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Red Rising [Reading] ➸ Red Rising ➮ Pierce Brown – Zemlja odumireDarou pripadnik najniže klase Crvenih radi na iskopavanjima u podzemnim naseljima na Marsu vadeći dragocene rude zahvaljujući kojima će površina njegove planete jednoga dana biti uk Zemlja odumireDarou pripadnik najniže klase Crvenih radi na iskopavanjima u podzemnim naseljima na Marsu vadeći dragocene rude zahvaljujući kojima će površina njegove planete jednoga dana biti ukroćena i prilagođena da je naseli ljudski rod Crveni su poslednja nada čovečanstvuBarem se tako čini Sve dok jednoga dana Darou ne otkrije da je sve to samo laž Da je Mars odavno naseljen da na njemu već žive mnoga pokolenja viših staleža ljudi koji sebe nazivaju Zlatnima i koji Daroua i milione njemu sličnih izrabljuju i satiru gledajući u njima robove rođene da dirinče za njihUz pomoć tajanstvene organizacije pobunjenika Darou navlači masku Zlatnog da bi se ubacio u jednu od njihovih škola za nove predvodnike s namerom da sruši tlačiteljski svet iznutraAli ispostavlja se da je „škola“ zapravo bojište a Darou nije jedini učenik s pritajenim namerama.

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  1. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Actual rating 25 “Darrow Come here Come” He grabs my shoulder and pulls me in “Others may have failed But you’ll be different Darrow I feel it in my bones” I'm sorry was I supposed to feel something?I suppose boredom is a feeling Not a single tear was shed Not for a single instance was a single emotion heightened It was by no means a bad book but the message got lost in the telling and there is just So Much Telling The writing is fantastic but the plot just didn't work for me I was bored out of my mind for much of the bookThis book tries to be grand It tries really really hard to make a lofty awe inspiring political message It read like a rousing Communist propaganda the sort that would get a crowd of common men fired up ready to launch an uprising to bring down the almighty ruling class that has long oppressed themWait this book is trying to make a political message? Something about freeing the oppressed? What the fuck? No It is a story about how Darrow is better than everyone else at everything because he is The One His life is saved by the act of God or shall I say the act of deus ex fucking machina every single fucking timeIt wants to be the story of a common laborer a sheep one who is content with his hard working life who is proud of the products of his toil because it supposedly means something Darrow is the Everyman the ordinary worker the common man to whom we all can relate NotIf Darrow were a female I would not hesitate for one millisecond to slap a Mary Sue label on him He is bloodydamn perfect An Everyman he is not The common man he is not Average he is most definitely not Fine Darrow is meant to be perfect because he's the SYMBOL OF HIS PEOPLE He's so fucking special He was plucked from the mires of obscurity to save his peopleHis perfection raises a lot of uestion and this book left me largely unsatisfiedThe BadDarrow The main character is Darrow and he is so perfect as to be improbable unrealistic and completely unbelievableMeet DarrowHe is a 16 year old worker He toils A life of hardship is all he has ever known He is a Red the lowest social class the dregs of society He is an uneducated minor and a miner I make no apologies for the pun I've been waiting to ues that one for ages As the mad scientist who has been told to turn Darrow into a Gold says Say we make his body perfect there’s still one problem we cannot make him smarter One cannot make a mouse a lion” That's right Darrow is not stupid but he is uneducated He has not had the privilege of a life's worth of highly selective education His body is hard strong but unhoned in warAnd he dares compete against the Golds the highest echelon of Society The strongest the most powerful the most intelligentOnly Darrow dares And he succeeds beyond anyone's wildest imagination He is so fucking perfect and I hate him for it Despite a complete lack of education he is brilliant Just fucking brilliant I don’t know the math but I know the pattern I solve it and four puzzles then it changes once in my hands becoming a circle Mickey’s eyes widen I complete the circle’s puzzles and then toss him back the device He stares at my hands while working his own twelve fingers“Impossible” he murmurs He succeeds at everything Lack of knowledge? Fuck that shit just drink a fucking INTELLIGENCE TONIC AND BOOM INSTANT GENIUS Before I sleep I drink a tonic laden with processing enhancers and speed listen to The Colors The Iliad Ulysses Metamorphosis the Theban plays The Draconic Labels and restricted works like The Count of Monte Cristo Lord of the Flies Lady Casterly’s Penance 1984 and The Great Gatsby I wake knowing three thousand years of literature and legal code and history Where was that stuff when I was cramming for my finals in school? |Which begs the uestion if Darrow can be artificially enhanced like that why hasn't everyone else? What makes Darrow so special that his artificial physical and mental enhancements haven't been used to make the actual Golds better than they are?It doesn't workThe Plot It just plods on and on and on There was not a whole lot of bad in this book except for the fact that the message got lost along the way and it was so incredibly boring My friends promised me it would get better at the 15% mark They promised me it would get better at the 30% mark I just kept waiting and waiting and waiting and things never really inproved The first 15% of the book had my head spinning as we are introduced to the immensely boring and confusing world building The next 20% was better because hey Darrow got ripped apart and put back together The rest of the book was like The Hunger Games in that you pitch a ton of elite students together in to a Lord of the Flies scenario until one emerges victoriousMaybe The message got somewhat lost in between the whole Hunger Game survival scenario at a leadership training school the Insitute My name three bars beside it now floats nearer the Primus handCassius has risen tooBut there can be only one Primus There's the hardship of survival the fight to be the victorthe um battle against pimples? People remain hungry because we’ve yet to build a fire in the castle and hygiene is uickly forgotten when two of our girls are snatched up by Ceres horsemen as they bathe in the river just beneath our gate The Golds are confused when even their fine pores begin clogging and they gain pimples Seriously I can't even tell you what the latter 25% of the book was about because it was such a confusing boring messThe GoodThe Setting I thought this was well done despite the massive amount of infodumping without definition If you want sci fi you got it The reader is instantly immersed into the world on Mars the underground the mining worldThere is a tremendous amount of terms that the reader doesn't know at first The good is that the book doesn't try to spoon feed its readers The bad is that OH MY GOD SO MANY TERMS WHAT THE HELL DOES IT ALL MEAN? The first 10% of the book had my head in a tailspinFrysuit helldiver Tinpots clawDrill scanCrew headTalk randomlyCapitalizedWords etc It was tremendously confusingThe good is that the setting is eventually explained The system of castes on Mars based on colors is explained and about damn time too The Gray soldiers prowl the cities ensuring order ensuring obedience to the hierarchy The Whites arbitrate their justice and push their philosophy Pinks pleasure and serve in highColor homes Silvers count and manipulate currency and logistics Yellows study the medicines and sciences Greens develop technology Blues navigate the stars Coppers run the bureaucracy Every Color has a purpose Every Color props up the Golds The technology is slowly revealed to us The reader has to WORK in order to understand the setting I like that the background of the book is incorporated into the story there is no stupid Once Upon a Time blah blah blah shit type of dystopian background building hereThe fact that the book takes such an easy view of randomly killing off its elite citizens was well explained too I usually take offense at random killing of your best and brightest but I have to admit that this book gave me an adeuate explanation “And you may think it a waste of good Golds but you’re an idiot if you think fifty children make a dent in our numbers There are than one million Golds on Mars More than one hundred million in the Solar System Not all get to be Peerless Scarred though eh? Darrow's Physical Transformation My Fair Lady to the fucking EXTREME man Darrow is a Red He is trying to be a Gold in order to achieve that he has to undergo a very far out sci fi transformation process Bones are rebuilt Skin is peeled off Synapses are formed There is a TON of blood and pain It is fucking awesome The agony is beyond language or comprehension I watch videos of it afterwards to distract me from the residual pain He uses a vibroScalpel to slice the flesh of my thigh down the middle He parts my muscle and skin with clamps to expose the bones of my legs Then he peels off layers of the bone with a bonepeeler and paints new layers with his improved bone recipe“Someone has to dot God’s i’s” The Political Message This is meant to be a political parable and it does it uite well I could select one of a thousand sentences in this book and plaster it onto a Communist propaganda where it would fit in place perfectly The political message in this book is loud clear and well done I said this was a rousing book and it was The message of ineuality is so clear here The struggles of the Reds are well depicted You can clearly see the injustice the betrayal the deceit and I understand the hunger that Darrow felt and his desperation to make things right for his people “This is our bloodydamn planet”“Through sweat and toil it was made so” he agrees“Then what will it take to take it back?”“Blood” An ambitious book and one that many of my friends have lovedIt just didn't do the job for me

  2. Navessa Navessa says:

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review and honestly? I BLOODYDAMN LOVED ITYou think you’ve read a dystopian book? uit lying to yourself That was teenage angst wrapped in a shiny new package cashing in on the popularity of this genreYou think you’ve read about evil futuristic regimes? Nope those were one dimensional villains that will look cartoony compared the assholes in this bookYou think you’ve seen hurt and suffering and despair and heartache? You’ve seen nothingYou think you’ve seen to the very depths of the depravity mankind is capable of? YOU’VE SEEN NOTHING I won’t call this book “The Next Hunger Games” and nor should anyone else in my opinion But I’m sure some degenerate in a PR office will think it’s a great idea My advice? Don’t listen to that douchebag To do so would be insulting to Red Rising Don’t get me wrong I loved The Hunger Games and there are a few parallels between that series and this book Even so this book shouldn’t be compared to anything This book is what it is and it stands alone on a desolate field surrounded by the burning embers of its lessers because this book is just It’s harder darker emotional horrific everything Pierce Brown how the hell do you expect me to read something else after this? Or sit around and wait for the next installment? Are you writing it? Is it already done? Is it half done? Are you in need of an amateur editor??? I’m the girl for the job Pick me MEEEEEEFYI my version of editing will be to drool over whatever you produce and provide zero constructive feedback while demanding you write faster and trying to hide the intensity and freuency of my eye twitches Also there may be threats involving tofu for “motivational” purposesYou probably want to know what it’s about right? Okay I’ll try to settle downThe story takes place on Mars inside a futuristic colony Our main character Darrow is the youngest Helldiver in memory and he operates a massive and massively complicated drill like piece of machinery deep within the sulfurous bowels of the planet He’s a Red the caste of people relegated to living like molesWhen we meet him he’s under the impression that he and all of his caste are digging Helium3 so that one day the surface above will be hospitable for future generations Even though he’s just sixteen he’s married and madly in love with his eually young bride Eo Hearing about her through his perspective you understand why She’s vibrant and beautiful and charming and witty and fierce the sunshine that lights up their subterranean world Because the book blurb mentions this I don’t feel like I’m spoiling anything by saying that when she dies a little piece of you may die too drained away with the tears that will spill from your eyes What will bubble up to fill the gap it leaves behind is a primeval part of yourself made of vengeance and anger This monstrous little piece of you is further fueled by the lies the authorities tell the Reds by the ineuality and the forced brutality you're made to bear witness to By the time you reach the middle of the book you may find that savage part of you has taken over and that you’ve hate morphed into a ten foot tall scale covered ragebeast armed with razor teeth and three inch claws made for rending the flesh of the Golds the highest caste and the perpetrators of all these crimes Don’t be alarmed it happened to me too From the mines you watch Darrow rise discover the truth of life on Mars take his first shell shocked steps on a city street and transform into something nearly as monstrous as your ragebeast And you’re with him all the way rooting him on cheering his brilliance and his blood thirst I absolutely loved his character loved how his mind worked And you know what else I loved about him? He’s not perfect He’s not some born leader He does horrific things makes bad choices and hard decisions But he learns from his mistakes becomes better stronger smarter Surrounding him is a support cast of miscreants sycophants psychopaths feral children government men who think themselves gods and the rebel leaders who wait to rise up against them None of them are one dimensional All of them pulled some sort of emotion from me whether it was love or hate or amusement or pity Pair these characters with the sweeping backdrop of a war whose participants have forgotten it is a game and you have one brutal and gorydamn epic novel This book is a stark foray into survival and society into the heart of human darkness and the height of its heroism One part dystopian one part sci fi and one part epic war fantasy it transcends a conventional genre and enters the realms of AMAZEBALLS READ IT Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    “I am the Reaper and death is my shadow” 2 12 stars Red Rising isn't really a bad book 25 stars still means halfway between it was ok and I liked it after all And many other reviews will tell you how amazing most people found it but I struggled to locate the magic that so many other people seem to have found within its pages Red Rising is considered and marketed as dystopiansci fi which technically it is but it reads with a dense wordiness that is reminiscent of high fantasy novels This fact will only be a negative for some readers It has the same high level of technical term usage lengthy descriptions and a slow plodding plot that has made me put aside many fantasy favourites Oh and then there's Darrow Khanh's description of him is hilarious and spot on but I cannot write this review without adding something myself about why he is a Gary Stu of epic proportions The guy is absolutely perfect in that despairingly average way that seems to be the defining factor of YA heroes and heroines He gets everything right he is faultless the story is built up around him being so good that he's able to do what everyone else cannot And yet he's also your average Joe in a way that I suppose is meant to make us readers relate to himUnfortunately he felt like a cardboard cutout Khanh was right he would make a fantastic face of a revolution but in terms of characters I can get behind root for and care about he wasn't doing it for meThe reason this book does work is the real sense of tension nastiness and drama It's easy to get caught up in the atmosphere of the story You get the feeling throughout that the author isn't afraid to rip your heart out shred it and stand laughing amid the fallen pieces Which enabled me to read on with some interest despite the slow moving plot While there were a number of things I enjoyed this book never managed to cross the line between not bad and actually good in my mind Perhaps it was just too dense and slow moving or perhaps Darrow ruined my enjoyment but I am surprised to see uite so many five star reviewsOne final thing I want to say is about the language Everyone seems to love it I have yet to read a review where the language hasn't been praised as well written emotive beautiful powerful take your pick But I found all the political language incredibly melodramatic “You do not follow me because I am the strongest Pax is You do not follow me because I am the brightest Mustang is You follow me because you do not know where you are going I do” There was something so contrived even scripted about it You know in kids' films when it gets to the climax and it looks like the bad guys are going to win? Then the hero makes a big emotional dramatic speech about why they're going to beat the bad guys with epic music playing in the background? This whole book felt a bit like one of those speeches Like preachy political propaganda spoken on a clifftop with sword pointed in the air It made me roll my eyes often than it made me feel inspired Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

  4. Rick Riordan Rick Riordan says:

    Minor spoilers follow Red Rising introduces us to Darrow a sixteen year old miner who toils deep in the mines of Mars a few hundred years in the future In Darrow's world humanity has spread across the solar system and has been organized into a strict caste system of colors with Gold at the top and Red at the bottom Darrow is a Red but he is making the most of his hard life in the mines He is good at his work He has a beautiful wife Eo they get married young and die young down in the mines and though the Reds live in abject poverty they are a proud tough clan They appreciate songs and drink and family They also hold on to the idea that they are sacrificing for the good of humanity at large They have been told that they are pioneers on Mars making the planet habitable through their hard lives mining helium 3 and some day the surface of the planet will be able to support life thanks to their efforts Some day the other colors will join them on MarsThen Darrow's life is shattered when he and his wife are arrested for trespassing in a garden that is restricted to the Bronze administrators Soon Darrow finds himself alone bereft and marked for execution He is plucked from the jaws of death by a resistance group known as the Sons of Ares who show him the Big Lie of his existence the surface of Mars is actually already inhabited The other colors have formed great cities and are allowing the Reds to keep toiling as slaves while the Golds and their minion classes live lives of relative ease The Sons of Ares have a plan for Darrow because of his dexterity constitution and uick mind he is just the right double agent they need Using advanced genetic manipulation they will make Darrow a Gold and send him to infiltrate the Institute the training academy which produces all the top leaders of the Society that controls the solar system Darrow's job is to rise as high as he can within the Gold ranks so he can assist the Sons of Ares in their eventual revolution The only problem Darrow first has to survive the InstituteI found Red Rising absolutely compelling I tore through the book and am anxious to read the next two books in the trilogy You will recognize many ingredients from other YAfantasy series The tone especially at first reminded me of Patrick Ness' The Knife of Never Letting Go The big discovery of society's true nature was reminiscent of the Matrix The caste system is like Divergent The Institute sorts its students into houses like Harry Potter The cutthroat competitions among the Golds is very like The Hunger Games And the nature of the training is described as a year long deadly game of capture the flag in which the houses all named after Roman gods fight one another while the proctors float about them and watch from a levitating mountain called Olympus That too seemed oddly familiar And yet Red Rising is than the sum of its parts Pierce Brown manages to craft all these elements into something new something believable and exciting I couldn't help getting swept away in Darrow's story as we follow him from the lowly life of a miner to the very heights of Olympus literally wondering along the way if his secret identity will be discovered or if he will 'go Gold' and forget his rebel benefactors and his mission The book is satisfying in itself but it leaves a lot of tantalizing uestions for the second volume which I have already started reading If you like YA adventures like the ones mentioned above this is definitely a book you should check out

  5. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    BIGGGGGG DNFHoly effing hell peopleOr should I say Holy Effing Helldiver All I can say is Seriously though I was expecting some uber Sci Fi awesomeness here and I feel like I got shafted with some broke ass YA that took itself waaaaaaay too seriously without having any actual sincerity There is NO way I could have been reading the same book as everyone else That's gotta be it My local library must have accidentally supplied me with the staccato speak melodramatic version of this thing instead of the real onealthough I had a sneaking suspicion this book and I were not meant to be when I cracked this bad boy open and saw these two nuggets of brilliance in the dedicationacknowledgement sections To Father who taught me to walk or trying to be ironicFollowed by this little ditty And to the reader thank you You're going to bloodydamn love these booksWellactually Because I most definitely did not Not only was the story boring as FUCK to me but the cocky egotism displayed in the acknowledgements was clearly evident in the writing Every single sentence felt so pretentious that I could only imagine Brown typing each sentence out and then hitting that period button while exclaiming Ugh Regardless this was just not what I expecting in any way So I'm not going to torture myself by finishing and then giving what I know would be a heinously unfair review

  6. Patrick Patrick says:

    I picked up Red Rising because a lot of the people at Worldbuilders were goofy over the books and by extension the author Pierce BrownEarlier this year when I went to a convention where he was going to be in attendance the Worldbuilders team told me that if I didn't capture Pierce like a Pokemon and bring him back to the office with me I shouldn't bother coming home at allI got to hang out with Pierce there and he was irritatingly polite witty and charming That combined with the degree of slavering fanaticism the Worldbuilders team was showing him convinced me that I should really give the books a tryAnd I wasn't disappointed They're good In fact I'd go so far as to call them great booksI suspect a lot of people compare them to Hunger Games but I think that's disservice to he books Red Rising has a much deeper richer world in depth characterization and a complex plotThat said if you liked Hunger Games but you wanted of those things this book would probably make you happy as a pig with six tits Yeah I don't know what that means I mean pigs already have six But I'm honestly curious if people actually read these reviews of mine all the way through So this is an experiment of sorts to see who is paying attentionSo yeah Good characters Good Worldbuilding Good Action Good book Worth your time

  7. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Gah Look at the new FairyLoot Editions I got UPDATEOMG Look at the new BN hardback edition I can't even people There is some artwork inside too but the coverWhen I first read the book I must have been on crack because it went from 4 stars to 5 and my favorites list It's bloodydamn awesome Let me just say the second time around listening to it on audio was fanfreakingtastic The narrator nails it and there is a song in the book and a woman sings it at the end and I got freaking chills people Chills I have my loves Darrow Sevro Mustang Pax Roue There are a few but those are the mains I'm going to have to add a few spoilers with excerpts and thoughts So up goes the big ole banner Darrow is a Helldiver on Mars He lives underground digging the earth so other people can live Oh the things he doesn't know His wife Eo is wonderful but she has her own agenda Below Mars these people are mostly a family Even though they barely get by with food etc The Golds barely give them anything It's all bullsht but we won't go there The first thing you should know about me is I am my father's son And when they came for him I did as he asked I did not cry Not when the Society televised the arrest Not when the Golds tried him Not when the Grays hanged him Mother hit me for that My brother Kieran was supposed to be the stoic one He was the elder I was the younger I was supposed to cry Instead Kieran bawled like a girl when Little Eo tucked a haemanthus into Father's left workboot and ran back to her own father's side My sister Leanna murmured a lament beside me I just watched and thought it a shame that he died dancing but without his dancing shoes On Mars there is not much gravity So you have to pull the feet to break the neck They let the loved ones do it If any of the people do anything wrong they are killed I hate the Golds so much The evil ones at any rate One sad day Eo takes Darrow to a forbidden place so he can see they are living a lie So he can see the true world And they were caught They were both to be flogged and they were but Eo decides to sing the song of death And what that means is it is a forbidden song and any who sing it will be hanged But never has Eo been beautiful to me than in that moment In the face of cold power she is fire This is the girl who danced through the smoky tav with a mane of red This is the girl who wove me a wedding band of her own hair This is the girl who chooses to die for a song of death My love my loveRemember the criesWhen winter died for spring skiesThey roared and roared But we grabbed our seedAnd sowed a songAgainst their greedAnd Down in the valeHear the reaper swing the reaper swingthe reaper swingDown in the valeHear the reaper sing A tale of winter doneMy son my sonRemember the chainsWhen gold ruled with iron reins We roared and roared And twisted and screamed For ours a vale of better dreamsYes the ArchGovernor says idly I have an appointment with Arcos Hang the rusty bitch lest she continue to howlLive for she mouths to me she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the haemanthus I gave her It is smashed and flat Then loudly she screams to all those gathered Break the chains Darrow had to pull her legs to break her neck It was heartbreak utter heartbreak The jerks would never let them take down the loved ones that were hanged They left them there to rot and then crushed them to dust when they were skeletons Darrow would not let this happen to Eo He took her down and buried her As he was to be hanged for this something else happened He did not die He was drugged and taken to an order of Reds that are fighting back against the system Darrow is turned from a Red into a Gold This means tremendous pain that many do not live through Changing the brain changing the bone structure muscle mass eyes but Darrow's body was strong even though it was weak from his living conditions The Elderwomen of Lykos say that when a man is bitten by a pitviper all the poison must be drawn out of the bite for the poison is wicked When I was bitten Uncle Narol left some in on purpose After months of healing and learning to be a Gold Darrow is taken and given tests to see if he can get into the Golds school to become something of himself In reality to kill them all Darrow passes and is picked by the House Mars and he is to fight with them against other houses There can only be so many that win The boys and girls go through some horrific things Many lose their lives But it's so bloodydamn good They are ruthless and do what they have to do No many of them don't want to do these things but they have to do it Darrow has to do it for Eo and for the Reds and all they have lost over the years by all of the lies Darrow is knows as the ReaperThis is a freaking awesome book and I will read it many times There are only a few things in the book I don't like but there is always that I leave you with the full song from the book Listen listenRemember the waneOf sun's fury and waving grainWe fell and fellAnd danced alongTo croon a knellOf rights and wrongsAnd My son my son Remember the burnWhen leaves were fire and seasons turnedWe fell and fellAnd sang a songTo weave a cellAll autumn longAnd Down in the vale Hear the reaper swing the reaper swingthe reaper swingDown in the valeHear the reaper singA tale of winter longMy girl my girlRemember the chillWhen rains froze and snows did killWe fell and fellAnd danced alongThrough icy hellTo their winter songMy love my loveRemember the criesWhen winter died for spring skiesThey roared and roaredBur we grabbed our seedAnd sowed a songAgainst their greedMy son my sonRemember the chainsWhen gold ruled with iron reignsWe roared and roared And twisted and screamedFor ours a valeof better dreamsAnd Down in the vale Hear the reaper swing the reaper swingthe reaper swingDown in the valeHear the reaper singA tale of winter done Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading ListOld ReviewFor whatever reason I loved the first part of the book better then the last part I thought it was going to be a cool underground Mars weird thing I'm the weird thing I know I loved Darrow and a lot of other characters but I never wrote any down but Darrow Omg I don't know what is wrong with me Why can't I remember them uh because most of them I can't even pronounce much less think of how to spell them I loved that Darrow was a Helldiver that so doesn't sound right He and his colony of Reds dig into Mars inner layers to get what the world needs to survive Well guess what? He finds out that the world don't need saving Mars is totally livable There are all kinds of colors on in this world and I'm not going into all of them because they have a lot but the ones that are jerks are the Golds I don't like that color anywayBy the hands of the Golds and Darrow's wife Eo's decision Darrow's fate has been sealed for him He is taken into the world THE WORLD and he is changed to become a Gold and infiltrate their evilness and TAKE THEM DOWN Like I said in one of my updates that Darrow went through some serious Frankenstein stuff Okay not seriously LIKE Frankenstein but some pretty messed up stuff to turn from a Red to a Gold Who knew? Then he gets put into tests to get into school and hopefully get on a ship or something cool where he can be a big man to do big things But the kids are put through some grueling things in order to see who is going to be some of the top contenders It was pretty messed up but life is generally messed up in one way or another I really hope to enjoy the rest of this trilogy I'm interested to read what's going to happen now that Darrow is well I can't tell you that but lets just say he is within reach of the person he wants to end most in the world MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  8. jessica jessica says:

    true confessions i bought this book because i thought the author was really attractive in his picture on the back cover flap the interesting synopsis and the fact that 200 of you have this added on GR also helped but mainly it was because pierce brown is a total babe lolso what a delightful bonus to also find out this is an absolute wonder of a story a rough brutal and vengeful wonder i could relate to darrow on such a spiritual level it almost felt as if his emotions were my emotions its been awhile since i have connected to a character so strongly the plot is also fantastic i was worried it felt a little too juvenile for adult fiction but man do things heat up i understand some of the comparisons made to other books but i really think this stands so well on its own its uite uniue and i honestly have no have no idea whats going to happen in the seuel but im so excited to find out↠ 45 stars

  9. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    5318 ON SALE for 199 Updated ReviewPierce Brown would be a Gold in the society he built and it kind of pisses me off This is the third time I've read RED RISING it's the first time I've read it since reading GOLDEN SON and than ever I'm convinced he's a bloodydamn geniusAND he's beautiful It's not fair You don't get to be brilliant AND talented AND have those eyes AND those armsYou're welcomeIn heels I might be taller than him but who the hell cares in the face of ALL THE OTHER THINGS?Everything about this book is perfection I'll admit like many others the first time I read it I didn't love it immediately I may have even forced my enthusiasm for awhile BUT With every additional read I see and of the aforementioned genius Tiny seemingly insignificant things that are easily overlooked in the thrill of first discovery but at a second glance are the exact kinds of things that separate a good book from a GREAT bookHe's crass in the barracks without crossing a line into juvenile bathroom humor He uses innuendo without being cheesy any females out there who didn't swoon at the mention of a helldiver's dexterous fingers? and when the innuendo is meant to be cornball it makes you laugh rather than roll your eyes Well played Mars They say Mercury is the trickster but your japes always have a certainflair ” “Flair eh? Well I’m sure I could rustle up some tricks for you on Olympus” “Huzzah ” she coos suggestively Huzzah giggle snortsAnd those are a mere handful of the multitudes of similarly nuanced details found on every other page All I'm saying is that if I find out he plays guitar or sings or even gives really great impressions à la Tom Hiddleston things are gonna get uglyBrown You have been warnedReviewed by Rabid ReadsRED RISING by Pierce Brown might be the best book in the history of everWhen I first heard about this book I was accosted with comparisons to THE HUNGER GAMES By bloggers by publicists by other authors Everyone has read THE HUNGER GAMES and everyone loved THE HUNGER GAMES myself included and the comparisons to THE HUNGER GAMES were probably inevitable bc RED RISING was the first Dystopian novel since THE HUNGER GAMES that has even remotely come close to the same level of brutality IMOHowever RED RISING takes THE HUNGER GAMES‘ brutality and spits on it Then jeers and makes rude gestures at it Then rips off its arms and legs and beats it with them shouting “Pax au Telemanus” at the top of its lungsSeriously I would’ve thought it impossible for me to even finish let alone like a book with this level of savagery BUT Brown is clever about it I didn’t even realize it myself until I was 75ish% finished and looking back through the parts I’d highlighted And right now it’s occurring to me that Brown is even clever than I originally thought him to be bc Darrow MC would be struggling with the same issues I was havingAbout 30ish% into the book you enter the third stage and while the overall feel is still one of horror at the inhumanity of the upper classes Darrow's enemies start to become humanized Funny nay downright HILARIOUS things happen camaraderie develops It creeps up on you until you forget why Darrow is where he is You're caught up in the NOW survival depends on the present and little thought is given to the past or the futureAnd you're experiencing this so vividly bc Darrow is tooRED RISING is about a world run by a caste system The castes are based on the eugenically modified eye color of a person But the eugenics are not limited to the color of an individual’s iris oh no they have Obsidian elite soldiers that are twice the size of normal men Violet artists with twelve fingers on each hand to better art with and Pinks whose only job is to provide pleasure waggles eyebrows for the high color castes mostly Golds and Silvers Pinks who sometimes have wings among other fantastical features created by VioletsAnd then there are the Golds The Golds that are in charge The Golds that send their own children to an Institute where if they survive “The Passage” a sort of enforced Survival of the Fittest they play a real life version of RISK How well they play determines their futures with the victorious team members being assured fame and fortune There are no rules once the ten month long game begins but killing other Golds is frowned upon snortsIt should be noted that there are worse things than deathEnter Darrow a Red from the lowest level caste He is a Helldiver one of the elite drillerminers who live beneath Mars’ surface who believes he labors to provide a better future for his people His job along with the other Reds is to mine Helium 3 which is essential in terraforming The Earth is overpopulated you see and Darrow’s ancestors were burdened with the glorious purpose of ensuring Mars is habitable for future generations As soon as terraforming is complete the Reds will return to the surface as the rightful rulers of the planet that was built on their backsL I E SI could go on and on and on about this book Though it is for unfathomable reasons listed as YA I can tell you that I will not be getting it for my youngest 14 yo sister any time in the near future I can also tell you that if you read this book you will run the full gamut of emotions—I did anywayBottomline RED RISING is one of the absolute must reads of 2014My other reviews for this series Golden Son Red Rising #2 Morning Star Red Rising Trilogy #3

  10. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    “Break the chains my love” Darrow has lived his entire life underground He lives breaths and works thousands of meters below the surface as part of the Reds lowest caste of his society whose task is to teraform Mars for the generations to comeDespite the cold the dark and the damp he is happyHis society is poor in food but rich in love dance and song He married Eo the love of his life and they are ready to start a familyBut then he learnsHe learns that humanity is already on Mars Has been for generations and generations He learns that humanity has already stretched across the universe and settled the furthest reaching planetsHe learns that he is a slave and the lowest form of slave in that society and he is destined to die underground along with everyone he's ever known Never to see the surface never to feel the sun I would have lived in peace But my enemies brought me war Soon after he learns Eo is murdered before his eyes And that murder prompts a self sacrifice as YA novels often doonly that doesn't go to planDarrow is picked up by the rebels and they plan to use his fury anger and revengeand turn it against the society that betrayed his people The measure of a man is what he does when he has power They change Darrow's caste from a Red to a Gold enhancing him inside and out and enrolled him into the most elite school with hopes to destroy this world from the inside out You do not follow me because I am the strongest Pax is You do not follow me because I am the brightest Mustang is You follow me because you do not know where you are going I do Only this don't go to plan and Darrow becomes embroiled in a plot far greater than he ever imagined A solid start to a YA I really enjoyed most of this novel the plot felt fresh well as fresh as any YA plot can be and definitely entertainingMost of the story focused on Darrow as he went to school which actually felt like an organized Hunger Games With each team being modeled after a major Greek God and the goal to take over the other bases while learning all about the different war techniues Darrow did feel a bit over the top especially with the Eo self sacrifice in the beginningfelt too average YA but I was intrigued by his character and his growth over the series than made up for the beginningSo few YA books are from a male perspective so this was a welcome addition The ending did feel a rushed but I can honestly say that I have no idea where the book is going next and I'm completely and utterly investedYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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