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  • أنت لي
  • منى المرشود
  • Arabic
  • 03 February 2015

10 thoughts on “أنت لي

  1. Clumsy Storyteller Clumsy Storyteller says:

    My friend has been telling me to readthis book for over two years now I kept putting it off because it is a bit long for my usual taste 1607 pages WTF do you have to tell in 1607 pages after two years of procrastinating i read 25% of it AND OH MY GOD i want shoot my friend for the rec Sorry Nawel i love you but i have to let you go Let's just say my friends don't all share the same taste as meأنت لي please join the GREAT SHELF OF MEH 3

  2. Fatma Fatma says:

    the biggest disappointment i had reading this novel is that it had so much potential but the author just walked through them all without taking the chance to get into the deeper shade of the story the fundamental dew of the story is strong but the aspects the author chose to talk the story through were extremely poor i mean it's freaking 1600 pages long and she could easily have gone through some relatable issues like war arranged marriages political prisoners and life in jail plus there were some important events the author didn't bother describing like samer's feeling after the breakup how he got his parents' dead bodies and how he got involved in that assasins group her description of the characters was artificial and one sided for example you find that ra3'ad is childish and dana is always jealous while it's part of the human nature to have multiple sides and shades to your character like when you act with jealousy it's not because you a jealous person but it's because you have insecurities and the author should've focused on the insecurity part rather than just the jealousy the language was poor and i didn't like the way she chose to tell the story through i found it extremely cheesy not mentioning the mistakes there are in saying the wrong names at the wrong parts and jumping from telling the story from one person's perspective into another's without giving the reader a clue about the change that happened it was stressful reading someone's feelings and not knowing who you're reading about

  3. a secret agent fangirl a secret agent fangirl says:

    Book 149 stars because at some point I hated the main charactersNow I know this is an Arabic book and I should be writing my review in Arabic but it's one am right now and my book brain isn't functioning properly Plot SO MANY PLOT TWISTS AAAAHHHHH and why is everyone in the story making up a far from what's happening conclusion about things?? And just WHY was I hooked from the first page?? So many uestions that I have no answer toThis book was very thrilling because it was so realistic and not in any way cheesy I also really liked it because this is the first book ever that I read from Arab Muslim POV characters which made me feel so relatable and at ease with the characters and setting My book reading record is now 517 pages in 24 hours 24 hours went like this 12AM to 3AM and then one hour the next morning and then continued the book from 9PM to 12PM Songs for this book Warzone The Wanted Show me love The Wanted Angel with a shotgun The CabBook 2Ok this book was such an emotional roller coaster I had to clear that up There were so many complex plot twists the characters were also highly complex which is wow and I must say I absolutely loved this book and can you believe I read two 500page books in two days??? Personally I am amazed and scared at how gripping this book wasOverall I loved this book and ESPECIALLY the ending Very satisfying Lots of huge plot twists A romance novel in such a non cheesy and extremely realistic Simply awesomeRecommending this to anyone who can read Arabic or can learn and then read Arabic T

  4. booksryey 99 booksryey 99 says:

    i hated this book the second i started reading it going into it I knew it was a romance but the we got introduced to the main character at 11 years old and the female lead at 3 the age difference is in my opinion not acceptable especially later when the a few years go by and the guy is 18 and the girl is only 9 there is a problem with that that's not okay maybe it's the difference between the Community i was raised in and the one the writer was raised in maybe it's okay from where she is but with all due respect it's just not okay for an 18 year to fantasize about a 9 year old that's pedophilic there were a few cute moments at the beginning when they were both still kids but i the fact that i can't even finish this is a clear sign that the first 23 chapters are the best part about it and they're not even that good

  5. ◆¸.•Fashion nerd◆¸.• ◆¸.•Fashion nerd◆¸.• says:

    من اروع رويات قريتة Seriously one of the amazing stories i read i loved it and couldn't stop till i finished it in three daysIt drove me nuts specially the writing the freaking small details in the first and second half I loved my عاشق المجنون وليد he was really something the why she defines his obsession with رغد Gosh was amazingAfter reading this story im for sure gonna read the rest of her books this writer is commendable she has excellent writing skills

  6. Noor Noor says:

    Oh dear God I had to skip many pages and she keeps going on and on about nothing

  7. Noura Noura says:

    best novel i had ever read

  8. Safa Jarrar Safa Jarrar says:

    OMG what a long novel for very normal story so they love each otherfor God's sakejust speck upsay it and we are done at page 10 did they had to wait for that long to express their feelings and make everyone suffers around themI just felt board and if I did not promise myself that I will never leave a book unfinishedI would left that bookWhat a spoiled child she is crying all the time so selfishI wished to slap her on the face many timesGOD she is not the only orphan in the world and that does not give her the right to treat people that wayso selfishit made me feel so sick but again sometimes I envied herguys were ready to die for her wowis she lucky or whatlolOn the other hand Arwaa beautiful lady who lost both her mom and dadyet the man she loved was so selfish to use her as rebound relationship mate what a jerkIn shortI feel like I wasted 10 days reading a stupid novel telling me the reality of lifethere is no sense at alland logic should be removed from life dictionary

  9. Yousra Hesham Yousra Hesham says:

    Couldn't finish it it doesn't even deserve a star I reached page 750 and I won't read of this It's just BAD some kind on an old repeated teenagers romantic book expected nothing special long for nothing it's like a turkish series like book I hated it and I don't get how some people actually liked it and gave it 5 stars or soIt was such a waste of time and I'm thankful for not finishing it where's the creativity and imagination you writer ?

  10. Rey Rym Rey Rym says:

    Moooooooooooooore than amazing bgad what a beautiful and unhabitual love story Bgad amazing ♥♥♥

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دمنى المرشود هي كاتبه سعودية بدأت الكتابة منذ عام من رواياتها فجعّت قلبي أنت لي ، الملاك الأعرج ، انا ونصفي الأخر.