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The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain Kelly Understands The Human Heart And Writes About It With Beauty And Resonance Beth WisemanTwo Amish HeartsYoung Healer Sarah Mast Always Hopes For The Best But Her Betrothed S Return From Working Englischer Oil Rigs Is Confirming Her Worst Fears She No Longer Recognizes Edward King As The Honorable Man Who S Been Courting Her Someone Who Now Wants His People To Sell Their Precious Mountain Land To A Drilling Company And No Matter How Appealing His Touch, She Can T See A Future For Them Until A Misunderstanding And The Laws Of The Old Order Leave Them No Choice But To Wed Living Together In Sarah S Simple Log Cabin, Surrounded By The Love And Faith Of The Mountain Amish, Sarah And Edward Will Have A Heaven Sent Chance To Truly Know Each Other For The First Time.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain book, this is one of the most wanted Kelly Long author readers around the world.

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    BACK OF THE BOOK BLURBYoung healer Sarah Mast always hopes for the best But her betrothed s return from working Englischer oil rigs is confirming her worst fears She no longer recognizes Edward King as the honorable man who s been courting her someone who now wants his people to sell their precious mountain land to a drilling company And no matter how appealing his touch, she can t see a future for them Until a misunderstanding and the laws of the Old Order leave them no choice but to wed Living together in Sarah s simple log cabin, surrounded by the love and faith of the mountain Amish, Sarah and Edward will have a heaven sent chance to truly know each other for the first timeMY REVIEWThis book has a few mild sexual content areas, not to an extreme as to bad or too many The story is a real story of faith and how it can help you to overcome the obstacle s that may arise in ...

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    Have read the 3 book series on the KindleThis book is for adults I would say while not soft porn as such it is not a typical Amish bookThe series I feel while is a good one covers some subjects which can be in both Amish English communities this is totally fictional series storyFirst they say they have to trek up the mountain to get to the community so how does the one store get stocked have all the goods Secondly none seem to leave the mountain to work except the 2 brothers who worked on the gas rigs so how do they earn a living as no mention of making items to sell to a market in the big town so this don t make for a believable communityThe other thing is that as each of the 3 stories go each of the 3 siblings Mary, Joseph Edward each when married do not have a full marriage to begin with it understandable with Joseph but each of the siblings sleep in the same bed as their spouse but nothing happens to start of their marriage Then where the story fails the author then relies on detail of how they may get to the point of having a full marriage then how often they are in bed while she doesn t go fully in to details so that is why I say it not...

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    Kelly Long brings us an Amish story which is unlike the others She writes about their intimacies than any other Amish book I have read, but it is still a very good book Sarah and Edward courted secretly, but after he came back from working on the Englischer s oil rig, he was different She does not want to spend her life with him, and lets him know Then, after a night of drunkenness his grandfather got him started drinking at age 8 , he finds shelter from the rain at her place Her father finds edward there with his shirt off drying Due to strict Amish order, her dad orders them to marry right there He promises to not touch her, which changes to not have sexual relations with her until she asks for it The trouble is he is falling in love with her and after a few catastrophes, he wants to quit drinking she, too, loves him but wants than a relation...

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    Sarah Mast is the newest Amish healer in her Amish Ice Mountain community She was in love with Edward King, who ran off to the Englischer oil rigs to work, but now he is back amongst the Amish Ice Mountain community.Edward gets caught in the cold rain and finds himself at what used to be Grossmuder May s cabin, which May left to Sarah Mast since she s the healer now, they both find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time Can Edward correct his wrong doings Is Ice Mountain still going to survive Edward s rash decision for the community Will Sarah open her heart to Edward Does God show Sarah Mast s father how to except her healing I enjoy Kelly Long writing and I enjo...

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    Kelly Long has written a series of books about the Amish of Ice Mountain The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain is the latest that I have read All the books were very entertaining and had a good storyline My only problem with her stories is the sections where explicit intimacies are spelled out This doesn t seem to correspond to the Amish themes of these novels The story moves along at a good pace and is easy to read and not readily easy to put down.I received a Print copy of this...

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    I can t believe we have to wait until next November for the next in the series The Amish Love of Ice Mountain

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    The author uses minimal imagination The two main characters, Edward and Sarah, should really live in a bubble, as it seems they cannot get out of bed and walk to another room, without something happens that harms their body The little emotional connection between any of the characters make this book even worse that the walking disaster characters.He loses one eye, runs her down with a horse, she in hospital and has a broken bones They knock over large shelves of books, domino effect in the towns library A little friend has broken ribs Her little brother goes missing and when they search for him lightening hits a tree near them The get to a cave, as she walks in she steps on something that rattles He miraculously shoves her out of harms way, while at the same time killing the snake, while at the same time spraining his ankle And he has a panic attack He uses his wife, broken arm and young missing boy as crutches Oh there was no reason given for the boy to have gone missing.The little friend got broken ribs from h...

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    How do you forgive yourself How do you forgive the others Sarah and Edward used to court But now Edward drinks and and Sarah doesn t want him in her life any But the old rules in the Amish community are strong, so when Edward is found shirtless in Sarah s company, his truthful comments about the strong rain outside and her being a community healer are wasted and they are to marry immediately But can a marriage like this work Sure, there is a strong chemistry between them, but Sarah wishes for marriage based on love, not lust And things seem to complicate for Edward first his injury leaving him one eyed and with scars on his face, his drinking problem and even him accidentally overrunning Sarah with his horse on a dark stormy nightSarah has her own share of troubles, too First her father being scared of her because her extraordinary gift of healing and then her trust in the said ability shaken when a girl dies And yes, a husband who makes her melt into a puddle by his passionate eyes, but who is hunted by his...

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    I love the Ice Mountain books The series of Amish.novels about the community on Ice Mountain are different than any other Amish stories I ve read They are fun and numerous at times This story is the 3rd in the Ice Mountain series It is a out Sarah and Edward who were courting but after Edward s time working on the oil this to earn money for their marriage, he is a changed.man Sarah is the ...

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