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  • Paperback
  • 172 pages
  • Naked Soul
  • Salil Jha
  • English
  • 24 November 2014
  • 9780692265291

10 thoughts on “Naked Soul

  1. Melinda Melinda says:

    Naked Soul contains a wide range of poems put together in a detailed and loving manner From a well written Preface an extensive Brief Introduction to an added and appreciated touch towards the back of the book referencing an Index of First Lines Lovely simplistic drawings illustrate and add depth to many of the poems another detailed provided by Salil not unnoticedSalil alerts the readers to themes of love romance chase seduction and sensuality The poems cover topics ranging from spiritual love to ecstatic joy from strong passion to sweet seduction from first love sensations to a lover’s longing from conservative and familiar love to inhibited erotic fantasies and true to Salil’s word they appearThe poems reveal an intimate side a glimpse into ones heart and soul perhaps their bedroom and mind I found a mirror image of myself in a few poems others I related to the theme and content Clearly all the poems reveal passion emotion and a connection to a lover or muse – past present or future A majority of the poems have a level of depth as well as those carrying superficiality nonetheless intenseA tasteful collection emphasizing sensuality with a strong erotic romantic tone With such a wide variety no doubt than a handful will appeal to your heart senses emotional stateA wonderful poetic adventure of love fabulous to read aloud to your significant other romantic reflective engagingI enjoyed A Long Kiss Everlasting Love A Great Puzzle Your Presence Only Prayer

  2. Mai Balaibo Mai Balaibo says:

    I guess I'm suited to unreuited loveheartbreak poems P But I liked #PoetryofKissing

  3. Anita Anita says:

    Good work Mr Jha Fresh and original The best I have read so far

  4. Léatitia Brière Léatitia Brière says:

    From my blogThis is the first Poetry book I'm reviewing but as usual I'm gonna let my heart speak for myselfI really really loved reading Naked Soul From the first poem to the last it kept all its promises I enjoyed every word every feeling I feel like it was a journey and while reading it you travel through different states of mind It was so much beautiful and it reached deep into my soul my memories and my ghosts the bad and the good ones I enjoyed the beauty of how erotical and pure it sounded just like were the beautiful drawings that followed the poems I got to read pictures feel words and hear about what we often hide to ourselves and others Some of the poems woke up something in me and it's exactly what you should and can hope for when you start reading a book Especially if it turns out to be a brilliant and stunning book like this oneSoul To SoulLove me for my mindmy heart my beingDon't worry about my bodyI can give you sex any secondBut to love you back I must first feel soul to soul love I think this book belongs to the author but also to myself to everyone Though I couldn't relate to every poem andor emotions depicted it somehow felt like it I admit I shared a few tears too Don't worry that's just who I am So yes this Everkasting Love Our love is like a new springA colorful fallLike warm summer nightsBeauty of winter snow and iceEvarlasting Perennial You could read about true love intense and passionate desires departure and reunions There is every shade of love and purity attraction tenderness strong and sweet physical desires Like I did I'm sure you will feel the sensuality and passion behind every word What else can I say? Besides this collection of poems became one of these books I will look for whenever I need inspiration and solace? Again I'm sure you will feel something when you read this book Not only the inside is truly beautiful but the way it is shaped is for me very uniue I highly recommand this book even if you're not into poetry You will want the romance and the erotism that feel right Her Flying Kiss The whole nightI take turns in sleep Right and left On my back and sides again A gentle breeze passesover my face and my bodyIt is my beloved's song Her flying kiss I let you read some of my favorite poems but there's so much I loved I would like everyone to read Naked Soul Salil Jha is an independent author and a really generous and sympathic person If you want to know about him or read of his work please visit his blog and go buy this book You won't regret it

  5. Solaris Solaris says:

    I liked everything about this book The lively and strongly allusive covers the idea of having illustrations to complement the poems and of course the poetry itselfI was won over by the central idea of the book which is also reflected in its well chosen title This collection of poems is uite rare for our times when we are often bombarded with notions of sexuality that may look objectifying or empty There is substance in this book The overall `vibe' of Naked Soul is an ecstatic eroticism that impels lovers to escape the limits of their egos and of their material selves The book shows us that through erotic love we are stripped naked of pretenses and defenses and we can reach a authentic level of feelingI recommend this book to anyone It was a captivating read

  6. Pradeep Pandey Pradeep Pandey says:

    Naked Soul is one of the best poems on Love and Eros The literary side of the book is superb love it

  7. Gracieh Gracieh says:

    Original piece of work that makes you want to turn the next page

  8. dennis5 dennis5 says:

    Creative take on EroticismLoved the way the poet uses his imagination to drive you through the world of EroticismLoved it

  9. Alicia Alicia says:

    Gorgeous work and transcendent For personal pleasure or to share with someone special

  10. Sweetpea Sweetpea says:

    I received a free copy of Naked Soul The Erotic Love Poems from the Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for an honest review Ordinarily I am not a huge fan of poetry but I loved this book

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Naked Soul❮Reading❯ ➹ Naked Soul ➱ Author Salil Jha – Erotic poetry that evokes feelings of joy happiness and an overall celebration of the arts of physical and romantic love KIRKUS REVIEWNaked Soul The Erotic Love Poems is an extraordinary storytelling Erotic poetry that evokes feelings of joy happiness and an overall celebration of the arts of physical and romantic love KIRKUS REVIEWNaked Soul The Erotic Love Poems is an extraordinary storytelling in the form of erotic love poetry speaking directly to the reader's heart through sensations that course throughout the bodyThis powerful collection of erotic and sensual love poems celebrates the erotic spirit in all its forms from intense passionate sexual desire to seductive victoryThere are love poems for every mood and sentimental feeling for every phase of love you are experiencing whether you are with a partner or not read it slowly read a poem at a time or two or all at once but give it time to sink into your heart read them again Visualize Let the poem show you what may be lying dormant in your own heartAny poetry lover who loves deep symbolism storytelling and musing over deep verses will find this book very touching No matter which phase of love you are growing in currently this book will serve to sail you further towards the endless ocean of loveThe book was as good a collection of modern erotic poems by a single author as may be found PoemShape You will feel something when you read this book This book belongs to the author but also to me you and everyone MybookshelfIsYours Highly Recommended KHouse.

About the Author: Salil Jha

Salil S Jha is a contemporary poet storyteller and transpersonal coach His works explore themes of passionate love and universal truths Salil lives in Boston Massachusetts and is an active blogger and podcast host for The Naked Soul Talk Show and The Art of Travel.