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Gods of Aberdeen A Novel ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Gods of Aberdeen A Novel By Micah Nathan ❤ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A haunting novel about a brilliant young man who enrolls at a small New England college and becomes entangled in a mysterious death and the ultimate scientific uestEric Dunne is a sixteen year old aca A haunting Aberdeen A PDF Î novel about a brilliant young man who enrolls at a small New England college and becomes entangled in a mysterious death and the ultimate scientific uestEric Dunne is a sixteen year old academic phenom Desperate to escape his foster family Eric graduates early from high school and earns a scholarship Gods of PDF/EPUB ² to Aberdeen College a small prestigious school in northern Connecticut Aberdeen is a school for the privileged youth of America's elite an isolated world where hard drinking and hard studying go hand in hand When Eric is assigned a work study job with the college's head librarian Cornelius Graves Eric begins to hear of Aberdeen A ePUB ✓ strange and disconcerting rumors about his new mentor Despite himself he is curiously drawn to Cornelius if only to divine whether it's true that he's searching for the Philosopher's Stone a mythical substance that supposedly holds the secret to eternal lifeAt the same time Eric's preternatural aptitude for Latin uickly attracts the attention of Arthur Fitch a charismatic and aloof senior who invites him to become a research assistant for Dr William Cade Aberdeen's most celebrated professor Eric is accepted into Cade's small circle of sophisticated students all of whom live off campus on Cade's country estate and soon discovers that his new friends are not just conducting research for Dr Cade they too are searching for the Philosopher's Stone When an alchemical experiment goes fatally wrong Eric is drawn deeper into the dark secrets surrounding the legendary substance As the police investigation narrows and Eric gets swept up in Professor Cade's obsession the tensions on the estate and in Eric's new friendships threaten toexplode and with them Eric's idealized worldLike The Secret History and A Separate Peace Gods of Aberdeen demonstrates the selfishness and savagery that can lie at the heart of the most rarefied academic setting.

  • Hardcover
  • 369 pages
  • Gods of Aberdeen A Novel
  • Micah Nathan
  • English
  • 15 August 2016
  • 9780743250825

About the Author: Micah Nathan

Best selling Aberdeen A PDF Î novelist freuent contributor to Vanity Fair Paris Review et al.

10 thoughts on “Gods of Aberdeen A Novel

  1. Johnny Johnny says:

    Some of us have a warped idea of ivy covered private colleges in the Northeast At least I hope my idea of spoiled rich kids driving cars that cost than my 401K and spending time partying than researching is distorted But the perspective in Gods of Aberdeen matches my preconceived notions Even worse the novel manages to take an underage inner city orphan who has excelled due to both natural acumen and work ethic and turn him into a drunken drug ingesting sexually promiscuous party guy without getting so far behind in his studies that he doesn’t earn a major academic coup and manages to push forward in terms of the mysterious “mcguffin” around which the book’s plot is structured Gods of Aberdeen begins with the premise that you cannot go home again The narrator tells us “places never give back what they take” More colorfully “Nostalgia becomes a dark lens the promise of immortality sheds its skin and you find yourself gliding unseen under the shadows of the giants of your life who have grown too tired to take notice” Both uotations on p 4 From that observation the narratorprotagonistEric Dunne takes us through the flashback that leads us lugubriously through his story Positioned by the publisher to be something of a Dan Brown style thriller the only similarity to The DaVinci Code and Angels Demons would be the regular use of uotations in foreign andor “dead” languages Some of these uotations are uite accurate; some are so collouial that they go further from the literal than I would like I get it we wouldn’t say “Overly great homeliness engenders disparaging” Over grete homlynesse engendreth dispreisynge when we can say “Familiarity breeds contempt” p 29 Yet I prefer “Sometimes good Homer sleeps” Aliuando bonus dormitat Homerus to “Even good Homer nods” p140 or “The name is changed but you relate the story” Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur to simply “With the name changed the story applies to you” p 141 My favorite uotation in the book though was not presented in the original language but I enjoyed it anyway “At the heart of all beauty lies something inhuman” Camus uoted on p 90 Even so I found myself disappointed in the working out of the plot This tale of obsession mixed with intrigue and sprinkled with indifference on behalf of certain supporting characters simply didn’t resonate with verisimilitude to me

  2. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    I picked this up at a library's friends book store mostly intrigued if it was set in Aberdeen Scotland It is notAnyway I'm a sucker for any coming of age book andor books set in small college towns Needless to say I finished it in one sittingIf you need a book for a 2 hour plane ride this is for youOr maybe a few rides on the subway?I don't know I really liked it

  3. Rick Ross Rick Ross says:

    Crazy about this book Never tire of coming of age novels and this does than the average Good characters and a satisfying deep narrative

  4. Zareen Zareen says:

    I had a lot of fun reading this The eccentric but realistic characters were intriguing and the mystery surrounding alchemy and the murder kept me eager to read However I did consistently skip over the esoteric paragraphs about history and philosophy which weren't very interesting to me and distracted from the plot Also wish that the only two female characters weren't merely obsessive romantic interests for the male protagonists Otherwise a very fun read

  5. Ruixi Zhang Ruixi Zhang says:

    Left with a particular feeling of loss “Such places never give back what they take”

  6. Joanne Joanne says:

    Is so much like The Secret History and Special Topics in Calamity Physics that I was mentally shouting No no no to the narrator from the beginning He's a brilliant orphan attending an elite college on scholarship He's taken up by rich smart peers working on a special project who also have a secret hobby of alchemy involving mysterious texts and hallucinogens and forest purification rites and there's a lot of sexual tension and a deathyou get the picture

  7. Allison Allison says:

    the author seems competant enough when it comes to writing it's just such a shame that the story itself feels like such a milue toast version of donna tarte's 'a secret history' so much so that i couldn't even get than 100 pages in before giving up out of boredom i like to give the benefit of the doubt however and chalk this up to perhaps the author having this idea previous to THS or simply his ignorance of TSH still very unfortunate

  8. Gordon Ehler Gordon Ehler says:

    First novel I have read from author Micah Nathan Eric the very smart for his age lead character becomes embroiled with an eccentric group of students searching for the Philosopher's Stone or so they thinkI persevered through the book and found it mildly entertaining Can't get too excited about it and probably wouldn't recommend it Too many other choices

  9. Abbie Abbie says:

    it started off with an interesting premise but soon began to lag i kept thinking wait it'll get better but it really didn't the climax was lacking and i felt it was a waste of time the author was a great writer it was the story that was poor

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    An very bright young orphan works his way into Aberdeèn college with his talent for languages Typical coming of age type story thrown in with mysteries and murder Interesting characters fellow students and the surrounding adults OK story

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