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La cena [Download] ✤ La cena By César Aira – One Saturday night a bankrupt bachelor in his sixties and his mother visit a wealthy friend They discuss their endlessly connected neighbors the daughter of what was her name Miganne who lived in fron One Saturday night a bankrupt bachelor in his sixties and his mother visit a wealthy friend They discuss their endlessly connected neighbors the daughter of what was her name Miganne who lived in front of Cabanillas s office Which Cabanillas The one married to Artola s daughter They talk about a mysterious pit that opened up one day and the old bricklayer who sometimes walked to the Cemetery to cheer himself up Anxious to show off his valuable antiues the host shows his guests old wind up toys and takes them to admire an enormous doll Back at home the bachelor decides to watch some late night TV before retiring The news uickly takes a turn for the worse as horrified the newscaster finds herself reporting about the dead rising from their graves leaving the cemetery and sucking the blood of the living all the figures are disturbingly reminiscent of the dinner party And how can the citizens save their town when deep down there is always such a dark thirst for life.

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  1. Cymru Roberts Cymru Roberts says:

    Damn near impossible to rate I'm convinced most of it was a piss take but still Aira is the world champion of disposable literature Could anyone do it? No not anyone but definitely someone can Is his rambling freestyle style a cop out? Sometimes Is it profound? No Not on purpose It falls in that nebulous territory of ausi satire that preys on the goodwill and idiocy of most readers much like the zombies described in this novella But hey I bought it for the cover and read it I've got a few endorphins left to suck

  2. jeremy jeremy says:

    at the stage of life i was in i had reached the conclusion that i would never be the protagonist of any story the only thing i could hope for was to make an appearance in somebody else's another genre shifting gem from the argentine master of the novella dinner la cena finds césar aira applying his literary gifts to the living dead when the deceased arise from their cemetery dwellings in coronel pringles aira's hometown and a freuent setting for his fictional works the town is besieged by poorly assembled bags of bones scantily covered by the remains of entrails and putrid jellies these walking corpses never once thankfully referred to as 'zombies' have as their sole aim to feed nocturnally on or slurp endorphins from the living as with so many of aira's imaginative stories things aren't always at they appear however yet another wonderful outing best digested in a single sitting dinner is epitomical aira nowhere was safe not inside or out not in front or behind or to the sides not up or down there was only night shadows convulsed by fear and traversed by random rows of streetlights; around the edges of this light which only made the darkness denser slipped an unshrouded goose stepping killer preceded by a sour scent and heralded by the panting of a hungry beat translated from the spanish by katherine silver castellanos moya adán giralt torrente sada bernal borges et al

  3. Armen Armen says:

    The dead arise from their graves the walking corpses aim to feed on endorphin from the livingnowhere was safe not inside or out not in front or behind or to the sides not up or downNothing is as it seems it's one of the most peculiar books I've ever read

  4. Jim Coughenour Jim Coughenour says:

    I've started 5 or 6 of Aira's tiny books This is the only one I've managed to complete Their charm is undeniable there's plenty of droll humor and antic improvisation – but as stories their novelty uickly fades I think my new rule has to be if I pick one up I must finish it in the first reading Otherwise it will join the stack with a bookmark 20 pages from the end I find Aira's writing wonderful as an idea and unexceptional in fact

  5. Jim Jim says:

    Who or why or what is Coronel Pringles? Actually it’s a medium sized town of no particular distinction in the Province of Buenos Aires not too far north of Bahía Blanca It is perhaps best known not only as the birthplace of Argentinian novelist César Aira but the scene of several of his stories One of these stories is Dinner or Cena in Spanish first published in 2006The story starts slowly enough with a penniless bachelor in his sixties who has moved back in with his mother Together they visit an unnamed friend of the unnamed narrator and view some of his collections When they return home the mother expresses dissatisfaction with the evening; and the son turns on the television only to learn that the dead of Coronel Pringles are rising from their graves and attacking the livingThis was as improbable as an adolescent fantasy It was however true The guard who sounded the alarm first heard some rustling sounds that kept getting louder and spreading across the graveyard He came out of the lodge to take a look and hadn’t even made it across the tiled courtyard to where the first lane of cypeses ended when in addition to the worrisome rustlings he began to hear the loud banging of stone and metal which seconds later spread and combined into a deafening roar that reverberated near and far from the first wing of the wall of niches to the rows of graves extending for than a mileAt first the newly risen dead show a lack of coordination but they begin to pick up speed “No two were the same except in how horrible they were in the conventional way corpses are horrible shards of greenish skin bearded skulls remnants of eyes shining in bony sockets sullied shrouds”What do these undead do? They go for the brains of the living as expected but what interests them most are the endorphins contained therein which they suck out with ghoulish glee Is there nothing that can stop these delinuent ancestors from decimating all of Coronel Pringles? Well yes there is but you’ll have to read this short 101 pages but delightful book for yourself to find out Be prepared for a completely surprising dénouement in Part III

  6. Jeff Bursey Jeff Bursey says:

    Great humour an interesting set up and a twist at the end Not as philosophically speculative as some other Aira titles but full of mystery and his cheerful disregard for conventions More to say in a whileHere's

  7. Adam Adam says:

    Even though the information was spreading uickly panic was building up slowly The movies and before the movies the ancestral legends those stories are based on had produced in the population a basic state of incredulity; at the same time it prepared them for an emergency they had only to remember what the protagonists of those movies had done; it also prevented them from reacting because everybody knew or thought they knew that fiction was not reality They had to see with their own eyes somebody who had seen them with their own eyes to be convinced of the terror of reality and even then they weren’t convinced It was one of those cases in which the real is irreplaceable and not representable Unfortunately for them the real was also instantaneous and without futureAira's jokes play on philosophy of language and the weight of dread which means they have always landed with me

  8. Jen Jen says:

    What is the inverse of embodiedpersonifiedincarnate? I'd like to say something along the lines of This book is my friend Adam enparchedscribifiedenlibrateI'd rather not ruin any of the delightful surprises of this book for anyone so I'll simply leave you with the advice that Adam gave to me read it You can finish it in one or two leisurely afternoons and it will be well worth your whileDo you think we can possibly match Aira's pace by reading his peculiar and wonderful works as uickly as he produces them?

  9. Rachel Kowal Rachel Kowal says:

    354I kept waiting for the zombies to appear but by the time they did I missed the dinner table conversation and the events leading up to the “disaster” There were some nice anecdotes in there Thanks for introducing me to a new word César by way of Katherine the translator oneiric used twiceNow I just want Pringles Sour cream and onion please

  10. Zach Zach says:

    I'm just now beginning to work my way through Aira's collection of odd little books odd meant in the best way and so far I find Dinner to be the most memorable It's a structurally brilliant book the middle section chronicling a zombie attack bookended by the uotidian thoughts of a depressed post middle aged man As do the best works of speculative fiction the outlandish elements are literally rendered emotions and themes The out of the blue zombie attack is a physical manifestation of the narrator's depression While Aira clearly has a good time writing these zombie scenes they're often hilarious he's always working back towards his narrator's interiority What seems like a random divergence turns out to be inextricably linked to this individual's feelings My only real criticism is that at the end Aira throws a lifeline to the realists in the room planting a small seed that will allow some reders to dismiss the reality of the zombie attack interpreting it instead as either a fantasy of the narrator or a War of the Worlds style TV production As a reader however I'm always willing to suspend my disbelief and by the end of the zombie attack belief had been so thoroughly suspended that even a minor implication of normalcy proved far upsetting that even the most ridiculous fantasy could ever be Let me believe without uestion the weirdness to the end

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