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Souls of Fire ❰Ebook❯ ➥ Souls of Fire Author Vanessa Black – WHAT IF MAGIC EXISTED AND THE WORLD YOU LOVED WAS TO BE DESTROYEDBY THE FORCE OF YOUR OWN DESTINY Persephone Jones an inexperienced young woman is starting her first year of college A dreamer and lone WHAT IF MAGIC EXISTED AND THE WORLD YOU LOVED WAS TO BE DESTROYEDBY THE FORCE OF YOUR OWN DESTINY Persephone Jones an inexperienced young woman is starting her first year of college A dreamer and loner she has always felt awkward and out of place Hoping for a fresh start her reality is abruptly shattered when she encounters exceedingly handsome yet intimidating Aaron Chambers her college professor Drawn to him against her better judgment through a mysterious powerful and dangerous connection she must defy a centuries old curse and break the violent bond or come Souls of ePUB ´ to terms with her own terrible destiny FOR ALL LIGHT SHALL VANISH BEFORE DARKNESSSet in America and Ireland 'Souls of Fire' the first novel of The Souls Series is a mixture of Paranormal Romance Urban Epic Fantasy and Young New Adult which also incorporates adventurous and humorous elements It is an epic tale about desire and love a secret society of witches and the battle between the forces of good and evil.

7 thoughts on “Souls of Fire

  1. N.N. Light N.N. Light says:

    For all light shall vanish before darknessImagine if you will a world where magic is real and the world will end because of you This is the premise of Souls of Fire and I was sucked in from the very first page The world building by Vanessa Black feeds my imagination and I simply loved it There's plenty of mysterious characters and the plot moves uickly It's urban fantasy at its best and I highly recommend it Can't wait to read the next installment in the seriesMy Rating 5 stars

  2. Romana Romana says:

    The story line is very intriguing I liked the idea of the curse and how the protagonists handle their preordained destinies We get to see inside the three main characters minds howwhat the think and feel and this gives us than one perspective of a situation The few other characters are just deep enough to be authenticWhat I didn't like is that the inner monologues of Persephone and sometimes Aaron made me lose the reading flow They slowed down the story by being too long and I had difficulties to stay immersed in the book I found myself starting to gloss over until the story picked up againConclusionI liked it therefore I give it 3 stars Trimmed monologues would have added to the book's appeal and reading flow and would have notched it up to 4 starsI will pick up the seuel because I want to know how the story continues

  3. Taryn Taryn says:

    Got about ten percent in and the narrative just didn't do it for me The first chapter is nothing but a boatload of exposition about Persephone her appearance her school life her childhood her parents what her room looks like her thoughts on magic and life and dreams and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The second chapter wasn't any better It was 'going through the motions' for her first day at college until she of course meets the love interest her professor and I had to stop when they just stared at each other awkwardly while she waxed poetic about how good looking he wasIf you're writing in first person you don't need to write thoughts like dialogue Just write what the character is thinking in the narrative Pretty much the entire narrative in a first person POV book is their thoughts anywayOnly thing I liked was how Persephone knew that she was pretty dodging the You don't know you're beautifulthat's what makes you beautiful trope but she had to ruin it and followed it up with Girls didn't like me because I didn't put effort into my appearance and looked better than them Guys asked me out even though I had no interest in guys and it made the less pretty girls angry That's not even a humble brag that's straight up dismissively vain Wow

  4. Lusie Lusie says:

    I didn't like this book at all I didn't fell a connection to any of the characters The plot was weird Persephone felt a bond to Aaron Which made her feel lust and all she could think about was him Later on she met his brother and then we had a love triangle Sighhow I hate love triangles

  5. Lucia Lucia says:

    Finally A refreshing ya fantasy without vampirewerewolffairy yadda yadda Very engaging plot although the first few chapters developed uite slow It's a little bit overwhelming to read about the MC from the MC mainly talking about herself at first read too much monologues Especially when the word friends doesn't seem to exist in the universe Just Why35 while I'm being especially expectant of the second bookview spoilerHandsome guys Double jackpotLove triangle It's complicatedDarkness vs Evil Yeah the good force is MIA herePersphone named after the ueen of Underworld apparently have been pre destined to bring the world under Pretty soon her gorgeous partners in crime joined her to end the world Or to prevent it from happening which obviously didn't go well with all the raging hormones hide spoiler

  6. Sara Sara says:

    When this book arrived I did my little new book dance and ripped open the packaging to get at it Only I got a cute little surprise in the form of packaging and a lovely note from the author Vanessa BlackI received this book as part of the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway to come once I've started reading

  7. Ron Black Ron Black says:

    Great Read Exciting Thought provoking Humorous Sexy and Intriguing It kept me glued to the pages at every turnAnxiously awaiting release of book 2 in the series

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