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Little Red Riding Hoodie ➽ [Reading] ➿ Little Red Riding Hoodie By John R. Phythyon Jr. ➲ – Bullies Friends Boys Shakespeare Demonic Dogs Evil Spirits You know Sixth Grade Sixth grade is hard enough When the school bully is on your case because you got the lead in the play instead of her whe Bullies Friends Boys Shakespeare Demonic Dogs Evil Spirits You know Sixth Grade Sixth grade is hard enough When the school bully is on your case because you got the lead in the play instead of her when the cutest boy in the whole class might actually like you but never Little Red PDF/EPUB ² makes a move and when your dad is an alcoholic and you have to cook clean and take care of your little brother the last thing you need is trouble But Sally Prescott has trouble than she ever imagined when she starts having strange dreams of demonic dogs magical keys and a wolf headed spirit bent on her destruction Her best friend knows a secret that may help but she refuses to tell claiming Sally made her promise not to As Sally's dreams start bleeding into reality she realizes she is the only who can save her family With a little bit of magic and a lot of determination she'll get one chance to change her destiny and theirs If she succeeds she'll solve her problems at home and at school If she fails she'll lose everyone she ever loved Turns out sixth grade is tougher than she thought Little Red Riding Hoodie A Modern Fairy Tale is a contemporary take on the classic story Blending surrealism and magic with a modern middle school setting it is a story of bravery in the face of hopelessness taking responsibility when others won't and finding your inner strength Funny and sweet scary and strange Little Red Riding Hoodie celebrates friendship love and courage at that most awkward time of life middle school Click Look Inside for a free preview Praise for John Phythyon's other modern fairy tales Sleeping Beauty a fast paced and truly enjoyable short Mark Abrams A compelling short story that blends just a little bit of magic with a true to life modern day twist on the original Sleeping Beauty Kendra L Metz Beauty the Beast A truly addictive read I really enjoyed this story and couldn't put it down John Phythyon has crafted a uniue version of the classic tale and I highly recommend it Amy Brantley definitely an interesting take on the traditional beauty and the beast tale R Self Click Look Inside for a free preview of Little Red Riding Hoodie.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 226 pages
  • Little Red Riding Hoodie
  • John R. Phythyon Jr.
  • English
  • 12 October 2016

About the Author: John R. Phythyon Jr.

John R Phythyon Jr wishes he were a superhero or a magician but since he has not yet been bitten by a radioactive spider or gotten his letter from Hogwarts he writes adventure stories instead He is the author of the Wolf Dasher series of fantasy thriller mashup novels as Little Red PDF/EPUB ² well as several short stories a two act comedy and numerous game manuals He won awards for the latter and hopes to ma.

7 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hoodie

  1. Manvinder Manvinder says:

    This novel was very loosely based on little red riding hood and by that I mean there were mentions of wolves and even less mentions of grandmasI thought this was an average read I liked the characters and especially Sally and his the author dealt with the problems of alcoholism and divorce That being said I think this book would be targeted to kids a bit older than the sixth grade due to swearing as wellI personally thought it would have been better as a YA novel with the characters slightly olderOverall nice read

  2. Terri Lytle Terri Lytle says:

    I see so many five star reviews and I'm honestly confused Did I read a different book than everyone else? Because I honestly thought it was crap We'll start with the positives that I found in the book everytime I read the word shakir I started singing shakira shakiraaaa in my head I liked the demon dogs naturally Aaaaand that's it Now the negatives are all sixth graders THAT obsessed with boobs? There must have been over thirty mentions of boobs tits flat chests etc In the 6th grade I still played with Barbie dolls and Legos I don't remember all of my friends being that concerned with their chests Sally's dad is a worthless shit Seriously CPS would have taken those kids away There's no way a 12 year old can run a household so well that the authorities would be oblivious to the way they are living the story kept building and building and then nothing It just ended so uickly Like yay I went through a mirror All is well now Ohhhhkay Whatevs So yeah I wasn't impressed 😒

  3. Katrina Roets Katrina Roets says:

    If you've been keeping up with my reviews lately you'll know that John is one of my new favorites in the Kingdom of Writing I loved the first two books of his that I read and this one only falls slightly short of those Let me start by saying that I loved the characters in this book I could connect with younger versions of myself and those that I know I think that everyone will be able to see a bit of them in one of the characters within the book Each one has their own personality and is well developedHere's my problem though This book is supposed to take place during the sixth grade and these are not sixth graders As mom to two teen boys I'm freuently reminded of what happens during these years and I think that this book would have been much better set during the ninth grade There is nothing like early high school drama and angst Things like classes performing Shakespeare also would fit better into this not to mention the kissing and dating I know that things are progressive now but I still don't know many parents who allow their 12 year olds to date My only other complaint? The story is really well written but the reader is left not knowing why this entire thing happened to Sally In their world is it normal for giant dogs to pop out of your dreams and into reality? Other than that I loved this book The story is interesting and held my attention all the way through I could sympathize with Sally's home life and problems I absolutely loved her best friend even if she was than a little big gung ho at times John is an incredibly talented writer and I promise that if I get my fingers on any of his books you'll be seeing reviews for them

  4. Tabitha Ormiston-Smith Tabitha Ormiston-Smith says:

    Little Red Riding Hoodie is undoubtedly Phythyon's best work yet The story of a young girl completely parentified and struggling to act as defacto head of her household due to her drunken father's incompetence is beautifully interwoven with the arcane and sinister eventsPhythyon wisely avoids too much explanation so that the sinister figures appearing in Sally's dreams are never fully identified; this lack of complete information gives the story an exuisitely frightening uality A small but valuable didactic element relating to racism and homophobia is also beautifully handled given to us as an engaging and very realistic conversation between two childrenPhythyon's characters are beautifully drawn consistent and utterly believable from the ruined alcoholic father through the nice teacher and the mean teacher to the developing boyfriend sincere but unsure of himself and the wise cracking Alison with her fondness for insulting remarks in execrable schoolgirl French Alison's French alone is a small wonder Phythyon has caught just the right level of a beginner at the language trying to extrapolate from a very limited grammar and vocabularyThe book is bound to be a delight to children and adults alike

  5. Heather Heather says:

    So I wouldn't call this a Little Red Riding Hood retell exactly It has a girl who wears a red hoodie is super close with her grandmother and there were sort of wolves actually really giant scary dogs and a witch? with a wolf face So That being said it kept my interest because I had no idea where this story was going And it went to a place I didn't anticipate but I still have some unanswered uestions now that it's over like why it all happened in the first place My biggest criticism of this book which is common for this character age is that I didn't feel that the characters were believable as sixth graders I recognize that the author chose this age deliberately to capture the innocence of Little Red Riding Hood's story I felt however that they didn't consistently talk or act like 12 year olds I have an admittedly immature 11 year old boy but I think this was definitely a couple to several years above his age group rather than just oneOther than that it was an engaging story with decent writing and a satisfactory ending

  6. Ginka Ginka says:

    Very Very good Love the title which is intriguing and piued my interest to find out about the book The books blurb pulled me in right away Found this book as a Kindle Scout and nominated after reading the 2 3 chapter excerpt Glad to see that it got published if not from one publisher but another and allowed me to read the complete book which did not disappoint Main character Sally comes into her own after facing down her fears and perseveres but poor Tommy is terrorized Allison was truly a best friend to Sally love the two of them Look forward to reading books by this author

  7. Vicki Scullion Vicki Scullion says:

    This YA novel was an interesting re imagination of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale that addressed some fairly serious issues such as bullying and divorce The plot was a bit choppy and the characters inconsistent at times but that didn't spoil my enjoyment of the book Good read for 6th graders

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