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Calloustown ❰Read❯ ➮ Calloustown Author George Singleton – Calloustown, the seventh collection from master raconteur George Singleton, who s been praised by The Atlanta Journal Constitution as the unchallenged king of the comic Southern short story, finds th Calloustown, the seventh collection from master raconteur George Singleton, who s been praised by The Atlanta Journal Constitution as the unchallenged king of the comic Southern short story, finds the author at the absolute top of his game as he traces the unlikely inhabitants of the titular Calloustown in all their humanity Whether exploring family, religion, politics or the true meaning of home, these stories range from deeply affecting to wildly absurd and back again, all in the blink of an eye.

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  1. David Joy David Joy says:

    Aside from possibly the story Fossils in Half Mammals of Dixie, I think this latest collection might hold my favorite story George has ever written What do I think of this collection and his work as a whole if when we come to die we are measured by how often we made others smile and laugh, George Singleton will have a seat at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.

  2. Jim Jim says:

    Seldom can I say I liked just about every short story in a collection, that the tales each one made me laugh, often several times I chuckled throughout, and now I think I have found another writer whose work I will have to read all of Maybe part of it is he makes fun of my South Carolina neighbors, and I loved it How he escaped my attention for so long, I don t know He is kind of like a South Carolina version of George Saunders, and that is high praise If you don t find things in this book that tickle your funny bone, you are likely already embalmed in Glymph Funeral Home There are some who might take offense, but they should lighten up cause this is a great collection.

  3. Tom Tom says:

    I don t even try to be objective with George any everything he writes is of the highest order no one is even near him as a comic story writer And he s up there with the greats Nordan, O Connor, Hannah What s special about this collection is how it seems both vintage Singleton and fresh The landscape he s made so much his own is changing and he s adapted these stories feel vita and original, lively, uncommonly funny and true.

  4. Deirdre Deirdre says:

    George Singleton will be at Catawba College s Brady Author s Symposium March 1, and this 2015 collection of short stories is his most recent book And it s funny, wry, sarcastic It s a collection of short stories all set in Calloustown, S.C., a place so average, Sherman couldn t be bothered to burn it on his march south The town has never forgotten this And it s full of sad sacks, ne er do wells, crooks, broken hearts and unfulfilled dreams Singleton, a Southerner, pokes fun at some Southern ways, tongue firmly in cheek There s divorce, drinking, weird festivals, a bar called Worm s, a boy named Pine who speaks only in Morse code a man who is trying to avoid thinking of ways to kill himself because a suicide gene runs in his family Singleton manages to make all of that funny Singleton s short stories have always been singular and it s a shame people haven t discovered him

  5. Marjorie Marjorie says:

    A minute earlier we had been getting along fine, talking about how it would never be socially acceptable for women to chew Red Man or Beechnut tobacco in public until they learned how to spit cleanly Pitching Pennies When I was little and gullible, my mom pulled a prank of adding two little goldfish to the bowl where our great big one Fred lived when I wasn t looking, and then made great sport of me when I noticed and shrieked Fred had babies This was followed by a very emotional mix of laughter and tears, a volcanic eruption of wonder and sadness and joy I have spent my days ever since trying to replicate that feeling Other than giving birth which is time consuming, terribly messy, and leaves you with a dependent human at the end , these moments are tough to find.Unless you read George Singleton He serves those moments up effortlessly, like he s got twelve gross stored in the deep freeze His Calloustown portraits are wry and hilarious and astonishing and will cause you to both snort and sob I can t think of a higher recommendation than that.

  6. Joanie Coleman Joanie Coleman says:

    You want a core workout without going to the gym Just read Calloustown I promise you ll have sore abs afterwards George Singleton s humor and writing style is irreverent, infectious and SO relatable, especially if you grew up in a small town Story after story had me laughin so hard, I m sure the neighbors must ve thought I was stoned on my back porch Calloustown is somewhere between Savannah and Columbia, SC, and seven generations of its inter related residents, mostly Munsons and Harrells, are eternally pissed off because Sherman didn t think it important enough to burn down What Does Sherman Know is an annual festival The Munsons and Harrells are disgusted by William Tecumseh Sherman s notions of aesthetics What s so good about Atlanta, Savannah, or Columbia Sherman was stupid He said he wanted to march to the sea, and Calloustown starts with a C Singleton is a master storyteller he ll make you feel like you ve gone home to your own Calloustown, and you might need to bathe afterwards Enjoy this genius of southern humor

  7. Craig Amason Craig Amason says:

    Singleton is credited as one of the best humorists in the South today, and he is indeed funny There were a few spots in some of these stories that made me laugh out loud I m not sure that I find so much substance in his stories, nothing that I would consider profound He s entertaining, clever, definitely observant, and a bit raw without being disgusting.

  8. Beth Beth says:

    What s so great about George Singleton is how consistent he is These linked stories were hugely clever and funny, as expected.

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