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The Gods of Bal-Sagoth [Reading] ➶ The Gods of Bal-Sagoth Author Robert E. Howard – Robert E HowardGenius of fantasy master of the occult creator of powerful heroes and heroic ages Readers who have devoured the CONAN saga have only just begun to sample the wonders of the world's grea Robert E HowardGenius of fantasy master of the occult creator of powerful heroes and heroic ages Readers who have devoured the CONAN saga have only just begun to sample the wonders of the world's greatest writer of fantasy adventure Here together for the first time are stories that show the full spectrum of the genius of Robert E HowardShipwrecked on a mysterious island two sailors The Gods PDF or find traces of a lost civilization and memories of their own impossible part in itThe last words of an operatic tenor bring the music of hell to the man who destroyed himTurlogh O'Brien mighty Gaelic warrior who serves no master but gold and blood battles for a kingdom against the fearful ancient gods of Bal SagothAll together for the first time in The Gods of Bal SagothContents The Gods of Bal SagothCasonetto's Last SongKing of the Forgotten PeopleUsurp the NightCurse of the Golden SkullThe Shadow of the BeastNekht Semerkeht Completed by Andrew J Offutt Restless WatersThe Isle of the Eons unfinished.

  • Paperback
  • 235 pages
  • The Gods of Bal-Sagoth
  • Robert E. Howard
  • English
  • 04 July 2016
  • 9780441295258

About the Author: Robert E. Howard

Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy horror historical adventure boxing western and detective fiction Howard wrote over three hundred stories and seven hundred poems of raw power and unbridled emotion and is especially noted for his memorable depictions of a sombre universe of swashbuckling adventure and darkling horrorHe is well known for having created — in the p.

10 thoughts on “The Gods of Bal-Sagoth

  1. Peregrine 12 Peregrine 12 says:

    This collection of short stories and fragments was hit and miss with me My favorites were all to do with classic campy horror These includedCasonetto's Last Song cool idea that a devil worshipping opera star can use a recorded song to curse his enemy after the star's deathUsurp the Night the best one in this collection in my opinion Spooky old guy in a house at the edge of town pets and children disappearing the hero's disbelief in the obvious The idea of a monster kept upstairs comes straight out of Lovecraft but I don't mind Good tale EntertainingThe Shadow of the Beast similar to 'Pigeons from Hell' in the abandoned mansion motif A criminal flees into a haunted mansion and his good guy pursuer goes in after him Another monster upstairs with the hero barely making it out I love it

  2. Derek Derek says:

    What surprised me is that collectors and editors were still pulling manuscripts out of Howard's estate as late as 1977 The Isle of the Eons an unfinished serial had its first appearance in this volume and a good chunk of the remainder was copyrighted after 1960The collection isn't strongly themed but leaned toward the lost city lost people lost island direction with The Gods of Bal Sagoth King of the Forgotten People Nekht Semerkeht and Isle of the Eons Most of these prove the point that if you're a member of an insular isolated people at the far edge of nowhere then the appearance of a dynamic and possibly violent outsider particularly a white skinned outsider should be your cue to start packing your bags

  3. Steve Goble Steve Goble says:

    The cover might make you think sword and sorcery and indeed these short stories mostly employ the vividness and pacing of that genre but what we have here is a collection of horror stories The settings and characters vary; there are pirates and Vikings conuistadors and Lovecraftian horrors ghost and lost races A lot of fun stuff sometimes rough around the literary edges but no less fun for that Ripping good stuff

  4. Charles Charles says:

    Has some great writing in it

  5. Mark Mark says:

    I read this and other Robert E Howard books of short stories about 40 years ago and thought I'd dig them out and re read them This is Howard in all of his pulpy purple tinged glory and though his writing can become somewhat turgid at times it's still great fun Much like his contemporary HP Lovecraft Howard submitted most of his work to the many pulp magazines of the 1920s and 30s magazines that weren't particularly interested in high literature but rather stories that would shock or titillate the reader and Howard doesn't disappoint The eponymous story is close to the Conan mold; Gaelic and Saxon Warriors are shipwrecked on a mysterious isle when they encounter a nearly naked woman deposed Goddess of an ancient civilization Carnage and gore soon follow Other standouts are Usurp the Night and Nekht SemerkehtTrue some of these become ridiculous at times but they're still entertaining

  6. Stuart Dean Stuart Dean says:

    An assortment of REH yarns including ghost stories demons summoned from beyond ancient civilizations and the title story with Black Turlough Mostly stories unpublished in REH's lifetime some completed by another author and one left in its unfinished state Tales of the distant past and some placed recent still most find a way for the hero to use either sword or iron fist to solve his problems Some owing homage to Sax Rohmer and HP Lovecraft others pure Howard all entertaining

  7. Julian Julian says:

    Isle of the Aeons is a great story almost on par with Lovecraft's the Nameless City

  8. Robert Fenske Robert Fenske says:

    A mix of mostly either adventure and occult stories that with most being average to good across the board

  9. Phil Syphe Phil Syphe says:

    Note this review is for the title story aloneTurlogh Dubh O'Brien is an Irish Gael who ends up shipwrecked on an island with a Saxon turned Viking I’m guessing this is set in the 900s though it may be the early 1000s It’s definitely after Alfred the Great but before William the Conueror’s time Whenever it is this reads as a supernatural historical work of fictionThe gods of Bal Sagoth are not necessarily gods but are only thought to be so The Gael and Saxon discover a beautiful blonde wearing nothing but a silk covering around her loins thank you Mr Howard who is originally from the Orkneys but because she too was shipwrecked on this island inhabited by superstitious dark skinned people they think she’s a goddess come from the seaIn this strange place sorcery and demons are to be found Thus with two battle hard warriors and an almost naked blonde beauty we have the makings of another entertaining tale spun by the genius of Robert E Howard

  10. Jim Jim says:

    The trouble with picking up an anthology of REH stories is that I've read most of the stories in them and that's true of this anthology published in 1979 But it is good to revisit some of REH's stories to see how an adventure story should be done The title story The Gods of Bal Sagoth is one of Howard's best ones and this may be the fourth time I read it I had read The Shadow of the Beast before but I didn't remember it very well It's a great haunted house story and my favorite in this collection The main story which I hadn't read before The Isle of the Eons is unfinished Two sailors shipwrecked on a mysterious island discover traces of a strange lost civilizationa lot of the best elements of REH are here but you have to make up your own ending

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