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Europas Crossing ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Europas Crossing Author Henry Hallan – When Karen Harding's husband signed them up for cryonic preservation she thought it was a waste of money So when she woke up in 2208 she was not ready for a world so completely transformedThe starship When Karen Harding's husband signed them up for cryonic preservation she thought it was a waste of money So when she woke up in she was not ready for a world so completely transformedThe starships and the flying cars were not a problem for her but the changes in society threatened to tear her marriage apart Everything she took for granted about her life was challenged But as she came to understand and accept the way this new society viewed love sex and relationships she found herself embroiled in a bigger battle a battle against sexual discrimination she never expected to fightEuropa's Crossing is a romantic comedy set in a future where all the rules have changed except the rules that govern the human heart.

4 thoughts on “Europas Crossing

  1. Kendra Kendra says:

    Passed from John Naylor Interesting book about sexuality and humans in the future I found it very pertinent even now with how we perceive each other and would love to think it would be this way in the future Fast read very enjoyable

  2. John Naylor John Naylor says:

    I received this book for free via Goodreads First ReadsThe blurb tells you this is a romantic comedy set in the future My review will hopefully tell you it is so much This book deals with current issues by putting them into a futuristic setting I think a lot of great future based science fiction does this and I consider this book to be a possible great It deals with sexuality in a lot of ways It also handles gender dysphoria in a sensitive and new way It deals with gender discrimination in the workplace as well as what a family is and can be in the home It deals with what it means to be human and the rights that minorities should have The issues raised in this book are current ones and it is the most pro euality book I have ever read I especially recommend this book to anybody who is part of the LGBTA community and who is struggling with that I do think any adult reader with an open mind would enjoy it too I think on release this book deserves to be seen and read I thank the author and Goodreads for the advance copy I am really glad I won this one

  3. Paul Paul says:

    A great sci fi tale set in a world where social and technological changes have transformed the way people live and in particular the way they form relationships and the types of relationships they form I wont give away too much of the plot suffice to say that the core premise people woken up from a lengthy suspended animation is the only part of this story that you will have seen before the rest is very original and presents a world that is at once idyllic and disturbingAlthough it is not sexually explicit there are some brief but subtle sex scenes mostly near the end it is a book for those who are reasonably open minded about relationships and sexuality If you have an interest in alternative models of love and marriage then this author certainly has some ideas that might interest you and they are nicely presented here as an integral part of an enjoyable story

  4. Mehreen Ahmed Mehreen Ahmed says:

    Henry Hallan's Europa's Crossing is layered in deep revolutionary overtones This has perfectly exploited a situation which is also the narrative to convey the meaning that fate may lead people on a definite pathway not fully conceptualized until they are on that pathway singled out for them Choices are always there of course but then so are obstacles that beset these thorny roads This is a wonderful read of an individual's journey through life her sleep and the rude awakening in 2208 to unexpected experiences and compromises The matter is finally resolved and peace established in the end through many issues pertaining to radical reforms

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