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    In this well written and concisely plotted novelette author Madeleine Holly Rosing brings us another excursion into a Nineteenth Century Boston unlike our own It is a world of extreme social class distinctions than were ever practiced in our own Gilded Age The boundaries of Boston are sharply drawn and though a South Sider may hope to work his way out of abject poverty he had better not cross the line without permission Of course there are worse things than merely being poor such as being Irish At the other end of the other end of the social scale we find the Great Houses of Boston often at violent odds with each other and the moneyed families who employ the city wretches as domestics The world created by Holly Rosing is immersed in the steampunk genre with its out of synch technology and technocratic overtones Just as modern steampunk fandom finds its greatest expression in fashion so we see it in the clothing of the characters not so much in the lower classes rags is rags but in the genteel lords and ladies with their elegant outfits threaded with expensive copper wires who promenade as the lords of creation and in the haughty scions who know all they survey will one day be theirs for no other reason that accidents of birth As to what steampunk inspired changes have been wrought in the world at large we are given infuriatingly brief glimpses but the hints are enticing than instructive The setting however is not the story but a place to tell the story and this story is all about a girl a boy and a ghostBeing poor and Irish may make you an outcast in Boston but admitting that you have the ability to see and communicate with ghosts that you are a Medium will land you in the madhouse if you are lucky Young Caitlin O’Sullivan has against her the perfect trifecta of bad luck—poor Irish and mediumistic Fortunately while she cannot hide the first two traits she is very good at hiding her talent for being a Medium especially from her shrill and vitriolic tongued mother Her father too must be cautious for he shares the same ability to communicate with the dead but his skill as a photographer is slowly enabling him to crawl out of the mire of poverty something he believes his daughter will also be able to do through education Caitlin’s book learning activities are as far as her mother is concerned a foolish waste of time Better that she should bring in some much needed money and to that end Caitlin’s mother uses a connection with an old friend to gain her and her only friend Jeanette positions as menials at Kage House”not one of the Great Houses but a fine family nonetheless” and there begins the storyThere is an almost gothic uality to the story a young domestic coming to an old house with a dark secret where a stern and mysterious housekeeper rules with an iron will but Caitlin is no damsel in distress but a brave young lady intelligent and compassionate beyond her social class And she can see ghosts Through her talents and intelligence Caitlin discovers the secret that no one wants to know and in doing so learns that not everything can be taught by books that triumph is often accompanied by tragedy and that flashes of great insight are sometimes paid for with greater loss Although the story is self contained it nevertheless advances the overall narrative revealed in all the other stories derived from the steampunk themed universe of the Boston Metaphysical Society While you can enjoy this story on its own merits without reading any of the other tales already published I recommend them as highly as I do the present story

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The Secret of Kage House (A Steampunk Story) [Reading] ➻ The Secret of Kage House (A Steampunk Story) Author Madeleine Holly-Rosing – In an alternate Boston of the 1800's social classes are rigidly enforced and the paranormal is part of everyday life especially if you're Irish Inheriting her father's gift to see and talk to ghosts C of Kage eBook ☆ In an alternate Boston of the 's social classes are rigidly enforced and the paranormal is part of everyday life especially if you're Irish Inheriting her father's gift to see and talk to ghosts Caitlin O'Sullivan sees no harm in having a little fun with her abilities every once in awhile But when faced with either obeying her father's rules or helping a young boy she must make a decision that will change her fate forever Based on the popular steampunk comic Boston Metaphysical Society.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 60 pages
  • The Secret of Kage House (A Steampunk Story)
  • Madeleine Holly-Rosing
  • English
  • 07 January 2015