The White House Cook Book Epub µ House Cook PDF

  • Kindle Edition
  • 966 pages
  • The White House Cook Book
  • Fanny Lemira Gillette
  • English
  • 12 January 2016

10 thoughts on “The White House Cook Book

  1. Willow Willow says:

    I thought this book was fascinating a sort of glimpse into the past I would be somewhat hesitant though to try some of recipes with it's wonky measurements For instance what's the difference between a coffee cup and a teacup? The eggnog recipe was a hoot with enough booze in it to light a fire DEdit I just saw the measurement index in the back One coffee cup is 8 oz I still think the measurements and heating times are wonky lol

  2. Karen Charbonneau Karen Charbonneau says:

    This is a wonderful read especially the recipe for suirrel soup You must strain the soup before eating in order to avoid the troublesome little bones The desserts are wonderful My husband even made a brandy soaked apple cake attempting to follow the recipe The measurements a wine glass full can be challenging How big a wine glass? Red or white? The full adventure is on our blog Letters from Shenanigan Valley You can read this cookbook free by downloading it from Googlebookscom

  3. Michael Michael says:

    Has a little bit of everything from soap making to place the flat ware

  4. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    Excellent book for researching food history and recipes

  5. Jill Jill says:

    My copy is actually from 1903; based on the full title here I'm assuming it's the same complete household management book It includes priceless medical information including the tip that wrapping one's chest in a muskrat skin is a guaranteed cure for asthma along with a remarkable breadth of recipes cleaning products etiuette rules home safety tips and historical tidbits about what life was like in and around the White House when it was first published The recipes are tough to use; this is before standard measurements or temperatures so whether it's useful is somewhat dependent on your ability to handle a recipe that includes soupspoons for measuring utensils and directions like cook in a hot oven until done

  6. Susan Tydings Susan Tydings says:

    I absolutely loved this book As I pursued through the pages familiar with the food and dishes as I am I was amazed at the finished dishes provided with the limited ingredients available at the time I so loved reading sections on the use of offal the odds and ends and bits and pieces taken from tail to snout I freuently use the book for reference and actually enjoyed this read as one of the top 10 books I read in the past year Happy happy happy I was referencing the pages for creative uses

  7. Carrie Johnson Carrie Johnson says:

    I love the old world look at the culinary arts A time when the kitchen was the heart of the house and the life blood of the family Beyond classic recipes of the Americana this book also contains lost health remedies etiuette and menus for heads of state It is a look into the past that reminds us not just of how far we have come but of how young our nation is

  8. Cheri Cheri says:

    Great ReferenceI was super excited to come across this It has a wealth of information in it It covers fine dining household recipes cleaning recipes carving eats seasonal meats and much Although it's for 1887 I feel that some of this can apply today

  9. Andee Andee says:

    This book is a fantastic look through history of who ate what and the sorts of events occurring when it all happened

  10. Doris Raines Doris Raines says:


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The White House Cook Book❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ The White House Cook Book Author Fanny Lemira Gillette – from the PUBLISHERS' PREFACE In presenting to the public the White House Cook Book the publishers believe they can justly claim that it fully represents the progress and present perfection of the culi from the PUBLISHERS' PREFACE In House Cook PDF ↠ presenting to the public The White House Cook Book the publishers believe they can justly claim that it fully represents the progress and present perfection of the culinary art than any previous work In point of authorship it stands pre eminent Hugo Ziemann was at one time caterer for that Prince Napoleon who was killed while fighting the Zulus in Africa The White Epub / He was afterwards steward of the famous Hotel Splendide in Paris Later he conducted the celebrated Brunswick Cafe in New York and still later he gave to the Hotel Richelieu in Chicago a cuisine which won the applause of even the gourmets of foreign lands It was here that he laid the famous spread to which the chiefs of the warring factions of the Republican Convention sat White House Cook MOBI · down in June and from which they arose with asperities softened differences harmonized and victory organized Mrs FL Gillette is no less proficient and capable having made a life long and thorough study of cookery and housekeeping especially as adapted to the practical wants of average American homes The book has been prepared with great care Every recipe has been tried and tested and can be relied upon as one of the best of its kind It is comprehensive filling completely it is believed the reuirements of housekeepers of all classes It embodies several original and commendable features among which may be mentioned the menus for the holidays and for one week in each month in the year thus covering all varieties of seasonable foods; the convenient classification and arrangement of topics; the simplified method of explanation in preparing an article in the order of manipulation thereby enabling the most inexperienced to clearly comprehend it The subject of carving has been given a prominent place not only because of its special importance in a work of this kind but particularly because it contains entirely new and original designs and is so far a departure from the usual mode of treating the subject Interesting information is given concerning the White House; how its hospitality is conducted the menus served on special occasions views of the interior portraits of all the ladies of the White House etc Convenience has been studied in the make up of the book The type is large and plain; it is sewed by patent flexible process so that when opened it will not close of itself and it is bound in enameled cloth adapted for use in the kitchen.