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My Man, My Boyz My Man My Boyz Is An Intriguing Story About Men Coming Together As A Family Their Shared Lifestyle And Compassion For Each Other Is The Back Drop For This Fast Paced Drama Filled With Emotional Moments And Suspenseful Plot Twists Tyrell And Chuck Will This Promising New Relationship Be Destroyed By Chuck S Secret Past Does His Past Have The Power To Wreak Havoc On The Interwoven Lives Of All These Men Tariff Struggling To Uphold His Lover S Dying Wish For Him To Find Love Again He Must Come To Terms With Demetrius, Who Waits In The Wings Can Demetrius Be Patient While Tariff Accepts The Love He Has To Offer Him Mike And Reese The Veteran Lovers Attempt To Maintain Their Partnership While Mike Deals With The Rejection From His Father, And Reese Faces Difficulties With Getting His NFL Career Jump Started This Mosaic Of Black Men Weaves A Poignant Tale Through The Chance Encounters, Human Action, And Past History Of These Eclectic Characters They All Have Their Own Issues To Deal With, But The Bond They Share Is Unbreakable Or Is It

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    I completed this book in two days, I could not put it down TheI read, theI wanted to know what was going to happen TheI read theI wanted to share in the relationships and in the lives of these African American Black Men who genuinely love one another It was amazing to me how the lives intertwined and how people are brought together

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    I absolutely loved this book I couldn t put it down I read it in a day its hard for me to pick one favorite character cause all of them had something I liked and loved about them.

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    Will start reading on this later tonight.

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    interesting read

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