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  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    199 Kindle sale August 8 2020 for this collection of 16 fantasy shorts by the very talented Theodora Goss and I’ve only read one of them where the GR librarians did their trick of moving short story reviews to a collection so that review is below I’m going to bite on this Kindle sale though“Pip and the Fairies” is a charming short story about the intersection between fairy tales and reality free online at Strange Horizons Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureI went on a bit of a Theodora Goss binge; this story and “Singing of Mount Abora” were my favorites of her works that I read In “Pip and the Fairies” the main character Philippa Lawson had a mother who was an author of children’s fiction a series of stories about a little girl named Pip and the fairy characters she met a green haired girl named Hyacinth the Thorn King and the May ueen and Jack Feather whom Pip loved Pip and the Thorn KingPhilippa who is now a grown woman and an actress remembers these stories because she loved them so and because they saved her and her widowed mother from the poverty that was a constant threatHer mother never actually called her Pip It was Pipsueak as in “Go play outside Pipsueak Can’t you see Mommy’s trying to finish this chapter? Mommy’s publisher wants to see something by Friday and we’re a month behind on the rent” When they finally moved away from Payton they were almost a year behind Her mother sent Mrs Payne a check from California from royalties she had received for the after school specialAfter Philippa’s mother died a documentary was made about her that has revitalized the public’s interest in the Pip stories and in Philippa herself As Philippa returns to Payton the town where her mother wrote so many of these stories she remembers how elements of the Pip stories were inspired by actual events and perhaps how events and characters in the Pip stories found their way into her actual life as wellThis is a gentle poignant story a little reminiscent of stories of the real life Christopher Robin and his mixed emotions of his father’s inclusion of him in his Winnie the Pooh stories The details of a life on the edge of poverty are bittersweet the lack of lunch money and the constant soup and toast in the Lawson home that morphed into an emphasis on food in the Pip stories like toadstool omelets or “Jeremy Toad’s cricket cutlets which neither she nor Hyacinth could bear to eat” And I think we’d all like to find a door that leads to a fairy land where good companions and magical adventures await

  2. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    This is the kind of mythopoeic fiction I like A collection of uite short stories but they pack a lot in to their brief length The Rose in Twelve PetalsA fractured retelling of 'Sleeping Beauty' or 'Briar Rose' in a dozen brief vignettes set in a concrete version of Europe than the usual fairy tale fare Professor Berkowitz Stands on the ThresholdA not very successful professor and a French poet both with hidden talents are summoned by a mysterious figure to an interstitial place between the worlds and offered a choice Why does the professor make the choice he does? I'm still not sure The Rapid Advance of SorrowA poetic surreal piece on the theme of trying to have a relationship with a revolutionary Lily With CloudsTwo sisters long estranged One conventional the other the lover of artists The latter's terminal cancer brings them back together one last time Closure or understanding may not be possible but the meeting will leave its mark Miss Emily GrayEmily Gray features in several of Goss' stories and I want of her I LOVE this morally ambiguous Mary Poppins figure who here shows up as a young girl's governess and grants wishes in a uite unexpected way In the Forest of ForgettingThis title story is actually probably my least favorite piece in the book A fairy tale allegory that is explicitly about a woman dying of cancer; I felt it would've been effective if it were subtle Sleeping With BearsAnother allegory which compares men to bears but this one is done with a deft touch and wry humor Letters from BudapestA spooky and lovely Hungarian vampire story about an undead artist who suck talented young men dry Reminded me a bit of Tanith Lee The Wings of Meister WilhelmOne of the powerful pieces I've read about the tragedy of European anti semitism and a beautiful story of a young girl her violin instructor and his impossible dream ConradAnother Emily Gray story Here as a nurse she's a powerful if mysterious advocate for a young boy whose own family is trying to poison him A Statement in the CaseThe 'case' is uestion is the possible arson of a pharmacy and the witness in uestion admits that he was drunk and that he might not have seen exactly what he believes that he saw Death Comes for ErvinaAn elderly former ballerina receives a visit from an old lover and reminisces about her complicated past The BeltI will tell you that every fairy tale has a moral The moral of my story may be that love is a constraint as strong as any belt And this is certainly true which makes it a good moral Or it may be that we are all constrained in some way either in our bodies or in our hearts and minds Or perhaps my moral is that a desire for freedom is stronger than love or pity That is a wicked moral or so the Church has taught us But I do not know which moral is the correct one And that is also the way of a fairy story And that is why I have realized that I love Theodora Goss PhalaenopsisA truly creepy and horrific story about a monastery where all the monks are blind Or maybe it is an inspiring and uplifting story of spiritual triumph I'm picking the former but others will probably think the latter Pip and the Fairies'Pip''s mother featured her as the title character in a series of books for children which have made her a kind of minor celebrity as the books have achieved a classic fame But thinking back she wonders if the stories that she told her mother about her adventures with the magical folk were true Lessons With Miss GrayYay Emily Gray again Here she offers three girls lessons in witchcraft It's their obsession for a summer

  3. Bryan Alexander Bryan Alexander says:

    In the Forest of Forgetting is an anthology of beautiful well crafted and dreamlike short stories They exist on the edges of dream fable and folklore each one a uniue take on the fantastic With a very few words Theodora Goss takes us into visionary realmsDreams are central to these tales Some are explicitly about dreaming like Professor Berkowitz Stands on the Threshold while others draw heavily on dreams dreamlike states and visions such as Conrad Pip and the Fairies Phalaenopsis and Miss Emily GrayOthers address politics and history starting with the author's native Hungary in Letters from Budapest and A Statement in the Case Perhaps my favorite story in the collection Rose in Twelve Petals is among other things a delicate alternate history placing the Rumpelstilskin story in a world where Napoleon conuered Britain and the rest of Europe But folklore looms largest in Forest Many of these stories are retellings of fairy tales or critiues of same or feature fairy tale literacy as a major plot point Time and again one layer of civilization peels back to reveal a folkloric basis as when a successful children's author turns out to be drawing on real fairies perhaps or an arson and murder involves magical animals and people My story has the contours of a fairy tale begins the densely packed The Belt which starts with a riff on fairy tales moves to sexual fetishism of several stripes then concludes with social revolutionTime and again I was struck by well wrought passages Goss' tone veers from wry amusement see the bear wedding story to cold insight to lyrical surrealism One becomes bored eventually even of penance Do not blame Sophia Mada Boredom is a healthy impulse It is a sign of the will to live Fear the man who is not bored by suffering195Sorrow a feeling of grief or melancholy A mythical city generally located in northern Siberia said to have been visited by Marco Polo From Sorry he took back to Italy the secret of making ice 44There is a fascinating and deep focus on gender in these stories an attraction to yet desire to escape from girlhood and womanhood So much of the book focuses on objects and dynamics we normally assign to women's writing and concerns mother daughter relations ballet fears of being overweight flowers marriage proper ways of being a lady Sometimes the characters seem immersed in this world with pleasure or at least careful attention like the heroines in the first half of Lessons with Miss Gray Yet Goss is concerned with the ways these situations sour and demand escape as with Miss Gray's conclusion or the aching flights of Wings of Meister Wilhelm In The Forest of Forgetting follows a woman's visionary voyage as she suffers from cancer each stage of her flight defined by her gendered roles and often with beauty Lily With Clouds occurs from the point of view of a wealthy society woman trying to cope with a black sheep sister who spends her life avoiding that privilege Women take center stage in these perfectly wrought storiesRecommended for anyone interested in the contemporary short story or fantasy or gender or simply fine reading

  4. Janelle Janelle says:

    I’ve always enjoyed that section of fantasy writing that not only retells fairytales but takes them in different directions to the darker places or sets them in contemporary situations This collection of 16 stories by Theodora Goss is beautifully crafted well written and reflects on many things Some are dreamlike or surreal others have subtle magic science that we don’t understand yet My favourites include “Lily with Clouds” about estranged sisters and the title story about a woman’s cancer journey Many are set in Eastern Europe and reflect on totalitarianism and anti semitism relationships between parents and children friends and couples There’s murder and art and fear of greatness flying and witchcraft and justice a wedding to a bear aNd the wonderful “Miss Emily Gray” who appears in a few of these stories

  5. Kevin Farrell Kevin Farrell says:

    Here is an interesting collection of stories from Theodora Goss I would rate some as 3 star and some as 5 star so the aggregate score is 4 stars for the bookThe best and most personally meaningful was In The Forest of Forgetting In this story the main character is in a dream like forest and can't remember who she is or why she is there She keeps meeting people that she vaguely recognizes as important people in her life but keeps moving deeper into the forest Several people try to convince her not to go too deep into the forest but she continues anyway The author subtly lets us know that this character is dying of cancer and is temporarily stuck between living an dying She must decide to either come back from the Forest of Forgetting to live or continue her journey deeper into the forest

  6. Kerry Kerry says:

    A beautifully crafted collection of short stories Theodora Goss’ In the Forest of Forgetting draws on fairy tale and mythological motifs in creative and unexpected ways While most if not all of the stories were amazing these were the highlights of the book at least in my opinion In the Forest of ForgettingIn the Forest of Forgetting the story from which the book takes its title is breathtaking and haunting A soberly enchanting allegory it chronicles a woman’s journey with breast cancer with sensitivity and poetry To my delight I found that it was available to read online at the author’s website and have included the link to it here In the Forest of ForgettingThe Rose in Twelve PetalsA kaleidoscopic version of the Sleeping Beauty story Goss wove the fairy tale with bit of history and then shifted everything just slightly The story’s point of view also shifted among various characters even the roses the grew in the ueen’s garden the castle itself and a stray dog that takes up residence in the enchanted castle while it’s inhabitants sleep Miss Emily GrayA story that reminded me a bit of a fairy tale esue version of W W Jacobs’s famous short story the Monkey PawSleeping with BearsA charming if surreal take on the Goldilocks story which is also available to read online Sleeping With BearsLetters from BudapestA delightfully spooky tale about a young artist caught in the thrall of a sort of artistic succubus Overall I enjoyed the way the author wove the mythic and the modern elements of her stories together and thought that her use of language was lyrical and beautiful There was a sense of Old World Eastern European flavor to many of the stories that worked really well And the fact that certain names places and images would appear like slightly altered echoes in multiple stories intertwined the stories subtly together and made each story seem like a view into a kaleidoscope something that took familiar components and then twisted them into something beautiful uniue and new At the end of the day I simply loved this collection and can’t wait to add it to my personal library

  7. Josie Josie says:

    I read Sleeping With Bears online on a fantasy magazine website I think? and as soon as I'd finished it I ordered this book That was how good it was I couldn't wait to read this and although some of the stories were better than others I'll be honest I didn't really understand the philosophy ones? I've never been so satisfied with an impulse buyThe writing is perfect exactly to my taste It's beautiful and enchanting but not overly complex or inaccessible The ordinary sits alongside the extraordinary blurring the line between truth and fairytale And the sense of place in each tale is wonderful whether it's Eastern Europe or the deep south In fact there's a bit about Theodora Goss at the end of the book that sums up what I'm trying to say Her stories often take place on the border between fantasy and reality and reflect the influence of an Eastern European literary tradition that incorporates fantastic elements into otherwise realistic works That's exactly it You read this book and you start to wonder whether it might be possible to learn witchcraft or marry a bear It's wonderful like falling into a dreamMy favourite stories in the order they appear in the bookSleeping With BearsThe Wings of Meister WilhelmPip and the FairiesLessons With Miss Gray

  8. Diana Diana says:

    I love a good book of short stories and these are exuisite Just the right blend of magical and unnerving without being too weird too overwhelming or too depressing Highly recommended if you love Karen Russell Aimee Bender Elizabeth Hand or Kelly Link's short story collections

  9. MB (What she read) MB (What she read) says:

    35 starsEvocative haunting fantastical short stories

  10. Mary Catelli Mary Catelli says:

    A short story about a woman reflecting back on the fantasy tales her mothers wrote and their interrelation with her life uite magical

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In the Forest of Forgetting [Reading] ➿ In the Forest of Forgetting By Theodora Goss – The reprint of In the Forest of Forgetting by award winning author Theodora Goss first published in 2006 by Prime Books with an introduction by Terri Windling and cover art by Virginia Lee The table o The reprint of In the Forest Forest of PDF/EPUB ã of Forgetting by award winning author Theodora Goss first published in by Prime books with an introduction by Terri Windling and cover art by Virginia Lee The table of contents has been slightly modified Phalaenopsis has been replaced by Her In the MOBI :º Mother's Ghosts which first appeared in in The Rose and Twelve Petals and Other Stories released by Small Beer PressThe Rose in Twelve PetalsProfessor Berkowitz Stands on the ThresholdThe Rapid Advance of SorrowLily With CloudsMiss Emily GrayIn the Forest of ForgettingSleeping with BearsLetters from BudapestThe Wings of the Forest of Epub Ú Meister WilhelmConradA Statement in the CaseDeath Comes for ErvinaThe BeltHer Mother's GhostsPip and the FairiesLessons with Miss Gray.

  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • In the Forest of Forgetting
  • Theodora Goss
  • English
  • 06 October 2014
  • 9781907881183

About the Author: Theodora Goss

Theodora Goss was born in Hungary Forest of PDF/EPUB ã and spent her childhood in various European countries before her family moved to the United States where she completed a PhD in English literature She is the World Fantasy and Locus Award winning author of the short story and poetry collections In the MOBI :º In the Forest of Forgetting Songs for Ophelia and Snow White Learns Witchcraft as well as novel.