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7 thoughts on “The Mysterious Circus Hall Family Chronicles

  1. Wendy Wendy says:

    I'm honestly confused by what's going on with this book The Diamond in the Window is a rare and brilliant children's book pause while I check which Newbery committee neglected it The Bronze Bow? really? The next three are almost as good With The Fragile Flag she sort of jumped into a new generation and there are some issues with that book but I love it dearly Then The Time Bike came out and I was so annoyed with it that I haven't reread in an effort to forget it so I don't really remember my exact issues with it except that the author contradicted some stuff from earlier booksI think I might have liked this book if I hadn't read the preceding ones though I don't think I would have loved it But most of the characters read nothing like they did originally; the ones that do do it pretty superficially ie Frieda; and all the philosophical stuff is dumbed down If we didn't need an explanation of Old shoes will serve a hero in the first book why would we need one now? Prince Krishna in particular is just not the same character the Krishna I remember is clever with a sense of humor not fawning and ineffectual Also annoyed by some admittedly minor errors like how baby Carrington has aged but his big sister Cissie hasn't Poor authors it must be hard to have nitpicky readers who know your books so well

  2. eRin eRin says:

    I picked this up because of the circus connection but I didn't realize that it was part of a series Therefore most of the book I was a little confused Even if I had known the back stories I don't think that my opinion would be much changed because the book seemed fragmented and hastily thrown together I wouldn't recommend this

  3. Tracey Tracey says:

    I had read all of Jane Langton's Hall Family Chronicles that had been released when I was a kid but sometimes I forget to GOOGLE authors I loved to find out if they wrote and Jane Langton HAD I had only ever read Swing in the Summerhouse PERFECT book Diamond in the Window which my sister and I found only AFTER reading SitS and made SitS make MUCH sense The Fledgling The Astonishing Stereoscope and the Fragile Flag It's nice to have new to me books by her I didn't ADORE this one in the same way as the others it felt less about the PEOPLE and about the ADVENTURES but it was as richly detailed and fun a read as the other ones

  4. Janice Janice says:

    This was a good story not great but a good solid read Mix an eccentric family a little magic an evil plot plus Henry David Thoreau and you get a fun read about the Hall family who live in Thoreau’s childhood home It begins with the patriarch Uncle Freddy getting a call from a relative in India who over a bad phone connection tells him he is sending someone called Amanda who may or may not be trouble Simultaneously Matilda McIntosh promises her cousin on his deathbed that she will get even with the Hall family The fun begins when the guest from India’s gift to Georgie brings some even bigger surprises for everyone involvedThe only downside is that Langton throws so many characters at you from the town that you tend to get them confusedOne books that make up the Hall Family Chronicles It is a story with fantasy magic and humor that is fun for the fourth grader on up

  5. Yoori Yoori says:

    It's truly boring

  6. Rhiannon Rhiannon says:

    A group of kids help their own and embark on many adventures

  7. Grillables Grillables says:

    Perhaps I've just outgrown these? I remember uite liking the early books in this series but this one was too simplistic and seemed thrown together haphazardly

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The Mysterious Circus Hall Family Chronicles ❰KINDLE❯ ✿ The Mysterious Circus Hall Family Chronicles Author Jane Langton – Life in the Halls' house in Concord is many things but it is never boring Even something as simple as having a family friend come for a visit can lead to the unexpected the enchanted the mysterious in Life in the Circus Hall MOBI · Halls' house in Concord is many things but it is never boring Even something as simple as having a family The Mysterious PDF/EPUB or friend come for a visit can lead to the unexpected the enchanted the mysterious in this case the most amazing most mysterious circus everFrom Mysterious Circus Hall Epub ß Uncle Krishna's garbled phone message to the fantastic ending the latest Hall Family Chronicle has all of the earmarks of a Jane Langton novel fantasy humor and magicJoin Eleanor Eddie Georgie their new friend Andy and his twelve very large friends about them later in Jane Langton's The Mysterious Circus.