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The Quality of Silence [Reading] ➷ The Quality of Silence ➭ Rosamund Lupton – De Britse Yasmin en haar dove dochter Ruby ondernemen een wanhopige tocht door de eeuwige nacht van het poolgebied Na hun aankomst in Alaska krijgt Yasmin te horen dat haar man Matt is omgekomen bij e De Britse Yasmin en haar dove dochter Ruby ondernemen een wanhopige tocht door de eeuwige nacht van het poolgebied Na hun aankomst in Alaska krijgt Yasmin te horen dat haar man Matt is omgekomen bij een ramp in het verre noorden Yasmin kan dit niet geloven en trekt met Ruby The Quality PDF/EPUB ² door het barre winterlandschap op zoek naar antwoordenTerwijl ze schuilen voor een dodelijke sneeuwstorm realiseert Yasmin zich dat ze ook bedreigd worden door menselijk gevaar Met niemand anders op de weg die hulp kan bieden trekken ze verder naar het noorden; alleen en doodsbang door de extreme kou van de eindeloze poolnacht.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Quality of Silence
  • Rosamund Lupton
  • Dutch
  • 07 February 2014

10 thoughts on “The Quality of Silence

  1. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    UPDATE 199 Kindle US 3719You have no idea how much I want to give out spoilers about this book I liked this book because it goes into things that are very important to me but alas NO SPOILERS Well some MILD SPOILERS I fell in love with little Ruby right away She is deaf and she's so smart and so sweet Her mother Yasminmmmmm I had issues with her because she takes Ruby onto the ice roads with her with a major storm coming in she put her child's life in danger BUT Ruby can't hear and there is no one around to leave her with so what's she to do Some of the things Yasmin thought of doing I really wanted to smack her but it all worked out So they are supposed to be meeting Ruby's dad Matt in Alaska when they get there they find out he has been killed in an explosion with a lot of other people Yasmin doesn't believe Matt is dead because of some circumstances that happened She decides to hitch a ride with Ruby in tow with one of the ice road truckers She wants to make it to Deadhorse to see for herself When Yasmin's driver has a medical emergency she decides to um steal his rig and take off just her and Ruby across the tundra so to speak Oh and did I mention this is in the middle of the night YeahShe does have a CB and internet access in the rig and she ends up making friends with a couple of old blokes I wish we could have actually met them at the end of the book but I digress EXCERPT Yasmin didn't say anything Someone let you rent a rig Coby said and chuckled Who'd have thought itShe's got a license right asked the other trucker Must have Coby said Yasmin didn't know what to say and as she said nothing the truth became clear Jesus Christ said the other driver If you ain't trained to drive a truck then you gotta stop pull over someplace safe You got that lady she imagined him with fiery red hair and freckles alarmed and cross but not aggressive I have to get to Deadhorse My husband's missing and I have to find himAin't that somethin' for the state troopers Coby asked Yasmin didn't reply The road will kill you said the fiery redheaded driver Or you'll kill someone else You gotta pull overNo said Yasmin Not till I've found my husbandYou don't get it ma'am the red haired driver said It's not safe to have you out here Not safe for you but not for us either You'll cause an accident Or you'll break down and we all get held up and there's a likely storm blowin' in and that ain't safe eitherI'm sorry really But someone has to get to my husband and at the moment that's meReckon you're one helluva lady Coby said in his kind voice They proceed to give Yasmin tips on how to drive the truck what to do and how to make it to Deadhorse Along the way someone seems to be following Yasmin and Ruby As you can image if your not scared enough driving these ice roads at night in a storm in a big rig you have some freak following you And something just doesn't seem right about the explosion that supposedly killed her husband Did someone leave the heat to close to the gas line or was it murder or something else entirely Yasmin and Ruby do end up getting caught in the storm and have to hunker down in the truck and pray they make it EXCERPT Mum says she thinks we're in the eye of the storm I look out of the widescreen to see if there's an evil eye watching us like Sauron in The Lord of the Rings but there's just the reflection of our faces Isn't she sweet Oh and also someone keeps sending them emails of dead animals and something else that I can't tell you because you will figure out what it is like I did It all turns out in the end we find out what happened and if Matt is still alive But the ending left me wanting it just like ended so you have to think well did this all happen or what Either way I enjoyed the book accept for the dead animals and the reasons and grrrr I did love that it was set in the cold Winter and the ice roads that was pretty cool I would like to thank Blogging for Books for a free print copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewMY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  2. Julie Julie says:

    The uality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton is a 2016 Crown publication Harrowing white knuckle suspense Alaska Its beauty contrasts with the dark brutal bitter cold making it the perfect backdrop for this gripping environmental thriller which is coupled with a story of undying love and devotionYasmin has traveled to Alaska in search of her husband Matt She has brought her deaf daughter Ruby along believing deep in her heart that despite evidence to the contrary her husband was not a victim of the deadly fire that wiped out an entire village Knowing no one is looking for Matt Yasmin and Ruby take off across Northern Alaska in one of the worst winters on record determined to find her husband Not only will Yasmin have to contend with weather conditions few humans could endure she feels a prickly sense of danger as though someone is following her trying to prevent her from making it to her destination Did Matt know something about the fire someone wants to keep uiet This story has a several interesting layers to it On one hand we have Yasmin who is unwavering in her belief that Matt is alive and rises to the occasion showing a type of grit only sheer determination and a refusal to give up could pull off Yet all the time she is battling the elements she is also battling an internal struggle involving the state of her marriage which has hit a rough patch But the story also features the fearless and brave ten year old Ruby whose deafness accentuates an added vulnerability but in reality it could be what makes Ruby so strong so pragmatic and observant Ruby’s narrative plays a key role the way the reader views the various aspects of this incredible landscape She has absorbed every single thing her father has shared with her using that information to help guide her mother and to restore Yasmin’s faith in Matt and their marriage In this way the novel is a beautiful story of familial love a bond between parent and child and husband and wife as each member gains a new perspective on their relationship as they face incredible adversityThe plot is centered around ‘Fracking’ the danger to the environment that it poses and the motives behind the argument for tapping down that far underground for oil All these elements combine to create a taut story of suspense adventure greed and danger as well as a tightly woven family drama The author does an incredible job creating the Alaskan climate bringing both its beauty and its harshness into focus As awesome as the images of it appear in pictures and on television I don’t think I’d survive living in Alaska The only downside here is that some parts of the story are just too unrealistic but the atmosphere is so tense I willed those negative thoughts away and focused on the what was working Ruby’s characterization the various tools she uses to communicate is also part of what makes the story poignant and her mettle so impressive But thrumming in the background is that pesky feeling that something is terribly wrong that the elements are not the only thing Yasmin and Ruby should be afraid of and that knowledge haunts their journey from start to finish until the all the pieces of the puzzle finally snap into place I was so impressed with this book I wanted to see what else this author has written I was surprised that I had already read one her books I didn’t make the connection until just now because I think I had it mixed up with another book with a similar title But sadly that means I only have one book to read by this fabulous author I hope to hear from her again soon4 stars

  3. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    A wondrous and atmospheric thriller This is an intense and moving study of a family that has to go through a harrowing trauma to find each other again Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby arrive in Alaska expecting to be met by Matt Instead Yasmin is informed that her husband is dead after a village has been wiped out Yasmin and Ruby do not believe Matt is dead and get a lift with a kind trucker Adeeb Adeeb gets sick and Yasmin drives the truck across a desolate frozen tundra and arctic storms However there is someone following them who means them harm Yasmin begins to regain clarity and understand herself and her love for Matt with new depth She also begins to understand Ruby The CB radio turns out to be a life saving for Yasmin a novice at truck driving in the ice and provides company in the isolating and dangerous circumstances she finds herself in Ruby's voice throughout the story is uplifting engaging and courageousThis is a story which has emotional depth to its characters The prose is beautiful and insightful The location and weather plays a central role in the story and the descriptions do it so much justice that you imagine you are right there in the truck travelling through the harsh landscape of Alaska The air of menace is built up skilfully Lies deceit and murders are uncovered This is a well written and researched story Highly recommended

  4. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    35 It is not often that implausibility in a plot can be overcome but this one did the nearly impossible At least it did for me the strong writing the descriptions the suspense and the ultimate warning about the high cost of our way of living and our constant need for oil Little Ruby was an interesting character a deaf girl with amazing skills and thoroughly bonded with her father Her mother Jasmine was tenacious and smart but well read this and you will see But the real star of this show are the descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness the extreme cold the brilliant stars and the people and animal that make this place home Almost felt like I was there but of course I was much warmer The ending a little predictable but suspenseful and as I said cautionary So despite plot flaws I enjoyed this book immensely Took me to a different place and did it with amazing skillARC from NetGalley

  5. Linda Linda says:

    I received The uality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton through NetGalley Thank you to NetGalley Crown Publishing and to Rosamund LuptonTo experience Alaska and I've been there is to truly know the meaning of biting piercing below the skin surface cold Rosamund Lipton envelops you with pure descriptors of what makes Alaska a source of both incredible beauty always and a very dangerous destination at timesMatt Alfredson a wildlife photographer from England is missing in the Arctic region of Alaska His wife Yasmin and his daughter Ruby have flown there to meet up with him When the news breaks they are determined to search for Matt even when the state police have provided evidence that there were no survivors in a fire that claimed the lives of every villager in Anaktue Yasmin convinces a trucker to drive them as close to the scene as possible She and Ruby are absolutely convinced that Matt is alive even though everyone tells them otherwise Their hardened determination provides the inner lining of this storyThe theme of silence is best drawn from the fact that Ruby has been deaf from birth She signs and interacts beautifully throughout the story We experience the fact that Ruby is lightyears ahead of any average ten year old She draws her resilience from her father According to her parents The world is a million different places and Ruby will find the place she wants to beLupton has a rich flare with words as you experience the heightened desperation and fear experienced by the characters However there are uite a few moments that uestion plausibility within the storyline I don't wish to divulge too much Yasmin seems to have uncanny capabilities that are needed in order to move the story along in the right direction As readers we sometimes are much forgiving and that appears to be the case hereThis was an enjoyable read with emphasis on the use and misuse of Nature at the core You cannot view Alaska firsthand without it clutching at her heart and at your senses Kudos to Ms Lupton for a remarkable story

  6. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    The uality of Silence is a totally gripping thriller written beautifully and with delightful characters especially ten year old Ruby who actually makes the bookRosamund Lupton describes the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle perfectly I felt like grabbing a blanket to huddle under everytime Yasmin got out of the truck I did not even mind having to totally suspend belief while watching her drive a giant truck on ice roads through a major storm for 300 miles Not possible but it made a great storyLittle Ruby was a heroine too I liked the way the author dealt with her deafness and the ways in which she communicated Her relationships with her father and mother were beautifully described Most of the suspense of the book was due to a fear that this lovely little family of three might never be reunitedI enjoyed every moment and will be looking out for her other books

  7. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    The uality of Silence is a read that was worth waiting for I’m a huge fan of Ms Lupton’s previous novels and with this one she has taken a step up with some beautiful writing an intense chilly and emotional read that is utterly utterly grippingRuby’s father is seemingly killed in a horrific accident – Ruby’s Mum however does not believe it and with Ruby in tow sets off across a bleak and unforgiving landscape to track him down As the story unfolds from both points of view it is truly fascinating and this is one of those tales that you sink into without looking backRosamund Lupton really does have the magic touch when it comes to characters Ruby’s voice is amazing and really makes the whole novel so much than it could have been – the yinyang aspect between her observations and that of her Mother is well imagined and gives huge depth to proceedings I loved both of them dearlyAs for setting the author brings Alaska to vivid realistic life around our two as they travel ever onwards the beauty of the descriptive prose giving the reader a real feel for the challenges being faced so realistically written that at times you may physically shiver even in the current heatwave we are experiencing Therein lies the power of words – in this novel that power is inherent in every chapter and is honestly addictiveAll in all then a truly marvellous read one that will tug on the heartstrings have you holding your breath keep you turning those pages to find out the outcome especially for Ruby and ultimately a story that you will never forget I loved itHighly Recommended HIGHLY

  8. Carole (Carole& Carole (Carole& says:

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI have struggled with how I should rate this book I really liked a lot of things about this book but I had a few problems with it I consider this to be a good book overall that I wouldn't have any problems recommending to most readers I think that the three star rating that I finally went with is fairLet's start with the things that I really liked about this book First of all Ruby was a fantastic character She was smart resourceful and very brave I really wished that of the book would have come from Ruby's point of view because her outlook on the world was just so interesting to me I think that the descriptions of her hearing loss were incredibly well done and it added a lot to the story Ruby was just an amazing childThe setting in this book was wonderful This book is set in the winter months in Alaska I can't imagine that kind of cold At least I couldn't before reading this book I thought that the conditions in this book were fantastically portrayed I read this book curled in a blanket hoping that I would never experience the kind of cold that I was reading about There was a beauty to this cold wilderness that really surprised meI didn't love Yasmin but as the book progressed I started to understand her a bit She was a strong woman and very goal oriented Yasmin was not afraid to take risks I didn't like her at all for the first part of the story The way she was with Ruby made me want to strangle her at times As the story unfolded her character really started to grow She got to know Ruby a bit better and before everything was over I had warmed up to her a bitThe main problem with this book is that it felt like two different stories to me There is really very little cohesiveness between the first 23 of the book and the final section I mean some of the characters are the same and they were still in Alaska but that was about the only connection It was almost like the majority of the book was really just trying to get to the very exciting ending but it was such a sudden change in pace that it just didn't work for me The sudden shift in the book was really uite jarring for me and took me out of the storyI would recommend this book to others The descriptions were lovely and the writing style was really nice This is the first book by Rosamund Lupton that I have had a chance to read I would definitely read of her work in the future I won an advance reader edition of this book from Crown Publishing in a LibraryThing Early Reviewers giveaway for the purpose of providing an honest reviewInitial ThoughtsI didn't hate it but I did find this book to be incredibly far fetched The overall plot lacked any kind of cohesiveness This will end up being either a 2 star or a 3 star book from me

  9. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    I've got to say I was impressed by this book I read her previous work Sister and while it wasn't bad I didn't think it was that great I'm really glad I gave this one a shot as it has much improved my opinion of her workI think my favorite aspect of this novel was the author's sheer talent for descriptions of the setting As I was reading I could have sworn I was trekking through the snow in Alaska with Yasmine and Ruby The writing is beautiful and almost felt like poetry This was a uniue feeling for me that has taken time to process Possible spoiler in this next paragraph even though it is mentioned very early onI also really enjoyed the narration from Ruby's perspective as she is deaf This added a whole other level of expert writing I felt and was very impressed with how this played into weaving the overall story togetherI also found myself holding my breath at times I wouldn't call this novel edge of your seat action and suspense but it was a slow steady building of terror I could have sworn I felt a set of icing fingers wrapping around my neck while reading this; there was a creepiness and suspense that had a uiet power to itI don't really want to say much ; I'd rather you just read it yourself What a beautiful haunting readThank you Netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest and fair review

  10. Tim The Enchanter Tim The Enchanter says:

    A Beautiful Place A Ridiculous Plot 3 Stars Part of me feels that I may be a tad generous with a three star review I had some issues with this book but on the other hand there were elements that I found uite enjoyable and even enchanting This novel holds the distinction as one of a few books that I both liked and disliked Plot Summary Ruby and her mother Yasmin fly from England to Alaska to meet up with their fatherhusband who is in a remote village filming a documentary Upon arrival Yasmin learns that there has been a massive fire at the village and all persons are believed dead Not believing this to be true Yasmin takes her daughter on a harrowing journey across the Alaskan ice roads in search of the truth What follows is a series of terrifying experiences and a journey that allows Yasmin to understand the silent world of her deaf daughter My Take There was much I didn't like My summary of the plot does little to describe the absurdity of what occurred In this story we have the highly intelligent Yasmin Well we assume that she is supposed to be intelligent She is an astrophysicist after all Within the first few pages Yasmin is informed that her husband is believed to be dead All bodies were accounted for at the village She refuses to believe this She is angry at her husband and they haven't been speaking She is unsure whether they will remain together What does she do Take her preteen deaf child across the Alaskan interior during the dead of winter Sure 50 degree is nothing Yasmin put the Ruby into danger without cause so many times she should have had this child apprehended by Alaskan Children's Services Unfortunately Yasmin's stupidity and confusing behavior increase as the story progresses She goes from stupidity to committing felonies Very few of her actions show the least bit of common senseGenerally I don't mind plotting issues when the book is meant to be a character novel The author did a decent job of developing her characters but the actions of Yasmin were erratic and seemed to be without logic The plot progressed with the intent to get to a final destination and never flowed organically from the nature of the charactersThe novel was further confused by the perspective changes Multiple perspectives of the same events are popular at the moment This novel used this device with abandon There were many changes within the same chapter and no indication that the perspective was changing It became tiresome trying to determine what perspective I was viewing Given the above the book sounds terrible While it had serious problems there were some magical elements in the book Without a doubt the best part of the book was the Alaskan Interior The author has an amazing sense of place and described the barren frigid terrain with great skill While the character's actions were unbelievable I felt as if I was on an Alaskan ice road I found the setting to be uite enchanting and I am interested in finding books with similar settings Issues aside I think this makes the book worth readingBeyond the setting the character of Ruby was well developed Seeing the world through the eyes of a deaf character was a new experience for me I enjoyed how she would conceptualize words as colors shapes and ideas The contrast between the barren interior and altered world of Ruby was interesting There were wonderful parallels between the need to adapt to a foreign environment and Ruby's ability to adapt in a world that does not understand her Final Thoughts You may love it or you may hate it and there is a good chance you will both love it and hate it The novel is deeply flawed but there is much worthy content If you are on the fence and enjoy wonderful settings I would suggest you give it a tryContent AdvisoriesIt is difficult to find commentary on the sexviolencelanguage content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Scale 1 Lowest 5 HighestSex 15There is a character who is slimy and leering at Yasmin The discomfort is throughout the story There is allusion to a possible affair having occurredLanguageF Word 16 instances Mild Profanity Approx 3 Religious Exclamations 4Violence 2There is mystery surrounding multiple dead bodies There is a series of photographs sent to character that display dead and at times mutilated animals There are several gunshots from unknown persons One person is shot in stomach but it is not graphic

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