Corto Matlese : Corto toujours un peu plus loin eBook

Corto Matlese : Corto toujours un peu plus loin ❰Reading❯ ➻ Corto Matlese : Corto toujours un peu plus loin Author Hugo Pratt – The second volume in the definitive English language edition of Hugo Pratt's masterpiece Corto Maltese presented in the original oversized BW format and with new translations made from Pratt's origina The second volume : Corto eBook ☆ in the definitive English language edition of Hugo Pratt's Corto Matlese eBook µ masterpiece Corto Maltese presented in the original oversized BW format and with new Matlese : Corto Epub Þ translations made from Pratt's original Italian scripts Mushroom Heads begins in Maracaibo Venezuela Matlese : Corto toujours un PDF/EPUB ² where Corto Maltese and Professor Steiner lead an expedition on the trail of the legendary El Dorado financed by the antiuarian Levi Colombia In Banana Conga Corto has his first and nearly fatal encounter with the beautiful yet dangerous mercenary Venexiana Stevenson Within this framework of adventure Hugo Pratt weaves themes dealing with the exploitation of indigenous people the noble struggle to gain freedom and independence and how cowardice can poison men of all classes The action set in takes Corto Maltese from Matlese : Corto toujours un PDF/EPUB ² the Mosuito Coast to Barbados to a deadly struggle among Jivaro head hunters in the Peruvian.

  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Corto Matlese : Corto toujours un peu plus loin
  • Hugo Pratt
  • English
  • 11 May 2014
  • 9781631403170

About the Author: Hugo Pratt

Hugo Pratt was : Corto eBook ☆ an Italian comic book creator who was known for Corto Matlese eBook µ combining strong storytelling with extensive historical research on works such as Corto Maltese Matlese : Corto Epub Þ He was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in More Matlese : Corto toujours un PDF/EPUB ² on Hugo Pratts' work.

10 thoughts on “Corto Matlese : Corto toujours un peu plus loin

  1. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    Corto Maltese as a merchant marine salesman and debonnaire adventurer certainly gets around This adventure takes place in South America Venezuela to be exact and metes out the normal ration of mystery and romance with a dose of existentialism It is as all of Hugo Pratt's work gorgeously illustrated

  2. Florin Pitea Florin Pitea says:

    A very nice album altogether A special mention for the episode The Sweet Dream Lagoon which reads like a mixture of Joseph Conrad and Sigmund Freud with a pinch of Claude Lévi Strauss

  3. Derek Royal Derek Royal says:

    Another great volume in Dean Mullaney's EuroComics series of Corto Maltese books Had the opportunity to talk with Dean about this and other books he's been editing for the podcast

  4. Joseph Joseph says:

    This is the second volume released by IDW EuroComics although it's the fourth in the series judging by the list in the back Here our intrepid sailor Corto Maltese ends up in a few adventures in the South American jungle coming up against head shrinkers assassins and political revolutionaries All told in Pratt's somewhat stilted Hemingwayesue style which actually works well for these types of stories The black and white art is a pleasure to look at and shows the versatility of Pratt working in this mediumGreat classic European adventure comics

  5. George K. Ilsley George K. Ilsley says:

    This is the second volume but the only one I’ve read I don’t imagine reading the first would make the enigmatic sailor any less so In these episodes he is always in the right spot always able to get out of the tightest jam The volume is large with good maps on the end flaps However the episodic nature of the adventures means there is plot device repetition and no character development The enigmatic sailor is what he is and no If you like this style it is very well done

  6. Robert Robert says:

    A treasure in both art and story It's difficult to say whether this volume is better translated than the first or if I've just become accustomed to the slightly stilted language; in either case I'll be reading the rest soon

  7. Dragan Nanic Dragan Nanic says:

    There is nothing needed to say about Corto First page of Banana Conga is a masterpiece in itselfIDW made a beautiful edition uality of paper and print is just perfect Very very small objection is that in two places there is a duplication of words the and to in speech balloons but that is negligible A joy to read and rereadNote on the second reading I noticed a couple of typos mostly repeating two letter words like UP or AS at the end of the line I completely missed it the first time therefore no big deal but a small detriment to perfection

  8. Michael Michael says:

    Terrific and engaging Graphically very strikingSecond reading this one part of a complete Corto Maltese read and it's definitely worth the time to read all the Corto stories in a small time frame All the recurring characters and trouble really bring Corto's world together when you remember how everybody fits together

  9. Alex Sarll Alex Sarll says:

    Amnesia revolutions a witch doctor using his powers to break the people's belief in sorceryit's not as if the half Rick from Casbalanca half Indiana Jones figure of Corto Maltese doesn't encounter plenty of incident here But for me the real attraction remains the play of light and shadow the leaves and the clouds

  10. Aaron Aaron says:

    Corto Maltese is one of the greatest comics in the world I've been reading it for years and I'm only now starting to appreciate its true greatness

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