

  4. John Brandt John Brandt says:

    What can I say about this great readThis one top' s the list I couldn't get enough of it every word and every sentence kept me tense to see what the next would be Now to go to the next?

  5. Margaret Kiser Margaret Kiser says:

    Best dog book everI have a number of books about mysteries and dogs Gaffney 's are the best I keep reading them over and over again She one of a few authors I like reading over and over

  6. Vicki Snyder davis Vicki Snyder davis says:

    WonderfulAfter reading so many different books lately this was a true gem to find It was a great mystery that was fast paced but also if you love dogs a great feel good book

  7. Sharon Sharon says:

    Good bookI'll never look at dog shows the same It was interesting to see into that world I found the book to be interesting and easy to read It could have used a little better proof reading but it wasn't enough to lose a star Looking forward to the next one

  8. Linda Cole Linda Cole says:

    Action packedVery different with many characters and a window into the world of dog shows Liked the personalities of Kate and her family

  9. kathleen m novotny kathleen m novotny says:

    ExcellentI have always loved dogs and mysteries This book has it all Well written an enjoyable read says it all

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Fashion Goes to the Dogs [Epub] ❧ Fashion Goes to the Dogs By Peggy Gaffney – Witty Tale of Suspense Gaffney puts to use her background in the diverse worlds of show dogs and fashion as she cleverly weaves together this exciting and witty tale of suspense Jerry Labriola author Witty Tale of to the Kindle Ø Suspense Gaffney puts to use her background in the diverse worlds of show dogs and fashion as she cleverly weaves together this Fashion Goes PDF or exciting and witty tale of suspense Jerry Labriola author of The Strange Death of Napoleon Bonepart A Novel Proceeds at Rattling Speed Fashion Goes to the Goes to the MOBI ñ Dogs is a novel that proceeds at a rattling speed and has something for everyone – dogsknittersfashionistaslovecrimeNY cityinternational plottingroyaltyshamrock pride – am hoping that green eyed Harry appears in the next book and Dillon gets a book of his own Frances Gilbert author Could Not Put Book Down stars Peggy's description of the dog show scene is perfect and twisting a plot into the NY show was artful Love introduced politely and with good manners leaving the reader hopeful the relationship continues in the next book Where does Dillon go now that he is a champion dog Ah wait waitthere will be books Sandra M McDonald Can't wait for the next in the series stars This book is a pure delight Peggy writes a good action story gives great insight into the dog show world and develops a lovely love story all around a very strong woman with classic self doubts What a nice nice read Susan H An enjoyable story stars I like dog books detective stories mysteries and just about anything written well This one had all of that Although I haven't met the author personally I know her by reputation in the dog world so I wanted to see what she had done Within a few chapters it drew me in I wanted to know what was going to happen and found I was beginning to like the characters which is a big deal to me Even the names she used were easy to read Her character development is better than you expect from a first time novelist and the plot is well thought out with surprises in the right places I was trying to ration the book and read just a few chapters at a time but when I started reading today I decided to ignore the world until I finished It's that good I haven't enjoyed a book as much as this in ages Ron Manor Fashion Goes to the Dogs Kate Killoy is an expert at two things; knitting design and dogs She arrives in New York City to launch her first line of fashion knits and exhibit her champion Samoyed Dillon but instead is drawn into a foreign world of international intrigue and attempts on her life She even finds a dead body on her fashion show’s runway When this witty romantic suspense story begins it’s February Fashion week is winding down and the country’s best known dog show is gearing up for a week of activities In steps twenty four year old Kate Killoy who has been showing dogs since she the age of seven and is launching a career as a designer She is ready to take the fashion world by storm – those fashionable who love dogs She’s invited her dog breeding friends to model her line of Fancier Fashions before they compete in the best known dog show in the country However when she arrives at the event hotel she finds a poster of herself she never posed for an FBI agent ready to arrest her and a bitchy dog groomer upsetting all her models Her Irish temper and New England stubbornness keep her going ‘til the attempts on her life start piling up to the point where the police complain she is ruining the year’s crime statistics She needs help Along comes Harry Foyle a former math geek for the FBI who offers to help.