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10 thoughts on “Fair Juno

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    Historical un klasikle en hikayesini bile ok ok s k c anlatm Kafa da tmak i in okumaya ba lad m, ona ra men bitirebilmem g nler s rd _

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    Seriyi san r m tersten okumaya ba lad m Bu kitap daha iyice idi.

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    Kitap fena de ildi Malum bu yazar n son kan kitaplar ger ekten fecaatti Bu bir t k daha iyiydi Tabii bizim demirba tarih a k romanlar m zdan olamaz ama okurken s kmayan, abuk biten bir kitap oldu.Ben ne istedi ini bilen v...

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    Fair Juno is as captivating as any Laurens book Martin Willisden, Earl of Merton and renown rake rescues Miss Helen Walford from her would be kidnappers This starts off a chain of events whereby she seeks to ensure her anonymity and Willisden seeks to know first who she is and then to know her intimately However, she is no ninnyhammer after a rich, aristocratic husband instead she stands by her independence She is also wary because of her own slightly scandalous past Undeterred Willisden seeks to show her that what he wants from her goes far beyond being a rake s conquest As the novel progresses so does the emotion between the two as they start to fall in love Yet that is not enough to cause Helen to accept Willisden s hand She is caught in intrigue of her own as well as being susceptible to the manipulations of Willisden s weak younger brother This results in her continual refusal of Willisden A r...

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    Le do en marzo 20102.5 estrellas

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    Helen has been kidnapped but is quickly rescued by the Earl of Merton Both are smitten but the barriers between them are huge especially when someone else is stirring the pot.This book was quite stupid and I didn t enjoy it at all.

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    Repetitive and without any drama as to the romance The two are clearly in love from the beginning and then begins a long tedious, playacting courtship that goes on and on and on No sizzle either.

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    I can t say I like the narrator.I no longer have any patience with conflict that could be resolved with a few words Very few.

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    I generally don t write reviews for romance novels, but I had to make an exception for this one.Martin, our swashbuckling earl, literally cannot get over our heroine, Helen In fact, he can only try to forget her by thinking of the woman of color who was his mistress in Jamaica, then a British colony, where he made his fortune Then he tried thinking of Erica, the mullato mistress he had left behind That did not work either Somehow Erica s dark ringlets and coffee coloured skin kept transforming to golden curls and luscious white curves See, unlike his ivory gold goddess, Erica is not white Martin pictures his beautiful, white English rose He wanted to see her standing before his fireplace, with his son in her arms But, non white Erica, with dark curly hair and tanned skin, is merely the most satisfying mistress he had ever mounted Forget white Madonna, black whore Mounted. You don t mount humans You mount horses The white woman is his wife, and the non white woman is likened to an animal At this moment, you are acutely reminded that our very British, very elite hero made his entire fortune in Jamaica at the start of the 19th century By complete happenstance, of...

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    I was loving this book until we got to the Oh, I can t tell him what his brother said because it will cause him too much anguish I ll just marry this repugnant man instead I hate, hate, hate the stupid plot device of people not just talking to one another This heroine who through the entire book ha...

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