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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • A Proper Family Adventure
  • Chrissie Manby
  • English
  • 07 October 2015
  • 9781473615366

10 thoughts on “A Proper Family Adventure

  1. Steph Hayward-bailey Steph Hayward-bailey says:

    I always enjoy manby's novels As usual this book is full of humour and has the right level of family catastrophe and romance to keep the reader captivated

  2. Jenna Coyne Jenna Coyne says:

    Loving this series

  3. Claire Hill Claire Hill says:

    I am a chick lit girl at heart so it was great to dive into a fabulous story full of delight charactersIn this wonderful tale we meet the Benson family we catch up at grandads Bill’s Birthday party with all his family around him celebrating his great day all his grandkids had clubbed together to buy him lottery ticket which turns out he wins £50000 which he splits between themThey arrive the following Sunday and have a family roast to discuss the spending at Annabel Jackie oldest who she gave up for adoption when Jackie and Dave where teenagers too young to have a child but they found their way back to bringing a family of sorts After dinner Grandad Bill decided with the money that was left that they should book a cruise for all the family to go on but as soon as this was decided family members start dropping like flies The first to drop is Annabel and her husband their daughter Sophie has not long had a liver transplant and wanted to stay closer to her if anything happens as Sophie taken internship at a local law firm to gain work experience The next to drop out was Izzy great granddaughter who also booked an internship at a country magazine which is her dream job plus she gets too stay with Sophie which is an added bonus Just before the rest of the family are set to sail Grandad Bill fells ill and is also unable to attend the cruise Jackie feels that her and Dave will have to give up the cruise to look after him as they are his full time carers Annabel steps up and takes Grandad Bill inSo the rest pf the family Jackie Dave Chelsea with her boyfriend Adam and his daughter Lily Ronnie Mark and Jack head for the cruiseAlso taking the same cruise are Kirsty and Jane best friends Kirsty feels that Jane needs a break and different view and come out of her shell that she hiding in since the loss of her husband to be and needs to feel life againOnce on the cruise we dive into Chelsea and Adams relationship they have been together for a year now and just before the Cruise he said her to move in with him and Lily But Adam is living with his dead wife even thou he loves Chelsea he still not ready to really let her go Jackie has got into her head that Adam is going to put a ring on her finger so a chance meeting with a stranger lose or save his relationship with ChelseaWhat I loved about the book that it switches back and forth between the characters on sea and land but be papered with a box of tissues but this book is every additive for the word so go grab yourself a copy and find out will she or wont she

  4. Hannah Symonds Hannah Symonds says:

    After reading one of Chrissie's previous books called A proper family holiday I was than excited to read this book I would like to say thank you Eleni at hodder for sending me a copy of this book it is much appreciated I must firstly mention the cover of this book it is so summery and lovely it really put a smile on my face and I couldn't wait to get stuck in As I have previously read one of Chrissie's books before I literally felt as I was reacuainted with old friends I am sure you can read these books as a standalone but I would thoroughly recommend reading them all as they are just brilliant stories I would say this one has a very serious issues that are dealt with really well but it is still light hearted I loved reading everyone's stories There are a few things which happen which made me chuckle too After reading the last page and being a bit sad it had come to an end I did see that Chrissie Manby has got her next novel out in November 2015 called A Wedding At Christmas which I will really look forward to

  5. Tracy Shephard Tracy Shephard says:

    Bill is 87 and he has just won the lottery with a ticket bought for him by his grandchildren for his birthdayAfter dividing up the cash amongst his family there is enough left over for one big ‘happy family holiday’Along with cocktails and dancing there are moments of sadness and joyChrissie Manbys novel is a fabulous holiday read Welcome to The Benson’s idea of fun and laughter They are normal entertaining and totally agreeable I loved little Jack A cheeky little boy who had me chuckling out loudThis is a read you won’t put down and Chrissie’s inimitable sense of family is just fabulous

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I love this series and the bensons but there was something about this book that just didn't sit as well as the rest It lacked the funny laugh out load moments and it was all just much or a muchness I thought that Jane and Kirsty would have had of a role in this story and perhaps made a connection on the trip but there paths didn't really cross If you love this series and the Bensons then this is a definite must

  7. Nicola Clough Nicola Clough says:

    This book was fantastic loved the Bensons there family all work together and grandad has a birthday and is given a lottery ticket and it wins and the family go on a cruise Will the family all get on and will there be some hard and difficultly times for them Sadly granddad is unable to go on the cruise as he's poorly so he stays with family It's a must read and I'm sure you will enjoy

  8. Paula Jayne Paula Jayne says:

    Loved it Chrissie has done it again I love reading her books and this series is great Hoping for 'A Proper Family Wedding' next xxx

  9. Anas Grey Anas Grey says:

    A PROPER FAMILY ADVENTURE 🏖My 3rd book from the series and although I do love the Bensons this book fell flat from the original like the Christmas editionMy favourite characters of this series are Chelsea and Jack it's rare seeing an aunt and nephew in books who have such a great friendship The few and far moments we got of them in between were nice and I do love Ronnie and Chelsea's sisterly chats Sadly I'm not a fan of a lot of the newer characters they've decided to add since the first book I genuinely did not see the point of having Jane and Kirsty on board and ending with Izzy sending Jane a letter is all too similar to Jacui writing one for Annabelle In fact Anabelle's entire family unit with Sophie Bill and Richard etc just distracted from the plotAdam and Lilly both come across incredibly annoying too I miss the days of Chelsea and Jack competing against them I'll give it a 3 stars because of my loyalty to the Benson clan but I wish it was better

  10. Agi Agi says:

    It is not a secret that I am a very big fan of the Bensons family after reading A Proper Family Christmas I haven't read A Proper Family Holidays yet but I promise to read it as soon as I'll find a free moment Of course I was incredibly excited when I've heard that there will be the next book in the series and I was thrilled to receive my review copy that I started reading almost immediately And I couldn't got a better news that A Wedding At Christmas is out in November roll on then NovemberAlso I must mention a cover of this novel it is incredibly beautiful and so very summery and only looking at it makes me feel better It's just gorgeousReading the book was like reconnecting with old friends and I had a feeling that I've only finished the previous novel about them and not few months ago The author throws us direct into the heart of the story There are of course many flashbacks to the previous times and explanations so the book could be read as a stand alone without a slightest problemNevertheless I had a feeling that this book is slightly serious in tone than the previous one which even though about some very serious matters was truly light hearted I'm not sure what was this all about maybe the writing was a little serious this time? But of course it still made a great summery read that I immensely enjoyed Actually since reading Milly Johnson's books I absolutely adore stories set on big ships on a cruise and it was not exception here I loved the descriptions of The European Countess and the setting was beautiful and when the characters were visiting all the places ashore I just felt as if I'm walking together with them and seeing all the things with my own eyes such vivid realistic and colourful the descriptions wereThe characters as in the previous story were just larger then life and absolutely adorable and relatable to I was a little disappointed when I read that Annabel and her family won't be going on the cruise as I like those characters with all my heart but no need to worry they have also chapters devoted only to them not many but still they do appear in the story and especially one of the last chapters with them and Grandpa Bill has first made me cry to have me choking with laughter in the next second And thank you Chrissie for Leander who was much often mentioned in this book and he was absolutely brilliant Labrador rulesWhat was great was the fact that the two families were already friends and even Annabel and Ronnie trusted each other so much that they were able to entrusted their children to their safekeeping it made me truly happy that this relationship has developed and maturedApart of the Bensons family Chrissie introduces us to some new characters and especially two of them Jane and Kirsty are significant to the story Although I must say that their chapters were those that I enjoyed the least Of course I understand where Jane was coming from and I truly fell for her and her loss and to be honest I can't put myself in her shoes thank heavens for that but on the other hand I personally think that she was mourning too much and if I were Kirsty I think I wouldn't have so much patience At the beginning I was also thinking that this sub plot is going to end a little differently in one big encounter for example and I was expecting this some coincidences but now I think that the author has ended it in much perfect way I was totally happy about it Each chapter was told from different person's point of view in the third person and even Ted the teddy bear that Jacui bought Annabel 40 years ago has own chapter which I find brilliant It was absolutely fantastic to see what all of them was thinking and how they were perceiving their trip I didn't have my favourite character here I think they were all really interesting but I think that those were especially the Jack chapters that added a lot of fresh breath to the story and I truly adored his observations It's really true that children never lie This time the subject of Adam and Chelsea engagement was the leading one in the story and let me tell you it isn't at all obvious how it is going to end Chrissie Manby doesn't make it too easy for those two adding some twists and turns and I really wasn't sure till the end I was maybe expecting a little about the trip itself a little about the ship and the cruise would love a little action on the deck as mostly everything happened ashore when they were visiting some beautiful cities and places And it wasn't like this that the book was full to the brim with action I'd say that it was rather steady peaceful read with some ups and downs some fun some very gentle and touching moments especially those including Sophie and Grandpa Bill and yet it has made an incredibly lovely hooking read it was this kind of novel that didn't need any extra fireworks and bombshells dropped at you at every page no this story was so clever and not for a single moment flat even without all those special effects I really liked everything in this book the characters that I already grow so fond of the beautiful settings the storyline the writing It is one of the greatest summer reads this year and I am already waiting for continuation highly recommendedCopy received from publisher in exchange for a review

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A Proper Family Adventure[PDF / Epub] ☉ A Proper Family Adventure By Chrissie Manby – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The Benson family are used to eighty six year old Granddad Bill repeating his catchphrase 'I've won the blooming lottery' but they are gobsmacked when he finally wins the actual lottery It's not a jac The Benson family are used to eighty six year old Granddad Bill repeating his catchphrase 'I've won the blooming lottery' but they are gobsmacked when he finally wins the actual lottery It's not a jackpot of millions but even after giving each of his great grandchildren a nice nest egg each there's enough left over for Bill to take everyone on a short Mediterranean cruiseChelsea Benson is taking her boyfriend Adam along for the trip but they've hit A Proper PDF or another rough patch Will they make it through the cruise without splitting upAlso on the ship is Jane Thynne who should have been on that cruise as a honeymooner Instead mourning the death of her fiance she is there with her best friend Will taking the cruise without Greg help Jane begin to heal from her devastating lossMeanwhile Jack Benson and Adam's daughter Lily go head to head once again in the ship's passenger talent contest and Granddad Bill causes havoc in the on board casinoIt's full steam ahead for A Proper Family Adventure.