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Its Either Me Or Her ☁ Its Either Me Or Her PDF / Epub ✎ Author Tiece – Rayne is getting the chance of a lifetime to live out her dream as a newly signed RB singer at A Town Productions She is beyond ecstatic to be given the opportunity of plans to sing her heart out and Rayne is getting Me Or PDF ↠ the chance of a lifetime to live out her dream as a newly signed RB singer at A Town Productions She is beyond ecstatic to be given the opportunity of plans to sing her heart out and tour the world What she doesn't plan on is falling in love Its Either MOBI :º with Chase Montgomery one of the hottest producers in Atlanta GA Upon meeting him there is an instant attraction between the two She can see herself being with someone of his caliber He’s sexy rich humble and very supportive of her but there is one problem He already has a live in girlfriend Either Me Or Epub ß Chase has been in a relationship with Brooke for five years However they’re not exactly what one would call the couple of the year The only thing that’s keeping them together is the love they have for their son However Chase wants out but Brooke refuses to let go Brooke is disheartened to learn that Rayne has all of her man’s attention but she’s not going down without a fight In the midst of all the drama secrets are revealed that are destined to shatter everything surrounding them as Chase is left in the crossfire of Brooke’s wrath Will Rayne stand by the man of her dreams or will she have no choice but to walk away from everything that she’s worked so hard to achieve This is a deceitful tale with a jaw dropping ending that is sure to leave you speechless Find out what happens when two women are both in a race for one man’s heart in It’s Either Me Or Her.

10 thoughts on “Its Either Me Or Her

  1. Tonia Tonia says:

    Side StoryRayne seems to be the one who really believe in fairytales when her family don't Her music career seems like it will take off soon but seeing how her mother was also trying to be a singer and how she conceived her twins Chase really believe in Rayne and he wants to really take her to the top Brooke is a conniving Bitch and I can't wait until her past catches up with her Toya needs to let her sister fall on her face James is just plain nasty how are you trying help destroy your cousin happiness I can't wait until his and Brooke secret comes out

  2. Dee Cherry Dee Cherry says:

    Great readWell written this story is true to the title as Rayne Brooke continue to battle for the prize Chase Brooke seems to have all types of tricks for Rayne to contend with Great page turning beginning to series written by Tiece Tonii Looking forward to reading part 2

  3. Tamara Tamara says:

    WowIf you haven't read this stop reading my review and one click now I hope that Brooke goes on with her life and can find happiness You can't constantly nag a person and think you will not drive them away What Brooke revealed at the bar while talking to James made my jaw drop Brooke may think her secrets are safe but I have a feeling they are about to be aired Who will it be Rayne or Brooke? I hope Rayne be able to take on all the drama that's about to go down Can't wait for part 2 #teamRayne

  4. Mita Rhodes Mita Rhodes says:

    interesting storyline that kept my attention from the very start true to the title Rayner will not settle for less than the number one position in Chase's life However Brooke is not having that I definitely need to see how this is going to turn out with these two ladies and all the underlying secrets that are being kept concerning Brooke's past

  5. Shakeria Sharie Shakeria Sharie says:

    This was a good read I loved Rayne she wasn't your average side chick #ChaseRayne

  6. ⭐️⭐️⭐️T Mar ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️T Mar ⭐️⭐️⭐️ says:

    Oh my This was a great read First off let me just say that I love this author Her stories seem so real And so far from what I’ve read all her characters seem so familiar I love that Can’t wait to read part 2On a scale of 1 10 with 1 being I just lost my wallet with all my money and 10 being I just won 50000 in the lotteryTotal Book Experience 1010PlotStoryline 1010Writing Errors 1010Characters 1010Book Cover 1010

  7. Tina Tina says:

    This book had the potential to be a five star read for me Unfortunately I kept having to make corrections in my head to the grammar and spelling in order to make the story flow The characters were interesting the storyline was interesting Unfortunately due to poor or lack of editing the story the authors attempted to tell was lost on me

  8. Latoya Latoya says:

    DramaLots of drama for you Just when you think you know how the book about to end she throw you thur a loop

  9. Natasha Natasha says:

    Ok This isa very interesting storyBrooke is certifiable she got bones than a grave yard and the audacity of her antics are too funny Well moving to the next story

  10. Breona Breona says:

    OmgI loooved this book I can't wait to see what part two has in store I'm already annoyed with Brooke

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