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Ross Poldark [Epub] ➡ Ross Poldark ➢ Winston Graham – In the first novel in Winston Graham’s hit series a weary Ross Poldark returns to England from the American War of Independence 1783 looking forward to a joyful homecoming with his beloved Elizabeth In the first novel in Winston Graham’s hit series a weary Ross Poldark returns to England from the American War of Independence looking forward to a joyful homecoming with his beloved Elizabeth But instead he discovers his father has died his home is overrun by livestock and drunken servants and Elizabeth—believing Ross to be dead—is now engaged to his cousin Ross has no choice but to start his life anewThus begins the Poldark series a heartwarming gripping saga set in the windswept landscape of Cornwall With an unforgettable cast of characters that spans loves lives and generations this extraordinary masterwork from Winston Graham is a story you will never forget.

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  1. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Some of my friends in two different groups I'm in started reading this series so I thought let me watch a little bit of the show on Prime Um yeah then I decided I needed all of the books even though there is something going to happen that I didn't like but let the pictures do the talking LET ME JUST SAY THERE WILL BE SPOILERSOkay so we have the beautiful Ross Poldark going off off to war thinking he would be coming home to his wonderful Elizabeth that he had fell in love withUh no Ross comes back 2 years later to his cousin Francis marrying his wonderful Elizabeth Happy day to you dear Ross All is fair in love and war right? I can't believe I just said that Moving on So Ross then has to work himself to the bone to get Nampara back to rights His father died not long ago and the keepers Jud and Prudie let it go to hell in a handbasket I loved these two though they are so freaking funny And then Ross happens to be in town one day with Jud buying some livestock for the home when he spies some street urchin fighting with some boys over a dog They were going to do bad things The only thing I don't like about these books is a few bad things they do to animals They can kiss my arse And Demelza feels the same so there And we have the beautiful Demelza playing a boy but is really a beautiful warm soul underneath Her and her dog Garrick Okay so she can hold her own in a brawl as best she can and says whatever she feels but that's the way it should be Ross is starting to looking into going into partnership in a mine He doesn't really want to bother with his own for reasons But we get the beginning of what could be something started with the Wheel Leisure mine There are a lot of different things going on in the book but I believe I have rambled forever and a day Let me just add that some things turn around for Ross and Demelza He starts to notice her among other things And then they get married yes married And I love Ross cousin Verity She is so sweet and she tries to help tame Demelza and becomes a most cherished of friends I love this book I love the tv show and I do believe I will love the rest with the exception of one thing I know that's going to happen and will make me want to beat the living you know what out of Ross That's all I'm saying Team Demelza all the way ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  2. Jaline Jaline says:

    There are so many outstanding ualities within this first novel in a series of twelve Thank you to Goodreads friend Candi for first introducing me to this series with her wonderful reviews Thank you too for the inspiration from Goodreads friend Diane who decided last year to read this series at the rate of one per month and whose reviews were a monthly reminder to finally start reading this series I loved the idea of one per month for the entire year and it became one of my first personal reading goals for 2019This novel was first published in 1945 and the last novel of this series was published in 2002 I did not know that this series began so many years ago it is as fresh and feels as new as if it had been written yesterday The writing is outstanding in all ways rich in historical fact dynamic characters beautifully descriptive and atmospheric and rich in its storyline of family culture ventures and adventuresThe novel covers the period of time in Cornwall from 1783 to 1787 It is the time when copper mines and tin mines accounted for a large proportion of the wealth for those in the upper social classes while fishing working in the mines and servitude were the primary occupations of the lower classes Both classes have a dark side to their ‘occupations’ too The wealthy indulged themselves in excesses of food and drink to the detriment of their health as well as gambling and affairs The poorer folks’ dark side is desperate largely poaching and petty theft to feed hungry bodiesThere is a huge cast of characters in this novel yet they are introduced so smoothly and with such a strong imprint of their personalities that I ‘knew’ them immediately and intimately from the beginningThe Poldark family has two branches 1 Elder brother Charles the inheritor and caretaker of the ancient family’s lands and mines his children Francis and Verity and 2 Younger brother Joshua who dies early leaving his son Ross the small farm and holdings that Ross returns to after his service in the War of Independence in America This novel traces the time of transition when control and responsibility pass from the older generation to the youngerI was especially fascinated with Cornwall as the setting for this novel because it was a part of England that I was particularly drawn to many years ago when I spent a month exploring the English southwest This book contains a richness of information about the Cornish countryside its people and its even ancient history all liberally sprinkled throughout the storyAs a family saga this first of the series sets a tone of time and place that finds me eagerly looking forward to the second novel next month

  3. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    Ross Poldark published in 1945 tells the story of Ross a British man in his twenties from the time he returns from the war in America in 1783 until about four years later It's the first of a series of a dozen Poldark books that has spawned a couple of BBC miniseries one in 1975 and a remake in 2015 I think it's safe to say that Ross v 20 was a serious upgrade Even though someone at Cosmopolitan magazine disagreesRoss is landed gentry but not particularly wealthy In fact he's skirting the edge of poverty and his father had let their home and land fall to pieces in his later years especially in his final illness When Ross returns from the war with some lingering physical injuries he's further injured when he finds out that his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth with whom he had an understanding is about to marry his cousin Francis If this were a historical romance his love would prevail in the end but this isn't that kind of book Elizabeth says sorry she's really going to marry Francis and Francis is so in love that he doesn't see how deeply he's hurt Ross The wedding goes on as planned and Ross is left to pick up the pieces and try to put his life and his estate back together This is the story of how that happensIt's told in a very leisurely manner and than one reader has foundered on the slow pace I almost did myself But it's well told if you don't mind the pacing and it gives you a real feel for living in the area of Cornwall England in the late 1700s Winston Graham really did his research This is a warts and all type of tale; bad stuff happens and it's not always made right But this volume at least has an ultimately hopeful feel to itA soft 4 stars for me Even if the plot is rather slow and meandering and leaves a few plot threads hanging for resolution in later books Ross Poldark has some lovely moments and great detailed characters and settings that suck you in I don't regret the time I spent with it It wasn't entirely my cuppa tea so I probably won't read the seuels but I paged through some of them in the library to see what happened with a couple of those loose plot threads view spoilerVerity and Captain Blarney and Jim Carter the poacher hide spoiler

  4. Maria Maria says:

    35 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️“The greatest thing is to have someone who loves you and—and to love in return” This was a very charming book with very charming characters I had watched the show before I started with this series so I knew the characters and the plot pretty well I have to admit this is literally the first time I like the show than the book It took me by surpriseThis book is about a man called Ross Poldark who after a grim war in America comes back to his home to find his father dead the girl he loves engaged to his cousin and his estate derelict Then a girl named Demelza comes into his life and changes everythingI believe this book being old as fuck had a different writing style than I prefer Too many characters who had no point in being mentioned too many difficult words the narrator being changed right in the middle of the chapter with no warning sometimes it made me confused But I have to admit it didn't get me bored at all Probably the pace was a tiny bit slower than I like but it didn't get me bored at allThe relationship of Ross and Demelza was the best part of the book it made my ship heart die They were literally adorable and they kept this beautiful aspect in this show I think the show did a better job of gripping my interest with the mine and copper affairs The book didn't really succeed in that Also the show made some characters likable and hatable than the book did Also where is the George I like to hate? Where is this son of a bitch? WHERE IS HE? The show did an amazing job with making me feel strong things about the characters Love and hate There was no middle ground I need to feel the hate for George in these books I need to hate a character in these booksMy opinion about this book has been conflicting but I have ordered the next one and I want to get into it I'll certainly rewatch the show in the summer One of my favorites of its kind I have to say I hope I will like the next book best and give it a better ratingAlso DEMELZA GO GIRL WE'RE ALL WITH YASO TILL THE NEXT ONE K BYE

  5. Candi Candi says:

    45 stars rounded up A wet October evening is depressing but it drapes some soft shadows on the rough edges of ruin and decay Not so the light of morning Captain Ross Poldark is eager to return to his land and his love after fighting for the British in the Revolutionary War He is jolted into reality when he finds that with the death of his father his property has been neglected and ruined and that his beloved is now engaged to his cousin It will reuire much hard work and determination if he is to save his estate and rebuild all that has been precious to his family Regarding the girl well that will take a different sort of resolve to face this reversal in his fortune It’s been uite some time since I’ve immersed myself in a saga such as this and I am ready to see this one through to the end If the first book is any indication then this series is going to be excellent and well worth the commitment The Cornwall landscape is somehow so very alluring to my travel hungry imagination and the descriptions here are beautiful The characters are developed skillfully and the differing social classes from the gentry to the mineworkers are well drawn I love Ross’s interactions with the people that earn their living by working his land or by submerging themselves in the depths of the earth in order to bring copper ore to the surface He’s not above sitting and having a drink with these rougher sorts of men and is bold enough to stand up for those that cannot defend themselves despite the risk of gossip that such acts inevitably attract He wondered if the real world was that one in which men fought for policies and principles and died or lived gloriously – or often miserably – for the sake of an abstract word like patriotism or independence or if reality belonged to the humble people and the common landI was thoroughly entertained with my introduction to Ross Poldark and all the other wonderful people I have met during my excursion to late eighteenth century Cornwall I look forward to spending time with loyal cousin Verity carefree Demelza unpredictable Aunt Agatha and of course the unconventional and yes somewhat irresistible Ross and a host of others as well Am I a fan of the television series? Well having just finished episode one of the first season I am happy to say yes indeed I have a bit of catching up to do and it is safe to say that I am hooked I highly recommend the book and most likely the series for lovers of historical fiction and engaging family sagas

  6. Matthew Matthew says:

    This was another audiobook with my wife I love having the alternative to TV and it is cool that we have some similar interests in books so that it easy to find ones we both want to listen to35 to 4 StarsA couple years ago my wife’s parents got the 1970s version of the Poldark mini series This was in response to the popularity of Downton Abbey and they remembered watching it and enjoying it back in the day I just thought it was a funny name and didn’t give it much thought Then I found out it was a book series and they were remaking the TV series Well if it is good enough to be remade and it comes in a book format I figured I need to check it outThe book is very much a soap opera – and that is a good thing I feel like I am sneaking a peek into the scandalous lives of Ross Poldark and his family co workers and enemies at the end of the 1700s The drama that they get themselves into while it does have the flair of the time period it is very similar to the TV dramas you see today – especially the ones with people of different social and financial status co mingling The story is very entertaining and I found myself freuently saying “Oh no he didn’t”I think the only thing that affected my enjoyment of the book a bit was the conclusion of the book The first two thirds of the book were a lot of shorter scenes with lots of action and drama while the last third of the book was one long party scene where the action and development was kind of slow While it all come to an interesting conclusion the change of pace that far into the in the book kind of threw me a bitWe will continue in the series because whether or not I enjoyed the first book or will continue to enjoy the series I love spending time listening to books with my wife

  7. Mischenko Mischenko says:

    This book is featured on this week's Shabby Sunday ’s 1783 and Ross Poldark is returning home after fighting in the American Revolutionary War When he arrives he learns that his father is dead his copper mine is failing and his sweetheart Elizabeth whom he loves is engaged to his cousin Francis Not only that but the servants haven’t been keeping up with the estate and it’s in shambles His joyful homecoming is crushed and everything is a mess with chickens scattered around in his living room Ross plans to get back on his feet again but his finances are a mess and he struggles to fit back into society The future is looking fairly grim He meets a fourteen year old girl named Demelza rescues her from her abusive father and gives her a job as a kitchen maid at Nampara where he resides As time moves on Demelza grows up into a beautiful young woman their relationship changes and they get married against everyone’s wishes There’s hardly a single soul who approves of their marriage and Demelza will have to prove that she’s a worthy wife Not only does she struggle with society she struggles with herself because she knows Ross still loves Elizabeth and Demelza is the one who wants to be number one in Ross’s life The book is full of memorable characters with Demelza being my favorite Winston Graham has a way of making the wind sea weather and landscape connect to the feelings of the characters and the imagery of Cornwall pulls you in with all the vivid details “He felt he would like one look at the sea which even now was licking at the rocks behind the house He had no sentimental notions about the sea; he had no regard for its dangers or its beauties; to him it was a close acuaintance whose every virtue and failing every smile and tantrum he had come to understand” The book started off slow for me but once I got into the story I loved it and couldn’t wait to read the other books in the series I ended up reading every single book in The Poldark Saga and highly recommend it to all that enjoy reading historical fictionMy rating on this is 5

  8. Tracie Banister Tracie Banister says:

    I've been hearing a lot about the new Poldark TV series that's being filmed for the BBC and thought the multi generational saga sounded like something I'd enjoy so I decided to give the first book a read I'm so glad I did I was instantly drawn into the story of Ross Poldark the young officer who returns to Cornwall after fighting in the Revolutionary War sporting a scar on his face and a limp to find that his father is dead his family home is in ruins and his love the beautiful and genteel Elizabeth is now engaged to his cousin The latter is the most difficult cross for Ross to bear and he must throw himself into the restoration of his property and the Poldarks' mining business in order to distract himself from his loss As you can imagine family gatherings which force Ross to break bread and exchange polite conversation with his cousin Francis and Elizabeth are both awkward and torturousBut Ross is a strong man and he discovers new purpose in rebuilding his family's small empire and in providing counsel to the tenants on his land He's helped along the way by several very entertaining and well drawn supporting characters including Jud and Prudie the comically lazy and foul mouthed couple who are caretakers of the Poldark estate his cousin Verity who provides moral support and a feisty ragamuffin named Demelza whom Ross rescues from a street brawl and brings home to work in his kitchen Winston Graham did such a wonderful job in describing the Cornish land and its people; I was so transported by his words that I could almost feel the sea spray on my face while I was reading And I loved the complexities of all the relationships in this book How conflicted Ross continues to be over his feelings for Elizabeth how there are so many different levels to his interactions with Demelza how kindhearted Verity falls in love with a man who has a dark past which leads to discord in her family It's all great soapy stuff and I stayed up late several nights in a row because I couldn't put the book downThe story ended with several storylines left up in the air so I had to immediately download the next book I can't wait to see what happens next in the lives of Ross Co and I highly recommend this read to anyone who loves Historical Fiction You won't find a compelling protagonist than Ross Poldark

  9. Jill Jill says:

    These books are totally under rated Although they may be slightly trashy Pre Victorian love stories so was Jane Eyre when it was written Graham is a very good writer and these books are full of powerful and descriptive pros which ignite the imagination even if said imagination is that of a hopeless romantic who watches too much Masterpiece Theater and too many Lifetime movies As the title suggests it is a saga melodramatic like 'Gone with the Wind' but like 'Gone with the Wind' it is good history Although written in the 1950's Graham paints a rather accurate picture of life in Cornwall in the late 18th century and I love this part of the part of the books as wellThese may be written off as trashy love stories set in period but I think they are very well written and very inciteful Graham sees into the hearts of very clearly defined characters which all have their own inner thoughts and fears which are completely believeable and relatable These books really suck you in and I plan to read all 10

  10. Linda Linda says:

    But in the depths of horror and despair one comes to a new steadiness There is no farther to fallAnd I've fallen into the depths of this historical fiction series by Winston Graham PBS has taken it to new heights in their offering which will debut Season 2 later in September Ross Poldark is a returning British soldier having served in America during the uprise of the Revolutionary War March of 1783 brings news of his father's death Setting foot upon this once beloved estate Ross is confronted with a wide array of discouraging upheaval battles The house and adjoining buildings have been left to decay and abandonment The former prosperous mine is no longer functioning Money and a source of credit is not even within reachAnd then the heart suffers even rebuke Elizabeth the love of his life and beyond is marrying his uestionable cousin Francis Elizabeth had believed that Ross was dead Fickleness runs in this girl's veins as frigid as ice water as she still has time to turn the tide before the ceremony Marbles must be rolling in this girl's head as she willfully chooses Francis over the dashing but broke Ross Oh clueless Liz will regret that move most certainlyWinston Graham presents this story set in Cornwall through a currently rendered trilogy I'm already into the second book of this series Demelza I find the characters and there are many of them to be well drawn and painfully human The theme throughout seems to be of Ross' rising from the ashes breaking through the mire of heartbreak family treachery injustice and despair All the goodies that make for an intriguing work of historical fiction I believe that once you pick up the first book in this series you will be drawn in as well And there's also the PBS version that adheres uite well to the book series It's the perfect answer to shoring up a depleted dry book craving And who couldn't use a dashing figure riding a dark horse galloping across the fields of your mind about now?

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